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Expressons of love

Updated on August 4, 2017

Posture in Intercession

The old days of traveling through the wilderness had come to a close for Israel and now God had placed Joshua, Moses protege, at the helm who must mirror Moses in his posture in intercession. Joshua had led the people across the Jordan river to Gil-gal, from which point the city of Jericho lay ahead as the next enemy and challenge that the Lord would have them to encounter for the possession of the Promised Land. That was the land that God had given to Abraham; the intercessor, covenant partner and friend of God.

Friend of God

Its important to note that God was Abraham's covenant partner, but he was more than just a covenant partner, and he was his friend.

An Intercessors need to see themselves as more than a covenant partner, for as a covenant partner all God is responsible for is the covenant right to which he swore responsibility. But as a friend, the Lord’s mercy and favor that he will extend is limitless.

He will say, “You know, this is really not in the contract but because he his my dear friend, I won't even mention it, but I will let my grace abound towards him”.

Expressions of Love

Sometimes Intercessors prayers are merely prayers of covenant but no expressions of love. I would rather petition God in prayer and when my answer should be four, he increases it to six or even seven, because of his grace towards me and my tender love which I have placed towards him.

The loving experience you share with the Lord is similar to going into a place of intimate communion and the way you enter this place determines the way you leave. They that love much give much and they that love little often find themselves in a place of confinement.

Place of Intimacy

The enemy will always try to keep you from getting into that place of intimacy but God is aware of the enemy's efforts to distract us and he will rewards us for our willingness to endure because of our love him.


Too many of us go to God as “bullies”, demanding our covenant rights and never looking at the fact that we are not perfect but barely obedient servants (1Jh.1:9).

For with some of us, it was just a minute ago that we curse the pedestrian for taking too long to go across the street, no caring to know that he was a saint who had just left the doctors office and now he was on his way home praying for God to send someone that could agree with him concerning the healing that he needed.

But we blew our horns at him for taking too long to cross the street, while we drove our new Mercedes Benz with the license plates saying, “I Love Jesus”, and a Bumper sticker, “You Cant Touch This”.

The next time you see us, we are at the Altar in the Assembly of the righteous, making demands in prayer because we believe that our covenant rights upholds this privilege. How many of us know that the more affection a spouse is given, the more that spouse will be incline to wait upon us. This waiting takes definition in several manifestations.

As we wait upon the Lord we receive privileges: our strength is renewed like the eagle. In other words, we are given new life. What man or woman doesn't require added years of healthy life?

Revelations gush out of the womb of the Lord. Wisdom and knowledge are not impeded and authority is now at the discretion of the obedient. As we wait on God we are surrounded by his glory which begins to fill our earth.

But we sometimes become oblivious to the fact that God’s eyes are in every place beholding the evil as well as the good and so God in his infinite wisdom looks at you in your vanity, shakes his head, and says, "I have seen his actions, and his unrepentant spirit, there will be no hearing for him today, court is adjourned."

We fail to realize the omniscience of God. He is a spirit and he is also aware of every incident in the physical world 24/7. He has perfect knowledge of your total existence. His omniscience is connected to His omnipresence noted in 2 Chronicles 16:9, where God is represented as beholding, seeing or having eyes.

Many of us are in "empty court rooms" when we pray, for our unforgiving attitude has caused God to give the signal that court has been adjourned. And like judges in the earth when they have finished their cases for the day, they leave the building and no one is left except the Maintenance man who is singing, “Love, it makes you want to do right.

Therefore postures for the intercessor include;

  • obedience
  • love
  • repentance
  • forgiveness
  • Trusting God
  • friend of God

These postures may include standing, kneeling,  or  laying prostrate to complete the circle of divine connection.


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