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Prayer for God’s Mission and Lent-Part 4

Updated on February 18, 2016

Abraham and Stars

God's promise to Abraham was descendants as many as the stars.
God's promise to Abraham was descendants as many as the stars. | Source

Where We've Been

So far we have looked at an overview for Lent, Ash Wednesday as a time to realize that we are going to die and there isn’t anything we can do about it because we are all sinners and that we were once in bondage to our sin. We also looked at God being the one who has given us freedom. We took the time to remember who we are in Christ and who we were before coming to Christ. So far it has been a good journey. Of course, along the way we have prayed for God’s mission to be advanced. We are certainly in the midst of Lent now. Thanks so much for joining me.

My Son

I don't know if I could give up my son
I don't know if I could give up my son

The Promise Son

As we move along, I’m excited for this week's reading. Before, when I was growing up, I would just listen and not really think about what was being said. This time I’m thinking. We start off with Genesis 15:1-12. Here Abram is promised a son by God and Abram believed God. This is in response to Abram saying that he doesn’t have an heir, except for a servant in his household.

If you skip ahead to Ch 17, he is still childless and his name gets changed to Abraham, the father of many (Abraham is approaching 100). God promises that Sarah, his wife, will have a son, a son that will have the covenant. This is God’s plan being unfolded. God takes the less likely people, like a childless couple, to bring about his plan so that we know without a doubt that God is working. My question for you is, how are you the less likely person that God can work through? For me, I just don’t understand why he would choose me, someone who grew up in special ed because I struggled with reading and writing - who now writes a blog.

The Location of God's Promise to Abraham

God is Our Strength

The Psalm reading for the week is Psalm 27. Here David’s strength and salvation is the Lord. David has confidence in God no matter what comes his way and he wants to seek God and His temple. What a great picture this paints for us. That God is someone we can trust. Just like He came through for Abraham, He will come through for us. Let’s trust God. Let’s spend time this week worshipping him and seeking His will for our lives.

As we are called into his mission, we can rest assured that God is with us as we go forward. He will equip us for the work ahead and He will work through us. I say that we continue to pray for folks to be saved by the mighty hand of God and allow Him to use us. Remember, He saved you so that you will have purpose in your life. So, allow him to use you.

My Son's Shirt

My son once dreamed of moving to Canda
My son once dreamed of moving to Canda

Dual Citizenship

I love the New Testament Reading for this week. It is Philippians 3:17-4:1. I like it because it says we are citizens of heaven, or a new kingdom. All because Jesus is our salvation. This links so well with Psalm 27, with idea that God is our strength and salvation. Not only that, but we are also part of Abraham's family! The promise has been fulfilled. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Really ponder that and think about who else you want to be a part of the kingdom of heaven.

We are still citizens of our own nations. We must not forget that. Take time this week to pray for your country and pray for the kingdom of heaven to be advanced. I’m remembering a scene from the movie Facing the Giants when Coach Grant is being encouraged by Mr. Bridges to bloom where he is planted. So, bloom where you are. Allow God to use you in your current situation. Take time to pray and ask God what that is going to look like.

God is Our Strength and Refuge

Jesus Transfirgued

Remeber to listen to Jesus
Remeber to listen to Jesus | Source

Listen to My Son

The gospel passage for this week is Luke 9:28-36. This is the story of Jesus taking Peter, John, and James to the mount of transfiguration. This is one of the few times when God the Father uses an audible voice. There are two things that stick out to me. The first is God speaking to the three disciples to listen to Jesus. Let’s take this as a commandment for us. Let’s listen to what Jesus has to say to us. Not only listen, but obey. Jesus has a role for you in His kingdom. Pray that you will understand it completely and act on it.

The other thing that sticks out to me is the fact that he was praying before he was transfigured This speaks to me of the importance of prayer. That God does great things when we pray. This Lent, I hope and pray that you are taking the time to really listen to Him. Maybe during your time of fasting, you will allow God to speak to you.


I love these passages for the second Sunday of Lent. It starts out with the God sharing His plan. Then it moves into how He is our fortress. Even though we are here on earth, we are at the same time, citizens of heaven and we have a role to play. And that role comes from Jesus. During this week, take the time to pray what that role is. Take time to realize that the Old Testament is filled with God telling us what His plan is to save the world.

Remember, to pray, pray, and pray. Act on what you hear. And do this early and often.

When is the best time of day for you to pray?

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    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 2 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Pastor, thanks for reading and please let us know how God is forming you with the other devotional that you are reading.

    • profile image

      Pastor 2 years ago

      For Lent this year, (besides reading your blog :) I'm reading an extra devotional on Lent on the Bible Ap, YouVersion