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Potential & Purpose (5) Examples, Jesus Christ

Updated on November 26, 2011

Do you know what's in your heart?

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ, the Bible says, was born of a virgin named Mary. This virgin was engaged to a man named Joseph. In those days, an unmarried pregnant woman was looked at as an unclean vessel. Yet, here was this virgin, carrying “God’s child” with no place to lay her head. On her way to pay her taxes, she went into labor. What was she suppose to do? You know how it is when you have to pay taxes. No one’s particularly concerned if you go into labor; especially if you’re Jewish and owe the Roman government taxes. Going into labor, she couldn’t make it to the city. So she and Joseph, her financeé were stuck! There was no inn in sight so they were forced to go to a barn with barn animals. This is where the Son of God was born; in a barn with barn animals. Now how many of us can give that testimony? Yet this man, born amongst the horses and cows, both divine and human, was able to take twelve unlearned men and turn them into what we would call celebrities today. How was he able to do this?

Jesus, the Bible says, “knew what was in their hearts” (John 2:24-25). With that knowledge, He was able to define their potential and help them fulfill their purpose. In other words, He knew what was in them, even when they didn’t. The Bible goes on to say, Jesus “chose them and one of them was a devil”, (John 6:70).

You are born with your potential (gift, talent). It’s your purpose (Why am I here?) you must discover. If you discover it early, you will profit early in life. If you discover it later in life, you will profit later in life. If you never discover it, you will never profit from it. The good part is, it’s never too late to discover your purpose.

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Potential and Purpose Series

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(5) Potential & Purpose: Examples: Jesus Christ

(6) Potential & Purpose: Discovering yours

(7) Potential & Purpose: Recognizing God

(8) Potential & Purpose: Trust Him

(9) Potential & Purpose: Define it

(10) Potential & Purpose: Write it

(11) Potential & Purpose: Develop it

(12) Potential & Purpose: Test it

(13) Potential & Purpose: Build relationships

(14) Scriptures

(15) Acknowledgements

(16) Book References

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Book References

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