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What Do you think Prayer does?

Updated on June 3, 2017
What does Prayer do?
What does Prayer do?

What do you think prayer does?

What is prayer? Prayer is a religious service. Most of the time it is done on regular bases, at which people gather in order to pray together. It is an Ernest hope or wish, and it is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. This is the definition of prayer. Sure that might be the definition, but what does prayer do? There are many things, which prayer can do, it can help you get through a test, a hard time in your family or even just give you support because you know someone is listening rather than talking to yourself and nobody listens. Not everyone is going to agree with what I am saying, but nobody agrees with everything. Prayer can be limitless in a sense of believing.

What does prayer do? Well, it depends on who you ask. For each person that prays, prayer does something different. Since everyone is different that is how prayer works. Prayer helps people when they are troubled, it gives them faith and confidence in themselves and the people around them. Prayer is something that, people do to get help from a higher power. It is something that, people do when they are stressed out. I know that, when I am stressed out or can’t figure out what to do I pray, it helps. What does prayer do? Well, the answer to that question is, prayer helps you when you are troubled, and it gives you perspective if you think of it that way. Prayer helps you organize what is going on in your life and it helps you ask the right questions.

Prayer is asking God for help or even asking people around you for help. It is not making demands, although we can make requests to God in prayer it isn’t about making demands. Prayer is a relationship wherein you humbly communicate, worship and sincerely seek Gods face. This is what prayer is, but what does it do. Prayer opens our eyes to the different things that we need to do in order to live a good life in gods’ eyes. This is what prayer does.

Prayer helps you when you are trouble, it opens your eyes to the things that you can do to help yourself. It opens your eyes to believe in God and what he can do to help you through your trials and tribulations. Prayer gives people a sense of release in some sense because when you are going through the hard things in your life what do you do, you pray for strength for help. That is what most people pray for when something bad happens in their life. Prayer helps you get through things it gives, your strength and hope. Prayer gives people strength, and that is what it does. That is my opinion anyway. What do you think that prayer does?

Prayer is different for everyone. Nothing is the same for everyone because everyone is different, so what people pray for is going to be different. If you pray hard enough and believe that what you are praying for is going to come true, then it will, you can’t give up when you are praying. For example, I pray all the time, I pray for the people in my life. I pray to get through my day when it is a hard one, I pray for my blog to get to where it needs to be. The reason why I pray for these things is that I have faith that if I work hard enough then things will work out.

God hears our prayers and answers them
God hears our prayers and answers them

Prayer is Great

Prayer opens your eyes to the things in your life, which need faith. And lots of it. That is what prayer is. Prayer is believing that whatever happens whenever it happens is happening for a reason and if you believe enough and pray and think about things enough then the good will come out of it. Never forget that. Prayer can be limitless if you believe that prayer works which I do and I pray all the time which is why I feel as though it can be limitless.

A prayer can bring about limitless reflection and strength to your life, if you are having trouble with something just pray and things will start looking up. Give it a try. You might be surprised what prayer does for you if you just let it work. Prayer is a time of limitless reflection on what you have done good or bad throughout the week or whenever you are praying and it can also be a time to think of how you can fix whatever it is that needs fixing in your life.

Prayer is a time to limitlessly give your problems and stresses away to God and let him take care of it by showing you ways to deal with it limitlessly without letting be bothered by figuring out how to fix it by yourself. At least that is what I think he does, and I am sure that most people would think the same thing if you asked them. Prayer lifts the weight of the whatever is bothering you off your shoulders and lets you relax.

Prayer lets you take a deep breath and let it go so that you don't feel so overwhelmed. I pray a lot when I am overwhelmed because it gives me a chance to reflect on why I am overwhelmed and figure out a way to stop it. The more you ask God for help the more help you are going to get, that is my motto. Even if you don't really know what type of help you are going to get he is always going to be there to help you if you ask, and how do you do that?

You ask God for help by praying to him and giving all your problems to him. If you can handle something he will make sure that you do it to the best of your ability and if you can't handle something he will show you a new way to approach it, but you have to ask him for help or he won't help you. But always remember that he is always watching waiting to help those who ask by praying to him.

Prayer is limitlessly helpful
Prayer is limitlessly helpful

Prayer is Limitlessly Helpful

Prayer can be limitlessly helpful to you and the people around you. You just have to know what to pray for and how to ask the right questions to God in order for him to help you in the way that he needs to. Have you ever prayed so hard and gotten what you wanted but not in the way that you wanted? Well, that is because God is testing you and making you try a limitless amount of things in order to figure out the best way to help yourself. He does do that sometimes.

What do you think prayer does? Let's Discuss

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