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Prayer Is Important Daily

Updated on January 29, 2014
Prayer bring peace and comfort to the soul!
Prayer bring peace and comfort to the soul!

Prayer raises the heart and thoughts to God, to a higher power, to a Source of goodness. With prayer, we meditate, and our minds are put at rest, concentrating and relaxing in the presence of God.

It is a great opportunity to let negativity flow out of you and encourage positive energy to come into you.

One of the reasons why we experience negativity, is we don't pray enough. The rosary is a great form of meditation.

The Catholic Mass (In Latin)

The traditional Latin mass is not said in very many places today. It is a source of great grace and blessings. So, because of the lack of it being available, things are getting worse (in our world). I say this because I believe it to be the true sacrifice, signifying Christ's death on the cross and victory of Resurrection. This in itself, the Mass, is a prayer. The highest form of prayer. God gives graces when we pray and when we attend Mass! To not take advantage of this opportunity, is not wise. I can say this because I have witnessed the positive effects it has on myself for one, and others.

The Catholic Church has been attacked by satan since its beginning. After Christ assumed into heaven, His followers went out and preached to all nations. How did 12 Apostles, only 12 men, make such an impact? That is a work of wonder. Only God could make that happen by giving them the grace and gifts- spiritual gifts, which are said to be speaking tongues, that is many languages which they previously did not know, for one.

I would recommend looking into the Traditional Latin Mass at

The Power of The Bible

It is common Christian knowledge, that when one reads the bible, that he/she can achieve great wisdom. This is the power of the Holy Spirit. The bible is the Word of God and there is great power in it, great consolation and inspiration. Not only that, but it naturally brings peace and inspiration to our lives.

The bible teaches many things, including an attitude of gratitude and of forgiveness. :)


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