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Prayer Power Eby Way

Updated on June 23, 2015

The Power of Prayer

The Golden Key

So, I am facing a pretty severe personal problem today, which I will not name. As a believer in New Thought principles, including our innate ability to know, feel, and experience a personal relationship with the Divine, I choose to see my challenge as an opportunity to apply my faith in prayer. Some might call this approach the “Golden Key” power of prayer. I simply say it’s prayer power.

Are you familiar with Emmet Fox and his amazing essay entitled “The Golden Key to Prayer?” If not, you can get a copy of it at Or read it for free via the Google search engine on the internet. His main point is, “Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead.” Could this really be the golden key to everything?

I recently revisited the wisdom and light of Emmet Fox, after attending our local GodSelf Study group at Unity Church in Grants Pass, Oregon, facilitated by my friends Elizabeth and Susan Hunt. At this group meeting based on the book, “The GodSelf” by Patricia Jepsen Chuse, I shared my concerns about how to help loved ones who are suffering and in desperate need of relief or healing.

My friends suggested that I stop focusing on their problems or symptoms, and simply focus on God…Emmet Fox’s Golden Key. I said this is easier said than done. But then, I flashed back to a few recent examples of prayer power, which occurred on my recent vacation to San Diego, California, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

First, my wife and I went on a road trip to visit her father who is 90-years-old in San Diego, California near Escondido. Then we flew out to see our daughter, her husband, and our two grandsons, ages 12 and 13 near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

On the way down to California, my wife complained of some sharp chest pains, but fortunately these went away quickly. After we arrived at her father’s million dollar home, located on a bluff, with an incredible view of the local mountains, her symptoms returned and intensified. She described the pain like an elephant sitting on her chest. Naturally we rushed her to the local hospital. This wasn’t such a great way to begin our vacation.

All through her 24 hour hospitalization and medical testing process, I prayed: She is surrounded by the Light of Love and all is well. I just felt her embraced by a circle or crown of Love. Does that sound like the Golden Key? Well, her tests came back fine. The doctor did recommend that she make some lifestyle changes or face a serious risk of heart disease. Maybe I need to use the Golden Key on this too?

Power of Belief

Prayer Power

Next, after our flight to Michigan, we arrived at our daughter’s home and had a series of wonderful family experience; i.e. I caught three bass while fishing from their pontoon boat on a nearby lake; I taught my youngest grandson how to do some drumming; I played Magic with my oldest grandson; we all went swimming, out to dinner; laughed and got wild and crazy. But all was not well.

Our daughter was in deep emotional pain, suffering from a significant gambling problem, Bipolar Disorder, and a problematic marriage. More specifically, she shared that she went to the casino last month, won $35,000, but put all of it back into the slot machines, with the exception of $3000 she used to purchase a newer car.

Then, after losing all the money, she wrote a check from her husband’s heating and cooling business account without his permission. Promptly she went back to the casino and lost that too. She can also no longer work as a nurse due to medication problems from her Bipolar condition. And her 18-year-old marriage is falling apart.

Well I did my best to ‘see through’ the appearance of these problems. I put my focus on God: My daughter is surrounded by the Light of God. The Light flows through her and shines from her with blazing rays of magnificent, omnipotent Love.

Recently, she did report improvements in her situation. I am still praying.

In other words, I am doing my best to apply these recent testimonies of the power of prayer, (called “scientific prayer” by Emmet Fox) to my present situation. For example, I refuse to dwell on the nature of the symptoms or wallow in the depth of my fears and concerns. I put my focus on God as all-powerful, infinite Love. I feel the peace and comfort of this Love. I remain open to being a channel to manifesting all that is Good and Divine in my life right now. For our True Self, I believe, is always connected to a state of magnificence, freedom, health, prosperity, and perfection.

From another perspective, maybe prayer power can be simply boiled down to one statement: Feel the presence of Spirit, which is with us always, and let God do the work.

Oh…and that major problem I have been talking about? We are making progress!

Connect with Love

We are One

Affirmative Prayer


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    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 2 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      Thank you for your comment. As you know, in this life experience it is hard sometimes to let go of the problem and turn to our faith. But maybe that's why we are here? Smile...Gary

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Wonderful. For me, sometimes it seems counter intuitive to turn from a problem to prayer. It is an almost out of this world notion. But experience shows time and time again that if I turn to God things turn out Godly. Great Hub.