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Biblical discussions

Updated on August 25, 2016

The Yemen bombing of the mosque

One of the Yemen photo that the suicide bomber caused. It is really shocking that religious people can cause so much destruction, when religions should really stand to bring peace and good will to the entire world.
One of the Yemen photo that the suicide bomber caused. It is really shocking that religious people can cause so much destruction, when religions should really stand to bring peace and good will to the entire world. | Source

The Bible and today violent happenings

Welcome to our religious article 13, friendly biblical discussions

May God help and guide us to write the right religious things in this article

The Bible and today violent happenings

Dear readers, while I have been editing this article, I have come to the conclusion that one really needs to ask oneself whether today violent happenings, have a link to what is written in the Bible, because what is happening is really of biblical proportion and it’s worrying the entire world, so let us just mention what is happening, and then, try to compare it with what is written in the Bible.

I have to say here that every time I read, or come back to review and edit one of my hubs, there is always something else that could be added, because of those events that happen in the world these days. While I am editing this hub is March 2015, again there are terrible and violent news all around us; the last of which is in Yemen where more than 120 people have been killed from these suicide bombers in a mosque, also more than 20 soldiers have been killed from another group of these terrorist fanatics.

There are reasons to believe that the terrorists are religious fanatic, who have been brain washed, and so, they believe that according to their religious beliefs, when they die they are going straight to paradise to enjoy eternal life. Therefore, this is happening because according to their twisted religious beliefs, they are doing the right thing according to the laws of Allah their God. Here I want to make this observation, let the rest of the world hope that not all Muslims believe what these terrorist believe, because if they do, then the world could be in real trouble. So, the rest of the world has to find a way how to stop these violent happenings.

We have to say also that, the attitude of these Muslim religious people, it is so far apart from the attitude of us Christian, whom believe that killing anyone is the most horrible sin that one could commit, in fact even killing oneself willingly is a sin against God and Mother Nature. We have added this new comment above, because this could be a direct link to Armageddon as written in the Bible, which we are going to discuss in this article, as the end of time friendly discussion.

Of course there are a lot more killings going on in the world these days; in Tunisia they have killed more than twenty tourists, while they were visiting this museum, in Libya they have many small wars going on all the time, the terrorists threaten many countries or places in many ways; in the Middle East is just the same if not worse and many other things. It seems as if some groups of the Muslim religious are extremists, and they have declared war to each and every one of us; so if we ask ourselves is this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it? I suppose we have a good reason to ask this question, as it resamples some events that are written at the end of the Bible in Revelation; well what we have just said about the end of the world, may indeed be like what is happening now, but we hope it is not and it only seems similar.

Having said that, now, let us see what the end of the Bible says, and talk about this end of time discussions.

About our religious book the Bible

Our religious book the bible is the most read book in the world, it covers all Christian religions and also the Muslim religions, as most of the Koran talks about the same God of the Bible and Abraham.
Our religious book the bible is the most read book in the world, it covers all Christian religions and also the Muslim religions, as most of the Koran talks about the same God of the Bible and Abraham. | Source

The end of time friendly discussions

As most of us know, the last book of the New Testament is called, Revelation and it talks about how the present system will end. So, let us review this chapter in the Bible and talk about the end of time discussions. You see, since we were little children, we have been exposed to these religious beliefs; most of our beliefs seem to work well and help us live our lives peacefully. But then there are some of these religious beliefs that would strike fear in our hearts and one of these is the end of time, as written in the book of Revelation. As things are going in the world these days, even this dreadful event could become possible because of what is happening, as we have mentioned already these violent events at the beginning of this article.

Because of this chapter in the Bible of Revelation, as soon as something violent happens in the world that seems out of the ordinary, we will soon ask ourselves whether it is just a normal violent happening, or something else that could threaten our lives, and then we ask also ourselves whether this could be the beginning to the end of the world, because that is the way that we have been told since we were young, you see this violent event is written in Revelation near the end if the Bible, which is supposed to be the book that God inspired, and some people firmly believe that the Bible is really the word of God.

Whether the Bible has really been inspired by God is difficult to say, but a lot of people believe it is, now, as we know in religions people beliefs is what counts most, so, in a way we have to accept what people believe what is written in the Bible Revelation, therefore let us see what is written in the Bible Revelation. The book of revelation; written by John (this is not John who wrote the gospel, since for some reason the expert say that Revelation was written much later). Anyhow this john is believed to have had a vision, where the end of the present system is foretold, so people are waiting for the world to end according to John’s vision. But, is this foretold event of the Bible Revelation really going to happen? Or does the book of Revelation mean something else and we have missed the real meaning of the Bible Revelations? This is what we are trying to discuss in this hub, in the hope that we come up with some positive answers and help the public understand better what it might mean?

