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Prayer Is Vital

Updated on February 9, 2011

I wrote this essay on prayer in 1998 during my senior year in high-school. My writing was a little rough and simple, but I wanted for old time sake to publish this being I was still 16 and still had an overwhelming desire for the Lord. Prayer still remains the vital source of my spiritual well-being and because of that I never lost my passion for God.

Prayer is man's most effective and powerful source. Prayer is an act in the spiritual realm as well as a most mysterious affair. The results of prayer cannot even penetrate the intelligent genius. Though mere man cannot explain it, the absolute impossible can be made possible through divine intervention.

We think of all we have heard and witnessed about prayer through eyes that make it seem so foreign to us. While we are looking so far away prayer is available right here for us to use now.

I have learned that our own wants and interests can freeze our prayers in mid air . Before we pray we should analyze whether that prayer is what our carnal flesh wants or God's perfect will. God will not do anything against His will.

Quite often we hear it spoken of great revivals many years ago and we find ourselves saying, " The reason we don't have such moves of God is that times now are more evil than then." "That is absolutely the wrong assumption!" The real reason for lack of revival is saints have quit praying, it's as simple as that. Sure we have our rituals in church, when and not to pray, but it's going to take allot more than a quick whisper and sitting down. It is going to take a burden that causes us to travail till God accepts that broken and contrite spirit and meets our needs.

It may be thought that it is always God's will to pour out His Spirit on His people. Yes, that is true, but the reason of delay lies in our lack of desire to bombard heaven and reaching out and touching his throne. The longer we hold back praying the longer He will delay and withdrawal His presence. Because of our wanting everything just handed over to us, we just allow ourselves to shrivel and dry up spiritually when the whole time God is waiting with the windows of heaven open full of blessings, but sees His saints silent;failing to pay the price, unconcerned.

Often times we are hindered in our prayers by satanic warfare. Watchman Nee once said, " Satan has in fact a plan against the saints of the Most High, which is to wear them out." It don't take a clever mind to know that is true. It's a gradual process, which makes it go unnoticed, he don't charge in full attack at once. He starts little by little attacking the mind, body and our time. Then he'll ease over with a little blow here and there in our spiritual life. Gradually we grow colder and colder until we have turned from our faith in God completely.

In order to become aware of Satan's tactics we must fall on our face before the Lord and develop true spiritual discernment.

Nee also said, " If we patiently endure, the work of Satan will most certainly continue, but if we are outraged he will immediately leave us alone."

The bible says, " Resist the devil and he will flee from you!"

You can obtain this power through prayer. It is important to come to the realization that we can reach high places with God if we just humble ourselves and pray.

Inspiring quotes

"Out of the great secrets of prayer is prayer in secret"

" We are never losers from doing the will of the Lord!" 

" There are no accidents in God's purposes; the STOPS of a man are ordered as well as his steps."

" Wherever God is at work Satan will be busy too."

" Being faithful is better than being famous."

" A prepared messenger is more than a prepared message."

 " If God calls you to be a missionary do not stoop to be a king."

" Popularity  has killed more prophets than persecution."


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    • howcurecancer profile image

      Elena@LessIsHealthy 6 years ago

      God help us more if we pray more.

    • ladyt11 profile image

      ladyt11 6 years ago

      I agree with JLClose, I too wish I had this knowledge at 16 years of age! This is awesome, you had a mind for God early on, God bless you!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      You are one very inspiring writer and I am so blessed to have found you right here on HP. Amen to what you have written. I am a big fan and eager to read more of your hubs. God Bless you!

    • RichERich1175 profile image

      RichERich1175 6 years ago

      You hit the nail right on the head, young lady! Prayer is so essential for a spiritual well-being, and I feel, a productive life. There is an unfortunate withdrawal away from prayer nowadays :( However, I do believe that one person can make a difference and I try talking with someone about the vital role that prayer has in my life.

    • JLClose profile image

      JLClose 6 years ago from OreGONE

      Great essay. I couldn't tell a 16 year old wrote it! I wish I could say that I had this knowledge at 16. At least I know it's true now!

    • eventsyoudesign profile image

      eventsyoudesign 6 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Amen! I agree and I find prayer very comforting. It is nice to know that you can go to God and he will listen no matter what. Prayer is vital. Thanks for sharing. Teresa

    • profile image

      Brenda 6 years ago

      Very profound for only a 16 year old

    • Jhangora profile image

      Dinesh Mohan Raturi 6 years ago from Dehradun

      So true. Prayer takes us closer to god.