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Prayer for Compassion

Updated on June 25, 2010

Touch me now and fill me with compassion for those around me. Let me feel their inner turmoil, their confusion, their pain, and their joys. Give me the ability to help fill their emptiness with a smile, and ease their emotional pain as well as their physical pain. Dear Father, give me the strength necessary to be there for them in what ever capacity is needed.

Father, give me the foresight needed to understand even when they do not understand themselves. Please give me the words of comfort that are necessary for the moment. Fill me with the compassion that can only come from you. It is through you alone that I will be able to help them through the maze that is their worried minds.

Dear Father use me in your service, that I may be of service to others. I place myself in your hands use me as you will. Fill me with Your kindness and help me to be an example to others of what You are. I am Yours Oh Lord, take my hand and guide me, give me a spirit that is meek, yet full of strength that I acknowledge as yours.

This, Dear Lord is my prayer, that I might be used of You in Your service. Walk with me and let be engulfed in thy wondrous Holy Spirit.



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