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Potential & Purpose (2) How do they work?

Updated on November 26, 2011

Do you know your potential?

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“Potential”, says Dr. Myles Munroe “is dormant ability. Potential is “power untapped.” Potential is “unused success and hidden talents.” Potential “goes hand in hand with purpose.” In other words, “all you can be but have not yet become; all that you can do but have not yet done. It's how far you can reach but have not yet accomplished”, “an unexposed ability and latent power that's worth exploring." I encourage people of African descent across the continent to look at themselves as dormant giants. We are not lost in the West, we are not lost in Africa, we need to discover our gift and put it to use; we have a purpose. Our history tells us that. We are people with God's purpose in this life no matter where we find ourselves on this Earth. Did you know the cradle of humanity started in Africa? Did you know the Garden of Eden, the place where God set Adam, was in Africa? Ah hah! It certainly was and Ethiopia is the birthplace of all humanity.[1] Potential, therefore, is not what you have done, but what you are able to do. Through potential, you fulfill your purpose.

What do you think your potential is?

[1]See Black Roots of Christianity.

© scm Sep-11, published bydse©All rights reserved.

How do they work?

Remember King David, the second King of Israel. He is best remembered as being the “man after God’s own heart”, the father of King Solomon and the ancestor to Jesus Christ. Now look at King Saul, the first king of Israel. What do most people remember about the first King of Israel? They remember he disobeyed God. He chased David all over the place. David had a chance to kill him but he didn't. King Saul was killed with his sons. Remember what I told you about success? It is measured in what you leave behind; your legacy. In this life, who you serve will define what you leave behind. For instance, Judas Iscariot served the devil, so he left a bad name behind. King Saul did not serve the devil, he was just jealous of David. But, he actually served God. He disobeyed God, also.

An unfortunate realization is a large percentage of the human race will not discover their gift early enough to develop it. Some will. I just read an article, which talked about a nineteen-year-old millionaire who was retiring.[1] Can you believe that? Someone was retiring at the age of nineteen? Guess why he was able to do this? Yep! Because he discovered his gift at age twelve and starting implementing it at age 13. You can too if you discover your gift early enough.

Have you ever thought about the many inventions on the earth; telephones, the Internet, cars? Do you know what it takes to make a telephone? It takes eight basic parts; a transmitter, receiver, anti-side tone network, dial, ringer, switchhook, connecting cords (wires) and a chassis. Do you think Alexander Graham Bell knew this when he discovered the telephone? No. In fact, he wasn’t even trying to develop a telephone. He was trying to design some tool to help the deaf to communicate. And, it took him three hundred and seven failures before he got it right. Henry Ford failed many times before he got his first car to go five miles. Beyonce Knowles started singing in the church, so did Aretha Franklin and Carrie Underwood. They were not discovered overnight. They were in training and didn’t know it. We don’t hear too much about their failures before we hear about their successes.

Jesus took twelve unlearned men and made them famous. Everywhere you see His name, theirs are not too far behind. How? Well, have you heard of the Bible? There are no accidents or coincidences here. These people are not just lucky. They discovered their potential and turned it into purpose.

[1] “Millionaire at 16; retires at 19”, the Cincinnati Herald, (Cincinnati Ohio, 2008), pp. 1-2.

© scm Sep-11, published bydse©All rights reserved.

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© scm Sep-11, published bydse©All rights reserved.

© scm Sep-11, published bydse©All rights reserved.


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