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Polygamy The Truth

Updated on December 22, 2014

Joseph Smith founder of the Mormon's and a self proclaimed prophet wrote in the Mormon law that it was expectable for a man to have more than one wife

Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormon church wrote in the Mormon laws that it is expectable for a man to have more than one wife, With just a few swipes of his pen polygamy was born into the Mormon Church.

Smith was a false prophet who claimed to have seen God ,angels and even tried magic to deceive the people into following him. Smith had many followers but there were many more who hated him,he was married to a woman named Emma for several years. Without Emma knowing Smith had four other wives. SMITH had over twenty wives the youngest only fourteen.

Smith was killed by a mob who disagreed with his teaching.

After much study of polygamy these are my finding .

1. A polygamist man is driven by lust, when he gets tired of a wife he finds a younger one.

2.The women are jealious of each other, they seem to compete for who can have the most babies.

3.It would be fare to say that because of the number of children there is no protection used as he goes from women to women there are STD's....


5. Uneducated

In conclusion polygamy is illegal in most places


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