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Praise or song, is there a difference?

Updated on August 12, 2016

Dortmund Ems canal

Praise is a powerful weapon.
Praise is a powerful weapon. | Source

Don Moen - I will sing live - Concert video - Don Moen

Praise God under all circumstances

Praise with a revelation. Somewhere down the line you will feel like it. It is not always that you really feel like praising God, you know. We should inculcate a culture of continuous praise. We should not take to the habit of only remembering to praise God when we have an issue we want settled by him. It is common to find houses of worship filled to capacity in times of national tragedies. A sportsperson who only appears on the track on the race day is actually not seriously thinking of winning the race. In an event he won, he would be surprised at the result more than the spectators would. Praising God only in times of calamities complicates things for us because favorable results would be taken as great favors. We would feel like really we did not deserve the favor.

Overhanging sandstone cliff, Burton Hive

Worrying exhibits mistrust in God. Be joyful always.
Worrying exhibits mistrust in God. Be joyful always. | Source

I surrender - Hillsong Live (Cornerstone 2012 dvd album) Lyrics/subtitles (Best worship song)

At your weakest point is where God appears.

Give thanks to God in spite of your difficulties; don’t just do it when good things come by. That is normal. Even a sinner would act in the same way. Be different. Praise in the middle of a storm. Remember that where your strength and wisdom hit the block is the junction when God takes over. In this way all praises will belong to him otherwise you will claim that your education, money, wisdom and the like, was your saviour. You will even cause confusion to your enemies. When they are sure you will curse God is when they find you praising him even more vigorously. That is confusion really.

Marine vegetation

Admiring God is praising him.
Admiring God is praising him. | Source

Christ Is Enough - Hillsong Live (New 2013 Album) Best Worship Song with Lyrics

God is able to sort out your issues

A thanks giving means you are aware that God is mighty enough to change things for the better. Enter the house of worship with thanks giving. You can’t praise from inside. Dance. Don’t worry what people will say of your praise. It is God you are dancing for, not man. Don’t be an introvert and just watch others do their thing. David was king of Israel but that did not make him a shameful praise. He danced shamelessly and in the process was blessed mightily by the almighty God. Those who castigated him for his praising were cursed by God. In most churches the praise and worship lead team find that they have to struggle keeping the temple to acceptable level. Raise your hands, clap, harder. I mean that clapping is good enough for the local chief. Now clap mightily for God. This is the sort of urging they have to endure. If only we would praise under our own volition with no need of being urged on, then things would be easier for everyone.

Panorama of the small settlement Naajaat in North-West Greenland

Praise God with a revelation not just because the song is good.
Praise God with a revelation not just because the song is good. | Source

And in conclusion

God is not found in places where people are gloomy. To invite God to your gathering requires creation of a joyful environment. Praise him even in event of great difficulty because this is the only sure way to invite him to your gathering. The Holy Spirit is joyful. Create a good environment for him to dwell in. Praise even in the midst of extreme pain and disappointment. Even earthly people tend to steer clear from gloomy joints. Refrain from the urge to praise God with an obligation. Like, if he does not do what you want done, then you will never ever praise him again. This only complicates things.

40 songs of praise


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      3 years ago

      Hi Stephen, really enjoyed reading your hub. Stay strong in your faith. Continue writing. Tinamarie (child of God)


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