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The "Happy Dance" Saves US from Mental-Invasion

Updated on October 22, 2011

Happy Dance Keeps US Safe From Mental-Invasion

Things are clearly different these days than they used to be. It's easy to judge our environments as: cruel, negative or even downright hostile. It takes less than a moment to do this - and it takes less than a moment for whatever-this-is to respond: telepathically, verbally (through someone near you) or even what happens to you. The key to escaping electronic harassment is the "mental happy dance". The more seemingly odd your positivity juts out of a scenario that "looks dark", the sooner you will escape from "the negative reality dimension". We put ourselves in prison through our emotional responses........or should I say: EMOTIONAL CHOICES.  See your emotions not as something you feel as any sort of response, it's all about GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.  What justifies this policy?  Survival!  

I've written so much about how easily one can find their mind: trapped, attacked, indoctrinated or even invaded. The way to avoid these fates is to fail to judge this "unseen force" as any negative thing. Yes, it's been just about every bad thing to me: directly resulting in my near emotional/mental.......even PHYSICAL DEMISE. But each of these occasions started with a negative interpretation of reality.

It's true, never be low on medication that strengthens a logical/positive view, because THAT has ALWAYS been AWFUL! It's like an AIDS patient without their immuno-protectant medications. Your smile, feelings of positivity, refusal to respond negatively to frustrating situations are your Armor against this "negative-thought-haver-eater". It's like the only people who have survived this techno-psychic-amplified-feedback giver are those who are extremely positive-minded no matter what. Then there are people like me who have discovered that their happiness is something one can "kick start" with the right medicinal/herbal combo, then prolong ANY WAY THEY CAN.

Then when: annoying, scary, hostile circumstances raise their ugly head - I'm so positive that it would have been regarded as completely inappropriate by any Mental Health Manual of old (before 2000). I come through these situations unscathed because my "will to innocence"(anti-paranoia)(refusal to become negative) is coupled with a feeling of joy which is internally-derived and enforced like a neurochemical law: "Thou shalt be Positive". Do not be afraid to look like: "The Fool", "The Idiot", "The Dork". Knowing a toxic question isn't of any benefit, especially when it's just an illusion that attempts to get us to "open our mental door" to a foreign intelligence by making us: frustrated, angry, grief-stricken, sad, depressed or scared. Let what seems to be an insult just roll off your back. You'll receive direct stimulation of "anger"/"fear", so be still no matter what your body is being contorted into doing/feeling.

The easiest thing is to simply have a positive attitude towards this unseen phenomenon. Sure, we know it's people..........but they can practically read our minds........this is why your viewpoint itself makes such a difference. The Buddhists have it pretty close to the absolute truth. Imagine if we created people designed to reward "good people" and punish "bad people" for their Karma. This way of seeing it has always made me the "angriest" because it's a way of thinking that REALLY WORKS. There IS something out there that encourages us to "sin"/think "bad thoughts"/feel "evil" so as to get us on the "Negative, Downward-Spiralling, Thought-Train". You want to strategically: think/remember/forget certain things in a way to keep that inner-mind to be Positive. Sometimes, you will find it necessary to FOOL YOURSELF into the right attitude.

One thing stalkers do to facilitate this "necessary response" to overload your mind is to play certain songs. I've had people who are extremely familiar with stalking talk about "Stalker Songs" like "Every Breath You Take" (The Police) and "Drive"(The Cars). Redundant highlighting of musical refrains like: "Whose gonna tell you things aren't so great"/"You can't go on pretending nothings wrong" are used to get you to "run" (freak out) or get mad at your privacy being violated like this. I'm here to tell you : "Think that things are simply AWESOME"..........NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE, HEAR, THINK OR EXPERIENCE. When the going gets rough, go through the mental gymnastics that allow your transformation into the "happy fool". The Happy Fool never gets axed.......that's all I know for certain! Most others don't make it. 

One thing NO ONE will expect is for you to actually try and improve yourself under such patience-taxing, fear/anger inducing situations. You can always think that it is God.......and while this may or may not be true - ONE thing is for certain: seeing it this way will make things not only infinitely-easy for you mentally, your life-circumstances will dramatically improve! You can even simply feel positive towards the "Huge Psychic Entity". You REFUSE to think of it as good or evil. This can keep you out of the self-crucifixion trap (or it's converse:  "I'm selling my Soul to the Devil").   It's just a positive attitude towards your environment without any: bias, blame, assuming.........anything. Thus, you do not know anything about it, but that you like it. This makes things a lot better overall.  


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