Therefore, we will be discussing about The Bible Revelation and therefore the end of times as written in the Bible. Or as the Greek call it apocalypse, which is a name that easily puts fear into everyone heart, for these reasons most people do not like to talk about the Bible Revelation, because the violent events in there are a bit scary to say the least. But then, it is very hard to make sense of the whole Book of Revelation and why it has been written that way in the first place. In fact, it sounds too scary and for that reason it might not be true, because the whole book of Revelation might have been written to scare people into submission; today we don’t see any other reason, why the book of Revelation has been written, the way it has been written.

Anyhow, anyone reading this chapter of the book of Revelation in the Bible should ask themselves, is there any reason why God wants these terrible things to happen to us, just the way it has been written in revelation? After all God is supposed to be the Father of all living being, therefore we cannot believe that God is going to be so cruel and destroy us, in this terrible way.

Because I believe and I have to say that for me, this cannot be true, because God is supposed to be a benevolent loving Father. I hope you agree with my statement about God being good? So, why these Revelation were written in a way to scare us so much, one may never know.

Anyhow, as we have said in this article, we are going to talk about the Bible Revelation, so, if you happen to believe in the Bible Revelation you should read this article, and then take part in those religious discussions that might follow.

Anyhow, now let us go back to talk about what we were writing in our last article. Dear readers as you all know from our previous articles, we were meeting with some religious friends to discuss religious matters as we have explained in the article Spiritual circumstances, 9, therefore, we are meeting again to talk about our religious views or reviews and in this case about the book of Revelation, in the hope of finding a way that would help to understand it better, or perhaps ask ourselves whether Revelation could be true or false. Anyhow let us discuss this article at length with our friends in a friendly discussion here under.


Our religious discussions

Here are some of our friendly religious discussions

So, hereunder are some religious discussions that we have had with some of our close religious friends. This meeting happened sometime after the first meeting. At this new meeting, Mark and Gino came together with another friend called John, but as soon as they saw me they grew a bit serious and they didn’t seem to be their usual self, as they are usually happy when we meet together and chat about various things, so, I guessed that I had given them a task, which at the present time it seems to upset them a fair bit.

So I asked them; what’s the matter with you my friend? Why isn’t your usual self, and happy? You seem very grave to me is there anything that is upsetting you, I would like to know?

No, personally nothing is upsetting us accept the news that we are bringing you, (they said) which are not going to be exactly those religious views that you would have liked to hear from us. Anyhow, let me tell you, we have been talking to a few people about what you would like to do, and also, your intention of reading and reviewing the Bible. Of course we did not tell them about your supernatural encounter, as we agreed with you that we should not talk about it with any outsiders; so, we talked only about what you have intention to do, like reviewing the meanings of the Bible and what it means or something of that sort. Now, the outcome of these talks has left us concerned, as there is no way to know what people really think about religions nowadays, they are too shifty and contradict themselves many time, while you are talking to them. Therefore, now we are even more concerned than when we started asking those religious questions; for this reason, we are here to show you what we have learned and what these things might mean.

Here, Mark, Gino and their Friend John seemed a bit more upset about what they were still going to say to me next, so, I tried to put them at ease.

Well, (I said) I thought that this outcome was likely to happen, because people usually don’t like to think about difficult matters, and religion is perhaps one of the most difficult of them all. If religious matters were easy, they would have been solved by now. For these reasons, people keep believing what they have been told to believe, and what they have been taught to do during their lives, as this is for them the easy way out, but really I believe that for sure there is another unexplored religious way and I would like to find it out, with or without your help.

So, tell me a bit more about this religious exploration of yours: Did most people give you negative comments about what I would like to do? Or, did they also have some positive comments? If they did both what percentage were they?

Well, it is hard to say, but a rough estimate is that they seem to be about half of them, so 50% could be the right figure just to put a figure on that amount. But this is not all, because some of those people, that didn’t like your religious ideas about reviewing the bible come on very strong, so we thought that it would be good for you to hear this first hand from our fried John, as John is one of them and really what he has been saying make sense to us too.

Now, if you agree we may hear what John has to say?

Okay I said, let John speak then, about these religious matters, if this is what is on his mind.

And this is what John said.


John's speech

Dear friends, you know already why I am here, but let me explain anyhow.

