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Potential & Purpose (9) Define It

Updated on November 26, 2011

Can you shoot a ball in a basket?

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Can you hit a ball over 100 feet and get it to sink in a tiny hole? They call it golf.

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Define It

How do you Define your purpose on the earth? Ask God. Simple as that. Ask Him why are you here? You can ask Him. He will gladly let you know what your purpose is on this earth.

Now I’m sure the next question would be, “How do I know what my gift is? Good question. Let’s look at the disciple Peter. Now here is a man the Bible says was out fishing with his brother when Jesus called them to follow Him so he could make them "fishers of men". Do you really think they knew what their gift was? They knew how to fish. They knew how far to go into the water to get the fish. They knew how early in the morning to go out and get the fish. They were prepared to catch and eat fish. Yes they knew what their talent was. They didn’t know their purpose. This is the case for most of us. We have the gift and can probably identify when we first noticed it; but we don’t know what our purpose for the gift is. Whatever you do well, whatever comes easy to you, where you get great enjoyment in your work...this is your gift. This gift can be developed into skill. Once you discover it, you will never be the same again.

Look at Michael Jordan the famous basketball player. Michael Jordan is very well known for his skill in the sport of basketball. This man has made millions by throwing a ball into a netted piece of material, which sets upon a pole. Basically, shooting balls into a basket; basketball. He made millions of dollars in less than six months, doing just this. That is skill. That is not his gift. His gift is the ability to judge the distance he will need to throw a ball so that it makes it through the netting on the pole. His gift is the ability to throw the ball at the right angle to get it to fall into the netting on the pole. His gift is not just throwing the ball. All of us can throw a ball. But few of us can make the shot. Even when we're standing under the netting. Have you noticed that?

How did he get to this point? He practiced this everyday for hours. Thus, he perfected his gift into skill. He discovered his gift, perfected it and was paid very well for it. Not to mention, science wants to clone his genes to re-create more people like him. Now how did he get there?

Well, the gift he had all his life, perfecting his gift is what he has done, that's called skill. Because no one else can do it the way he does it, this gift has brought him wealth; a wealth that will financially sustain him. That is talent: a gift perfected that brings you profit. Are you seeing the pattern now? Because he trained himself to make that gift work for him, that ability has brought him millions of dollars, and we call him a "star". The secret, his gift was discovered early; it was developed and was used to fulfill the purpose for which God gave him life. No, I don’t mean playing basketball. I mean the money he makes has benefited many needy causes; therefore, God is glorified.

So what did Jesus do with the twelve unlearned men; He taught them how to use their gift and fulfill their purpose. It’s good to know sometimes others will see your gift before you will. But one thing is for sure, if you trust God and lean not to your own understanding, (Proverbs 3:5) you will discover your gift.

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