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Prayer on Coronavirus

Updated on April 15, 2020

God's grace is not limited to a particular being or sects, his grace is available to all in as much as we can believe wholly in Him, Jesus.


We at first thank

Thee thou Holy and

Everlasting Father for the

Gift of life given us

We bless Thee for

Creating us in Thine

Image for so we

Are according to thy word

Were we to be

Among the dead we

Definitely can’t offer these

Words of prayer unto Thee

For in the land

Of the dead no

One can give praises

Neither thanksgiving unto Thee

Thou hast spare our

Lives till date for

A reason chiefly among

Which is praising Thine name.

The name above all

Names that Thou hast

Given unto us through

Which we could access thine throne

It is through this

Name that you said

All petitions should be

Brought unto thee, our heavenly Father.

We thank Thee for

Given unto mankind Thine

Name, a key that

Others do not have

That opens thine treasuries,

Of life and godliness

Yea of everything that

Thou possess in heaven

On earth and beneath

The earth, oceans and

Rivers inclusive. Through this

Name you said whatsoever

We ask Thou shall do

So that father would

Be glorified in his

One and only Son: Jesus.

We acknowledge Thee as

One and only God,

The true living God

For other gods are nothing

Because they have eyes

They can’t see, they

Have hands they can’t

Touch neither lift things up

They have legs, but

Can’t walk, noses have

They but can’t smell

Neither perceive anything

Their ears are figurative

Because they cannot hear

Anything neither do they

Use it for balancing

There is nothing in

Their heads, thus, they

Cannot think neither reason

Nor focused on anything

There is no sense

With them and like

A man after your

Heart, King David says,

Those who made them

And worship them are

Like them, they are

Even worse than beasts of the field

That can think, sense

Danger and flee but

They cannot do such

They know not when evil comes

Their representatives, Dagon fell

Before you and never

Rose again and that’s how

They have been till date

Thou the True God

Unto Thee our prayer

Ascends for thou hast

Been ever loving

Ever caring, ever faithful

Unto us. Though we

Often fall into errors

And mistakes for we are flesh


Yet you seemly find

It fit not to

Do to us according

To our sins and iniquities.

For you are not

Man, as you take

Far from thee our

Iniquities and clothe us

With thine righteousness, yea

That of thine Son

So that you will

Be beholding Thine Son in us

Whenever and wherever we

Talk to thee as

Children talk to his

Father on earth.

It is no understatement

That our fathers and

Mothers have sinned greatly

Unto Thee as we all have

For no one who

Is a product of

Man and woman mating

Is completely freed before Thee

We acknowledge our sins

And errors and that of

Our parents, and fore parents

And confess them unto Thee

As you have said

If we repent of

Our sins and confess

Faithful and just is Thee

To forgive us of

Our sins, iniquities and

Trespasses and hear our

Prayers and heal our lands.

We call unto Thee

Now to forgive us

Our iniquities and heal

Our lands, for our lands

All over the nations

Of the world are sick,

This does not exempt

Us, the inhabitants living there

We all are sick

And plead with thee

To send thine healing

Power to come and heal us all.

We sincerely plead with

Thee to remove the

Plague with which the

Devil has confronted humanity with

On the earth called

Coronavirus by thine power

And authority because we

Know that problems like this

Cannot betide humanity without

Thine knowledge, because thou

Saith, shall there be evil in a city,

And the LORD hath not done it? (Amos 3:6b)

You also said, I form the light,

And create darkness: I make peace,

And create evil: I the

LORD do all these things. (Isa 45:7)

We know you have

A hand in this

Because you are annoyed

We have grieved thee

By our ceaseless sins

Unto Thee, but we

Want you to remember

Thine word of promise that,

While the earth remaineth,

Seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,

And summer and winter,

And day and night shall not cease. (Gen 8:22)

You also said, after

Creating humans that, “…, Be fruitful,

And multiply, and replenish the earth,

And subdue it: and have dominion over (Gen 1:28)

You added that, it is easier

For heaven and earth

To pass, than one

Tittle of the law to fail. (Luk 16:17)

We want you to

Know that this pandemic

Has usurp those words

Of promise unto mankind

Hindering harvest time and

Seedtime, altering our activities

Preventing multiplication, fruitfulness and

It is inhibiting man from subduing the earth.

These essentially are your

Words unto humanity, and

It cannot but continued

To be established since this earth

Is yet in existence.

We have come to

You in faith as children

Who know and recognize thine power

We have taken thee

By thine word, that you have said,

Your spirit shall not always strive

With man, for that he also is flesh: (Gen 6:3)

You have also said that

Thou shalt also decree a thing,

And it shall be established unto thee:

And the light shall shine upon thy ways. (Job 22:28)

We therefore decree that

This pandemic be removed

By thine power. We decree

In the name of Jesus Christ

That thou cause light

To fall on the paths

Of the researchers into

The drugs and vaccines for this coronavirus in Jesus name

All obscurity that has

Pervaded the unraveling of

The solution to this

Disease thou will remove now

Cause everything to return

To normal, let there

Be ways for our researchers

Let there be breakthrough for them

Yea, breakthrough for us

In Jesus name. Let thine

Name be glorified in

The earth as you silence Covid-19.

Every spirit backing this

Coronavirus up, we apprehend,

And bind them, casting

Them into the eternal dungeon in Jesus name

The associated powers of

Those demons, we nullify

And destroy today because

You have said that

“…All power is given unto

Me (You) in heaven and in earth. (Mat 28:18)

And that, if ye (we) shall ask

Any thing in my name, I will do it. (Joh 14:14)

This is because You

Have seen “… Satan as

Lightning fall from heaven. (Luk 10:18b)

For this victory You emphasized that,

You have given us“… power

To tread on serpents and scorpions,

And over all the power of the enemy:

And nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luk 10:19)

This coronavirus, is an

Enemy to humanity, it

Is an enemy to the

Gospel of Jesus Christ

It is an enemy to

Your infallible words and

Promises as contained in

The Holy Bible.

Thus we decree that

It goes into extinction

In the name of Jesus

Because you have said

Hitherto have ye asked

Nothing in my name:

Ask, and ye shall receive,

That your joy may be full. (Joh 16:24)

This small thing before

Thee we ask that

Thou do for us, humanity

For the sake of thine name and the Gospel

Deliver all and sundry from

This, so that we shall

Continue to fulfill thine

Promises and covenants on the surface of the earth.

All this we ask

In the wholly, Holy

Name of the Savior,

The Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.



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