As some of you already know, I have been following up a few religions for a while, just to find out whether to be religious and follow this or that religion is the right thing to do for me; but, this could apply to myself and to any of us here as well. Which is, what is the best way to go about believing and following a religion? Which one of these existing religions could be the right religion for us all? You see I have asked myself many times these questions; so, I have some good ideas about religions today.

So, let me tell you my present beliefs. As you all know in this part of the world most religions are Christian in origin and they have sprung from the Bible in one way or another, so, I believe that following what is written in the Bible is the right way to go, as most people seem to be happy to do that.

Therefore, after having studied a few religions I came to the conclusion that they are more or less all the same; so, I dare say that perhaps the best thing for anybody is to stay with the religion your parents have taught you, but really it is up to you what you want to do.

Now, let me come to today’s’ religious task. Mark and Gino here have come to me, they talked to me and told me about you Frank, and what you have intention to do. During our talks as a religious believer I became concerned. So, because I became concerned for this reason, I am here today to tell you about my concerns, so, I am here to talk about these concerns of mine, in order to help you to make the right decision once you have heard what I have to say.

Recently I was with a religious group, where we had a discussion about Revelation, a few members were not happy about these great tribulations in Revelation, and also, other things expressed in the Bible Revelation, so, they were looking for other explanations, or perhaps another way out that would be less demanding on humanity.

To cut a long story short, one of the members who was there pointed out to us, that we could do nothing at all about it, as the Bible itself warns us that it should not be changed. So, this bloke took the Bible and read the very end of Revelation which says the following. Here, I am going to quote from the Bible the same way as he did.


Our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven

Imaginary photo of Jesus Christ in heaven sitting on his throne waiting for future things to come, when he is supposed to come riding a while horse at the head of his armies of angels.
Imaginary photo of Jesus Christ in heaven sitting on his throne waiting for future things to come, when he is supposed to come riding a while horse at the head of his armies of angels.

Reading the end of the Bible

Here John took his Bible and read.



22-16- I Jesus, have sent my angel to make these revelations to you for the sake of the churches. I am of David’s line, the root of David and the bright star of the morning.

17- The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’. Let everyone who listens answer, ‘Come’. Then let all who are thirsty come: all who want it may have the water of life, and have it free.

18- This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book;

19- if anyone cuts anything out of the prophecies in this book, God will cut off his share of the tree of life and of the holy city, which are described in the book.

20- The one who guaranties these revelations repeats his promise: I shall indeed be with you soon. Amen; come, Lord Jesus.

21- May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all. Amen.

(End of quote from Bible)

This is how, The Jerusalem Bible, ends.


Now, let us talk about this meeting that we had with Mark, Gino and John:

When John closed the Bible and said:

Now you can see for yourself, why I was concerned and wanted to let you know what my views and beliefs are on these religious matters; so that, you would be aware how I see these religious issues.

Therefore, know that I have said what I wanted to say to you, I feel better already, because the decision will be yours, if you want to go ahead and do what you want to do by reviewing what is written in the Bible, or hear and heed the warning in the last chapter of the Bible, and therefore, stop just like everybody else has stopped for about 2000 years, as they have been scared from that warning. What do you say now?

I know, ‘I said to John’, your warning from the Bible sounds threatening indeed, so, I will take it into consideration and thanks for the advice you have given me. I will think about it.


Discussing Revelation and John's reading

Anyhow, now that John has given us his personal advice about Revelation, let us discuss what would be wise to do about it, since it looks like that before we do anything we will have to learn a lot more about this Bible warning that John has read to us, and therefore, I am not going to rush into doing anything, unless we discuss it first properly. So, I would like to discuss this matter a bit more with my friends here Mark and Gino just to see what they think about it.

Then, I turned to Gino and Mark and asked them: What do you think about John’s Bible warning? I would like to hear your opinion on this warning that he has read to us, therefore, if you have anything to say you can start saying it right away now.

Mark’s reply:

Well, what John has brought up sounds very serious to me, and I dare say that perhaps you Frank have to moderate most of your religious ideology, so that it does not change anything that is said in the Bible, in other words whatever you are going to say about this issue, it should not contest the Bible scriptures. Here I want also to say to you. Look Frank! Lots of generations have gone past and they have all accepted the Bible and also Revelation just the way they are. So, I don’t know why you see it in a different way?

Therefore, I would like to suggest that we study first the Bible a bit longer, in the hope that we understand this issue better, before you do anything about this matter. What do you say to my request? Would you agree to study the Bible with us for a while yet before you make any decision?

