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Possession, is it real?

Updated on July 8, 2013
Father Malachi Martin
Father Malachi Martin

Father Malachi Martin was thought to be an expert in possession and in how to get rid of it, it is said that he participated or performed more than 800 exorcisms. He once said that there is no stereotypical demon, they can be crude, crass, stupid or smart or a bevy of other “emotions” attributed to humans. Father Martin has equated a possession of a person with that of a dog with fleas, it is an infestation and needs to be eliminated. The Catholic Church has been performing exorcisms for hundreds of years as years ago many people with mental illnesses were assumed to be under some form of possession. Today of course we do not hear often of possessions, unless it’s in movies or books.

So for a man like Father Martin with over 30 years experience in these matters, what are his observations on the subject? Here are just a few of his views of how or why a person becomes possessed and what happens.

  • Fifty percent of people that are diagnosed as insane are actually possessed.
  • The possessed have been found to have created an opening for evil to enter.
  • Playing with an Ouija board is one of the most common entries for evil.
  • Channeling opens a person to demonic entry.
  • Demonic forces are there to destroy the “carrier.”
  • Participants of exorcisms often die within a few months.
  • Exorcisms can last hours or months.
  • A person perfectly possessed cannot be helped.
  • Exorcised demons are not destroyed, just evicted.
  • Demonic spirits are around us, always.

Many of us have heard of possession but what is it really? A demonic possession is often described as when a person is being controlled by a malevolent or demonic force. The signs said to foretell a possession are personality changes such as constant cursing, hostility and rage. It has also been noted that many have been known to speak in foreign tongues they had not previously known and also to be able to ascertain secrets about individuals around them of which they would have no knowledge of. Almost every culture has some form of possession; it is not singular to the Catholic religion.

A notable case of possession and one that the movie, “The Exorcist,” was loosely based on was Roland Doe, this was the name given to a boy in the United States in the late 1940’s who was to undergo an exorcism. From old newspaper articles and notes made it seems that the young boy was introduced to the Ouija board by his Aunt, later when she passed away, Roland was around 13 it is believed the boy tried to contact her through the Ouija board and accidently let in a demon. Soon after his Aunts death many strange things began to happen such as levitating objects, feet marching, furniture moving, many noises and a container of holy water being smashed. His family became frightened and sought help from the church. Roland was observed in Rev. Schulze home, he sat in a heavy chair with a pile of blankets surrounding him. Sometime during the night the Reverend was awakened by scratching on the walls and observed the chair the boy was sitting in tilt on to its side, without falling. Then the blankets surrounding Roland began to spin around the room slapping people. It is said it took over 30 exorcisms performed over many weeks to rid the boy of his possession. Is it true? Nine priests and thirty-nine witnesses signed off on “Roland” being possessed. The boy had no recollection of any events during this time and simply lost time, he grew up, became quite successful, married, has children and now grandchildren.

If you noticed in the above list a mention of perfect possession, well this is something it is near to impossible to rid yourself of. So why is it so hard to rid yourself of this perfect possession? Well as often is the case with “PP” the individual being inhabited has either given up or allowed the demon to possess them completely. Unless well trained, finding a person who is perfectly possessed is near to impossible as there are no longer any signs of struggle; they have given themselves over to evil. The person with “PP” will no longer have an aversion to crosses, holy water, or verses spoken in Latin proclaiming God to come save them and cast out the devil. It is total and complete possession, hence, perfect.

Possession, real or fake?

So what are some opinions out there as to possession? Is it real or fake?

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