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Prayer Rugs & Room Sized & Fair Trade Rugs

Updated on January 3, 2014

Your Online Souk for Modest & Elegant Rugs & Carpets

One can pray on clean sand, as the Prophet of Islam did, peace be upon him, or on a clean piece of printer paper, for example.

At home and at the masjid (Arabic for mosque, or should we say "mosque" - French for masjid) Muslims often use their own prayer rug, or one that stays in the masjid, specifically for prayer use.

Some Muslims pray directly on their clean home carpets, and others use a piece of fabric, like a fresh towel or sheet, if they have groups in their homes, or if their children have toddled all over the carpet, leaving a trail of crumbs and other signs of babyhood.

Toddlers often learn that the prayer rug/cloth is for stockinged or bare feet only, and having a special rug that is rolled up and put away at the conclusion of salat (one of the five daily prayers) is a good reminder of how special that prayer time is for the family.

See this Beautiful Red Rug at

The main objective is to mark out a clean place of serenity that reminds the pray-er that she is engaging in a spiritual practice, set aside from everyday life. Although the use of prayer rugs is not required in Islam - Shia Muslims prefer to rest their foreheads on a stone - it is a traditional practice for Sunnis. praying

Muslims go to a lot of trouble to perform the ablutions (washing of certain body parts) prior to one of the five daily prayers in Islam. I remember when I began to pray, after my conversion. I couldn't remember the Arabic word sounds (to me they were just combinations of sounds). I meant to convey the real meaning of the translated prayers - and through repetition I learned to identify the Arabic Script with the sounds of the words.

One washes prior to laying out the rug (or stone, if one is Shia) in a ritual way, following a certain pattern. Remembering whether to wash the mouth or the head or the ears, after washing the hands, was confusing to me. I'd be lost in concentration on the whole process, delighted to have made my declaration of faith (shahadah), and finally wrote the order down on a small slip of paper.

The prayer rug became important to me, reserved solely for use during prayer. Muslims keep their Prayer Rugs in certain places, that are clean and free from clutter. So, rather than toss a rolled up rug into the bottom of the closet, with soccer balls and running shoes, it would most likely be placed on an upper shelf.

It is not necessary to use decorated rugs for prayer, but many individuals find it to be inducive to a state compatible with serenity, when observing traditional muslim designs on their rugs. Many rugs use symbols of Islamic architecture, maybe of the mosque at Mecca, or one of the other ancient and popular mosques.

Most prayer rugs have a decoration at one end of the rectangle that corresponds with the mithrab, or direction towards which a Muslim prays - towards Mecca. This means that when one stands at the "foot" of the rug, symmetrical designs align along the sides, and one larger or more prominently placed design lies at the "head" end of the Prayer Rug, the end at which the worshipper will place the head during prostration.

Prayer Rug decorations can be reminders of the Oneness of God/Allah, of the Light of Allah, of the pilgrimmage/Hajj, as reminders of aspects of the faith. Occasionally a Muslim will find a rug designed especially for Converts - even bearing stitched hands, showing the positions for the hands during prayer. It is comforting to know exactly how to perform the prayer correctly and these rugs can be favorites of newcomers to the masjid.

I was introduced to the Prayer by the modeling of a friend, and then used a small booklet that contained tiny drawings of the various prayer positions. Using a small rug on which to pray helped to separate the prayer period from the rest of my day's activities.

When I unrolled the rug it was as if I had opened a door and passed through the doorway into a quiet realm, where concentrated prayer was made easier.

Shopping for a prayer rug is easy with this list. From Silk Chinese to Wall Rugs to recyclable woven weatherproof rugs. You can find it all here!

Photograph by Rhett Butler

Photograph by Rhett Butler
Photograph by Rhett Butler

Authentic Handmade Antolian Large Size

6.2 x 9 Rectangular Handmade Knotted Anatolian New Area Rug From Turkey - FREE SHIPPING
6.2 x 9 Rectangular Handmade Knotted Anatolian New Area Rug From Turkey - FREE SHIPPING

This rug is large enough for the family or for a small group to pray together.


You Can Buy Shimmering Prayer Rugs Like This One from Soundvision Too

Soundvision Rugs
Soundvision Rugs

Rugs are beautiful and colorful. Take them with you wherever you go. Lightweight and packable. They make ideal gifts for the new muslim. Converts always need rugs.

Colors and designs vary, but resemble the type shown - bright with traditional Islamic geometric design.

Jewel Toned Personal Size

Muslim Prayer Rug
Muslim Prayer Rug

This rug is meant to be used as a wall hanging, where it will add a gracious green sheen to the wall.

Muslim Prayer Rug Full Size Great Gift Islamic Carpet -- 4 Colors
Muslim Prayer Rug Full Size Great Gift Islamic Carpet -- 4 Colors

Warm, deep dark berry color wrapped in greenish border would make a lovely family rug.

Prayer Rug (Free Rosary and Cap)
Prayer Rug (Free Rosary and Cap)

I would love this rug to give as a gift to a new muslim who has just taken their shahada.

Prayer Rug - Colors and Designs Will Vary Based on Availability
Prayer Rug - Colors and Designs Will Vary Based on Availability

For this price I think this is a fine selection. Just know that the photograph is not necessarily what you will get.


Prayer Rugs for the Home or on the Go

Prayer Rug - Depending on Availability, Designs & Colors Will Change
Prayer Rug - Depending on Availability, Designs & Colors Will Change

Beautiful and a Bargain to boot! Green Design or Red Design (different one from the other)

Prayer Rug
Prayer Rug

Large rug for one person, or turn it sideways and mom and tot can pray side by side.

Prayer Rug (Free Rosary and Cap)
Prayer Rug (Free Rosary and Cap)

Some folks like a super soft rug and this one fills the bill. I like the luscious green color. Exquisite floral design

Prayer Rug
Prayer Rug

I like this one because of the attractive contrast.

Prayer Rug
Prayer Rug

This one reminds me of being in a large mosque, with a sense of awe.


Fair Trade Prayer Rugs & Carpets

Hand Selected Prayer Rugs by Flying Carpets ensure their new carpets are made following the precepts of the fair trade policy.

Buy This Beautiful Red Rug from"

Foundation Certifies Factories that Don't Use Children campaigns to end child labor, such as in the rug-making industry worldwide. Tiny fingers have been forced to work as child slaves for generations in some of the worst living conditions imaginable, but now GoodWeave strives to bring the subject to the forefront, and campaigns to get rugmakers to cease this degrading, painful, and harmful practice.

GoodWeave Certifies Child-Labor-Free Rugs, provides education and life opportunities to children rescued from these jobs. Tweet

Kids Make Salat on These Simple Designs

Colorful Children's Rugs for Salat
Colorful Children's Rugs for Salat

Handmade Kids' Prayer Rugs, 49" x 23". Soft, dense woven fabrics, with bright, enticing colors. From the beginning children associate salat with pleasure.

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    • lesliesinclair profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @Heidi Vincent: A friend had the best home prayer spot I've ever seen, facing one of the Creator's magnificent views of sea and land.

    • Heidi Vincent profile image

      Heidi Vincent 

      4 years ago from GRENADA

      Making prayer time special is always a good idea.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      These are really beautiful rugs. Each is a work of art.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      Beautiful collection of rugs.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      These are wonderful and thank you for promoting this on Squidoo! Blessed!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Just love rugs. They just make my house glow.

    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      I have a beautiful prayer rug in my bedroom that was a gift from my father.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very beautiful rugs - thanks for sharing!


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