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Power To Confront Conflicts

Updated on January 11, 2014

And Shame The Devil

In one of the testimonies of the seven Colombians youths that had a brief tour of dreaded hell, we were told that while still living on earth's surface ,repeated conflicts with people and her inability to confront, settle and forgive others, were all that landed a particular woman in hell [everlasting punishment]

According to the testimony , while alive on earth, the woman wore conflict and unforgiving spirit like a garment, she showed no interest in humility and forgiveness [ the gentleman's way of life ] no effort to confront and delete it in her life before her untimely departure [death] Now in hell, no room, no chance again to amend her ways.

The will to confront and delete the cankerworm was not in her power, it was dependent on her nearness to Christ. Conflict is inevitable in life, conflict must come as we pass through the paths of life.

It could be marital,generational,[lineage] organizational, corporate, church,national and or individual conflicts. As individuals, if we choose to react the way of the cross, if we choose humility and forgiveness which is one of the bedrocks of Christianity, avoiding bitterness and being resentful towards others ,the Lord God will be in a position to use this unavoidable cankerworm called “Conflict” to teach us what we fail to know about ourselves. God can decide to use conflicts and disagreements to improve our relationships with others.

Before we go into the prayers that will enable us to confront conflicts and defeat it, we must recognize that conflict is an evil spirit, so evil loaded that it tries to ignite troublesome fire where there is peace and tranquility. We will as well do very well if we are capable of recognizing the cause,be able to diagnose and recognize what are the likely cum remote causes of the conflict at hand. It could be as a result of differing opinions,personality clash of interests,wrong method of -communication,ignorance,illiteracy,misinformation,jealousy ,boundary and even poverty.

Having recognized the possible causes of conflicts in a relationship [personal,corporate or national] We now have to consider the effects of any reaction to the conflict. There are two recognized ways of making conflicts worse and deeper. First, people often try to suppress the conflict,even though this group of people recognize there is a conflict, they decide to suppress it and others in the same bracket repress the existence of tension in the camp, in other words they vehemently deny that conflict or a near -conflict situation ever existed.

Conflicts that are not properly dealt with affects most areas of our lives and activities,when disagreements are not resolved ,it leads to sudden health problems,divides the mind and hinders emotions. These in other words leads to pain and disappointments. Conflicts that are not resolved leads to continous anger against the other person or group. Un resolved conflict of a truth, blocks our fellowship with God almighty

For the conflicts to be buried permanently out of our way, we must respond wisely to it. As for conflict, they must always come our way, and ready too to swallow us, but we must respond wisely to beat the devil, the architect of it all.

How ?-- We must ask the holy spirit for discernment—to know when the devil is pulling our patience, to know which and which situation or condition will lead to conflict. Like my old friend, whenever he faces a confusing situation that may lead to conflict, he quickly responds “This is the devil” Be able to discern through the assistance of the holy spirit, when the devil has slotted in conflict into a loaf of bread.

1 Corinthians 12:10 “ To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:”

-----Oh lord my God, discerning spirit is one of your gifts and blessings, I need it now,-- in the mighty name of Jesus.

-----Help me O Lord to discern wisely-- in the mighty name of Jesus

When the conflict is revealed, the other wise step to take is to maintain a quiet spirit,. There is always the natural tendency to defend ourselves, instead of causing uneasy calm within the circle, you can allow the other person to speak , may be while trying to justify himself, he or she will settle the issues at hand.

-----Give me a quiet spirit to be able to handle conflicts – in the mighty name of Jesus.

---Lord, you are the best judge, help me to always settle the issues at hand-as Jesus would--- in the mighty name of Jesus.

Make no attempt to justify yourself immediately , you may be wrong. Drop furious stance and wait until your opponent finishes, wait on God , perhaps he may lead you to defend yourself,if God is in your submissions, the other party will be forced to listen responsibly.

-----Lord be my defense in any conflict that may try to engulf me --- in the mighty name of Jesus.

----- When my enemies try to overshadow me with lying tongues, Lord speak for me, give me utterance,be my lawyer, and my tongue for I don't know what to do without you,---

Ask the holy spirit to guard your mouth---”Set a guard Oh lord over my mouth,keep watch over the doors of my lips Psalm 141; careful what you say. Carefully consider what you are saying and give God the chance to speak for you. Luke 12:12 For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.

-----View the conflict as coming from God. Even though it does not originate from him, he desires to use everything for our good

----Forgive those responsible for the conflict, and ask God to reveal his purpose for allowing the conflict.

--- Oh Lord my God, reveal your purpose in this conflict that I am passing through this period , in the mighty name of Jesus.

-----When the enemy want to overwhelm me with useless conflicts, give me the boldness to resist in the mighty name of Jesus.

--Give me the power to put them to flight in the mighty name of Jesus.

In summary,conflicts appear inevitably around the corner, but you have to choose how to respond to it , if and when it comes your way It is not a spiritual failure if you fail to come to agreement with another person ,no one can force another person or persons to come to terms, all you must have to choose is to walk in forgiveness and righteouness. Ask God to do it for you, ask in prayer, ask in faith.


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