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Prasanthi Nilayam, the supreme place on earth.

Updated on September 20, 2011

More details on Prasanthi Nilayam.

When I visited Prasanthi Nilayam during January 1965, there was just a temple and the big trees around where we used to lay down. If there is a sudden shower, we will rush to the veranda of the Nilayam or nearby tiled houses. As soon as the rain is over, we will rush back to our places(tree bottom). The one benefit of staying near the temple is the frequent view of Saibaba whenever he moves on the first floor veranda. He too will look at the devotees and shower his blessings and smile often. There were fixed schedule for every day activity. Around 6 AM, people gather near the vicinity of the temple to take their first morning Dharsan(view of form) which is also known as "Viswarupam". Afterwards we go out and finish our morning ablutions in the river and come back quickly after taking a cup of tea in the tea stalls there. By now many devotees might have gathered in front of the temple sitting silently in rows. Gents at one place and ladies at a separate place. There is no mixing of gents and ladies in the temple premise. Saibaba would come some where around 7 or 7.30 and give his view to all and he will go near the gents group or ladies group and select people for personal audience. Those who have come in family or group can join with those selected for interview. After that, Baba himself will come and open the door of interview room, switch on the fan and close the door after all those who have been selected are seated inside. Inside the room, he will wave his palm two or three times and holy ash would have materialized in his hand by that time. He will apply it in the brow of gents and pour the rest in the hands of ladies gathered. Then he will take each family in the inner room and talk to them in their language, the problems that they were facing and the possible solutions etc. At those times, he will tell clearly if some body is affected by illness and materialize holy ash or sometimes even the capsules and tablets! He will ask them to take it every day. To some, he will create talisman in the form of rings or chains with a dollar containing the form of their personal god. Some times it will be Holy Cross, sometimes the form of Shirdi Baba or the present form or Lord Rama or Krishna. To Muslims who go there he used to materialize some Arabic inscriptions on plates and ask them to wear it around neck or so. He will narrate the conversations that took place in their natives long ago and give them advice on family matters, professional matters, studies, employment, engagement, children etc., Whatever he told them in the room materialized as he had predicted. Once an Inspector General of Police force of an adjoining state came for interview. He told his friend, "I have a secret in my life, even my wife is not aware" If Baba reveals, hats off to him". Baba called him inside and among many things, he told the General, the exact secret he had hidden in his heart. That is Saibaba. Nothing is secret to him for He resides in the heart of all creatures. Rest in next hub.

The inside hall of Prasanthi Nilayam


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