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Prayer for God’s Mission and Lent-Part 7

Updated on March 10, 2016

Suffering for us


Lent is Almost Over

We have covered a lot of ground so far. Thanks for joining me on this journey reading these hubs and praying for God’s mission and allowing Him to form you. We enter into the 5th Sunday this week. A week from Sunday is Palm Sunday and two weeks from Sunday is Easter. What a wonderful holiday! This is one of my editor’s most favorite.

In the past weeks we have confessed our sins; looked at God’s mission being unfolded; seen God’s mission continues throughout history until the present day; and allowed God to form us in our fasting (cutting something out so we can spend the time in prayer). Not to mention we have used those times of fasting to pray.

This week we start looking at suffering, especially Christ’s suffering. This will continue into the following week when we talk about Palm Sunday, which is also known as Passion Sunday. We will also look at God’s mission, because it is Christ’s suffering that makes this mission possible. Forgiveness really is at the heart of it all - as you will see.

Jesus Feet Get Washed



Let's get into the readings. Make sure to take time to read them yourself and share what God is highlighting for you.

  • Isaiah 43.16-21: God is forming a people for himself. That is why he is on mission. I’m praying for God to bring more people to himself. Verse 19 talks about making a way in the wilderness. He did that for Israel, he will do that for you. If you find yourself in a time of being in the wilderness, cry out to God. He will show you the way. Let him lead you.

  • Psalm 126: The thing that sticks out to me in this passage is the reason why God worked through Israel. He worked through Israel to show the world who He is. I believe that God can do the same with us, as believers in Jesus. Think back to those who you are praying for. How can you show them Jesus? Ask Jesus that question. I’m sure He will show you.

  • Philippians 3.4b-14: Paul starts out explaining how in the flesh he has a lot to boast about. He is the poster child of someone who could have earned God’s favor, if that was possible. But he considers all that to be a loss when comparing the gaining of an excellent Christ. As far as Paul is concerned, there is nothing better than knowing Christ and His suffering. Spend time this week getting to know Jesus. Take hold of him, because he is holding on to you. Pray for others to take hold of him.

  • John 12.1-8: This is a great story! A dinner is given in Jesus’s honor in the days leading up to His entrance into Jerusalem. Martha washes his feet with perfume and her tears. Judas wanted the perfume sold and the money given to the poor, but Jesus says what she has done is a good thing. He states they will always have the poor and He is leaving. This speaks to the importance of spending time with Him. This afternoon I was walking the track at Old Town High School and I wanted to pray like I always do. Jesus reminded me that I will always have time to pray for Revival, but that he wanted me to rest in Him and just walk with Him. That was the best prayer walk I had in a long time. What does it look like for you to rest in Jesus?

A Fitting Song for This Week in Lent


Wow, these are some great passages. Below is a list as a way to summarize how I think we should respond to these verses in prayer and ways for God to form us.

  • Pray for God to increase His people that He is forming for Himself.

  • Ask Jesus how He wants you to show Himself to others through YOU.

  • List ways that are garbage compared to knowing the surpassing and excellent knowledge of Christ and his suffering.

  • Remember, Christ's suffering was for you and those others He is saving.

  • Hold on to Jesus, He is holding out to you.

  • Spend time with Jesus and rest with Him.

  • What would you add? Please let me know in the comment section or on the social media site you found this hub on.

Looking Ahead

The next hubs in this series will be focused on events in the life of Christ leading up to his resurrection. It is going to be great. Start praying now for what Jesus is going to show us. Then, pray again. For a third time, pray for those you want to be saved. Do this early and often.


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