We all said yes to Mark’s request saying, we agree with you that we need to study the Bible a lot more, before we make our decision and start saying anything about the Bible openly.

Then I added, but I would like to know also what Gino personally thinks about John’s warning and everything else? So, Gino tell us what you think about this Bible discussion and warning that John has talked about? I would like to know that because, I am sure that you have your own way of seeing these religious things.

Gino’s reply:

I am glad you asked. I have to say that I agree with Mark, when he says that we should really study this religious situation before we do anything; I want also to say that I was partly surprised about the way of John’s interpretation of the Bible. Because I believe that there may be another meaning to this sinister Bible warning, for me it does not add up properly, so, let me explain.

For me, I have always seen Our Lord Jesus Christ as a very friendly person; so, I was a bit surprised to hear all that change in Revelation. What makes me think this disagreement is the way which Jesus’ angel tells the writer what to write; and it is also the way the angel is saying it. You see, I have always believed that Jesus was a very amicable person: but here his message through the angel sounds very harsh and he issues threatening warnings, here Jesus seems completely changed, Jesus sounds more like God Yahweh than Jesus. So, I believe that there are several meanings in those writings, and I would say that we should investigate and proceed with caution.

Me to Gino- Gino! What do you mean by proceed with caution?

Gino to me- What else can you do? You can’t rush things in a situation like this. You may have to read the Bible once or twice more from the beginning until the very end; or at least all the new Testament to find the meaning of what has been said, and then and only then, you may be in a position to decide what to talk about.

Mark said- Frank, I believe Gino is right and we should not rush things, take your time man! There is plenty of time to do what you want to do.

Then, if it is God’s will that you have to write these religious writings, God will make sure that you will find enough time and also the right way how to do it?

Now, since we have already spent a great deal of time on this religious task, I suggest that we adjourn the meeting for another time. So, let us enjoy ourselves the usual way before we have to depart our own way, in order to do what we usually do. This is how my friends concluded their answer to my request.

My say about the Bible and Revelation

Look Gino and Mark, I know that we have our own personal things to attend to, so, we have to go our own ways; but, let me say first a few more things about what I believe the Bible is like, before we go our own ways and do what we have to do.

I believe that the Bible is two books in one, or perhaps several books all expressed in one single book, so, the Bible may have several meanings as well, and not just one religious meaning as it is being used today. Therefore, one has to be careful to attach just one single meaning to the entire Bible. Because, even though we know that the Bible has been used as a religious book for a very long time; we should also know that the Bible is a law book and an history book for the Israelite. You see, it is stated clearly in the Bible that it is a law book, they say that it is all God’s laws, as it is shown in the Ten Commandments for a start.

So, let us just assume that there is (was) this real God, who talked to Moses and that this God has laid down the laws as written in the Bible. But then one would like to ask; did this God really talk to Moses every single time Moses had to write these laws? Or perhaps sometimes Moses wrote his own laws, which were designed my himself according to the need of the times when he lived. So that, he could control his people as best as he could?

Of course what I have said (written above) is just an example, but with this Moses’ example I want to point out that this could be the case for just any other laws and religious writing in the Bible; so, one has to assume that not everything written in the Bible is God words or inspired by God, because it is subject to manipulation from the writer himself and from future writers as well.

Having said that I can now assume that, the book of Revelation in the Bible that we have been talking about with John. I believe that it could be, that it was written like that, just because it needed to be written like that at that particular tough time in history. You see, in those times, people were more violent than today, and also, most of the known world of those times was under the Roman rules, these Roman rules were very harsh; so, very likely the Bible Revelation was intended as being the end of the Roman rules and not the end of the world.

Therefore, this is one of the reasons why, I do not believe in Revelation and tribulation as written in the Bible, or I should say as most of the people want to understand it today, because practical reasoning in my mind says that it is not going to happen that way at all, because it is an almost impossible to happen just the way that it has been written in Revelation, anyhow it may have already come to pass, as to Roman empire has ended a long time ago.

Therefore, I feel that, if Revelation is going to happen as it is written in the Bible. And therefore, I am wrong in assuming that it is not going to happen and could not happen. Then, because I still want to write these religious writing and review the Bible, I may have reasons to believe that I am being used from God, or God’s life force energies of the universe, (if you start thinking that God might just be a life force.) Because, I would feel then, that I am being used as the forerunner of Revelation, and I am announcing that the first seal in Revelation is about to be (broken) opened, and therefore, Revelation is truly going to happen soon just the way it is written in the Bible. But let us hope that it does not and could not happen anyhow, and so, I am writing this to guide people away from this mistaken religious view.

