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Powerful Prayer against the easily-led

Updated on September 17, 2014

Prayer for those who are easily-led down the wrong path of evil

In Jesus name, I come to you in praise and worship, and I ask you to listen to my heart-felt prayer for those whom are led down the path of evil.

May the eyes of the foolish be opened to truth full of love and honesty, which is YOU Jesus! O' Lord, may the world be reunited unto you as this prayer is said, through quietness and through trust. May not the foolish be conflicted by the lies of Satan and his demons, who wholly rule over this world. May not the people of this earth become aspects of gossip throughout this town/ (name country) instead, may their voice become in complete and utter sync through the holy spirit, whom is with you in heaven, and may they understand that they are in your heart, every moment of their lives. May they overcome this evil by unity through the holy spirit right now as I say this prayer to you, Jesus.

O' most highest of kings of kings, and princes of princes, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, may your heart and ears be fully opened, to hear this important-prayer I (mention name) have to ask in favor of you, right now. May the hearts of the foolish become at complete-peace right now, in Jesus name.

In Jesus name: May you sent forth ministering angels to watch, rule, and guide those who are easily-led down the wrong path of evil, right now. And may we have the strength to praise and worship you everyday of our lives, and I give you thanks O' Lord Jesus for understanding the deepest-depth of my soul, you are the only one who understands us!

In Jesus name, amen.


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