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Prayer and Divine Parenting.

Updated on May 11, 2012
My Guru. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba who guided the people by giving his life sermons.
My Guru. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba who guided the people by giving his life sermons. | Source
Prayer and Lights
Prayer and Lights | Source
Divine Light.
Divine Light. | Source

Prayer Eliminates Fear and light up life with Divine Parenting

I am sure many will be wondering parenting and prayer what will be connection. I was not sure to pen it until I received this divine healing myself in my life. Sure, it may be happen with many of you a person who believe in, who perform prayer and also for person who don’t perform prayer but never confronted the fact.

Guru exists in everyone’s life. Guru is in the form of teacher, or our favourite Almighty Lord who shows us light whenever we are low. Guru is also in form of god and we worship him or her in many forms. The invisible power that created this world makes the ‘wheel of time’ which is on move and awards people good or bad results according to people deeds or karma is known by the name of God. Sorrows and sufferings in a man’s life result from his own actions. In such case, patience turns to be the greatest strength of a man. With all the supreme powers God is the only creator also a Mother with the qualities of gentleness, selflessness, patience and kindness. I realized, the role of human parents is to reflect and express the qualities of the divine parent.

In our day to day busy life we forget to remember lord and if we forget its bit obvious our kids will also follow the same and even they will forget. Parents always worry that their children are not eating enough or right foods. But they forget that the chief nourishment required by a little child is large amounts of love from his parents. More than adding proteins and vitamins add love, joy and strength and feel the difference. I’ve felt healing illness through prayer. Prayer does work, when my son fell ill I just prayed to know that god creates all that is good; He did not create conditions that could be harmful to any of his children. One thing which keeps on moving me, given me strength is faith and patience. As I prayed with positive thoughts, I was free of my fears and became confident of Almighty control, power and love for his child. My son health was getting better and he was his usual cheerful, normal and active. Since childhood, I was a staunch devotee and as life has shown me ways prayers helped me to heal my worries.

I’m sure healings like this are happening all over the world every day. The important thing is to let go of fear; then we can actively trust God. This awareness helps us to take wise steps also sow positive thoughts in our children lives, at the same time relieving us from fear and undue anxiety. I feel happy when I see my child or any other child doing prayer as their prayer is just selfless prayer. They do it with innocence in return expecting nothing from lord and attaining ‘spiritual knowledge’ which helps them to stand firm even if they are down. Our children’s true identity is not comprised in their body, but in the spiritual qualities inherited from God- Purity, innocence, joy, honesty and above all understanding the meaning of Humanity. These qualities cannot be injured, no germs can get to them and no viral attack them.

God has gifted us such a beautiful gifts and when we become parents we must give those gifts to our children. Truth, Service, Simplicity, Religious gatherings (Festivals), equality and remembrance of divine power. These divine gifts will lead a person towards the path of salvation.


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      rama iyer 5 years ago

      very true.