Here I turned to my friend and said. Well, this is all what I wanted to say today, before we all go back to our own business, thanks for listening.


The end of time personal views

After this meeting that I had with my friends, where we talked about the issues that we have written above, every one of us went our own way. So, I was left all by myself and I was still thinking what we had discussed at that meeting. While I was thinking about that, I became aware that not all the people that read religious pages may know what is meant by Revelation in the Bible. So, I thought that it would be helpful to explain very briefly to the public, what the Bible book of Revelation talks about.

The book of Revelation is the last book of The New Testament in the Bible, and it predict how the world will end, since according to the writer John, God wants the world to end on his terms (this John is not John who wrote one of the gospels). Now, whether Revelation is only a scary description to make people stronger in their religious beliefs, so that, they would follow their religion more closely, or it is something that is going really to happen nobody knows even today, so, the whole thing is open for discussions and everybody can believe whatever they want, so, let us discuss it a bit more here, this end of time warning of the bible.

As I have said and I am saying in this article, if what is written in revelation about the end of time is really going to happen, then because I am writing these religious writings, I am being used from God as the forerunner of Revelation, where I am announcing that the first seal is about to be opened. But at the same time I do not see that it is possible for me to be said forerunner for Revelation.

However, we believe that some religious changes are going to happen in the future, and whether they happen as it is written in the Bible, or something similar, it does not really matter much, as long as these changes happen. Anyhow, these changes will bring a new system somehow, so that, then the threat and warning of Revelation will cease to exist. Because then, Revelation could be said that it has taken place, since a new religious system would have been installed.

So, I am not particularly concerned about those threats in Revelation, because in one way or the other we will fulfil God’s will.

For the time being we may accept this explanation above, of course we are going to talk again and again about this subject later on in these religious writings.

To anyone that wants to see more of these religious writings can go to this web address:


Revelation and the beast

The seven headed beast of Revelation, is described in the last chapter of the Bible
The seven headed beast of Revelation, is described in the last chapter of the Bible
Revelation artistic imaginary scene
Revelation artistic imaginary scene

More discussions about the end of time

More outside discussions about Revelation and the end of time

My dear readers, here and now I would like to say, how I see these religious issues my own way; or perhaps I should say, how I see these religious discussions about the Bible Revelation today. You see, since that last religious meeting with my friends that I have written above, I have also had several discussions with other outside people about Revelation at the end of the Bible, and from these discussions I have come to the conclusion, that Revelation has different meanings to different people. I have found that there are people that believe, that Revelation is indeed how the world would end soon or later; but there are also some people that say that Revelation at the end of the Bible is not going to happen at all, because it was/is only a descriptive way that John the writer of Revelation used, so that they could control the religious people of those days by giving them courage, since God would help them, by bringing a new system one way or another.

There is also another reason as some learned people suggest that Revelation is not what religious people want us to believe even today, which is that the world will end soon, because there will soon be a war so great that the whole world will be destroyed. Here we definitely can add that if a great war is going to happen, then, the world could indeed end, because of the atomic bomb that some deranged leaders may use. It could also happen because of the Muslim threat that really seems to split the world in two, and therefore it could be very much like Armageddon written in the Bible. I do not like to add anything else here, because we believe that humanity should be able to find a way out from these dangerous situations. I believe that some of us have reached the age of reason and should be able to find a solution. My own personal solution could be said to be what we would like to achieve with these religious writings. It might not be much of a solution, but if these writings happen to get some important people thinking about religious solutions, they might be able to do something about it. Anyhow, let us describe what we would like to do ourselves with these writings.


We are trying to set the stage for the entire world to see

So, when you read these pages you might have to agree

That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity,

In the hope that we would be living in God's peace for eternity

Therefore, I am praying God to guide and help me, amen.


Now just a few more words about Revelation. As you know, there are some people who believe that revelation has already happened, what these believers are saying is that, what the writer John was saying was that Armageddon was really the end of the Roman empire ruling over the world, because when John wrote Revelation the Romans were the main enemies of the follower of Jesus, so they may well be right to assume that a new system has already happened.

Looking back at what has been said in these discussions above. It seems to me that there may still be this need to discuss the Bible interpretations of Revelation, because some people seem to disagrees with the present interpretation, which the religious leaders of today want us to believe, in order to scare us again so that we would follow them and do whatever they say.

I believe that we have said enough in this article. So, see you in our next article, where we will be talking about more religious discussions and also about prayers.

May God help us to understand these religious things?

May God bless us all?



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