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Believing in God and religions

Updated on April 8, 2020

Saint Peter Square Rome during a religious service

The canonization of Mary MacKillop religious service and other major religious services always bring thousands of people to St Peter Square in Rome. Can anyone of us just imagine what this crowd of religious believers feel and at this services.
The canonization of Mary MacKillop religious service and other major religious services always bring thousands of people to St Peter Square in Rome. Can anyone of us just imagine what this crowd of religious believers feel and at this services. | Source

Believing in God and religions

Welcome to our article (54), Believing in God and religions

May God guide and help me to write the right things?

Dear readers, we need to believe in God and religions for many reasons, we humans have always had this need to believe in deities, therefore, this is the reason we are writing these articles. Now, this article is also a prelude to the theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, we are writing it, we are writing it to get people ready to accept our religious theory, but above all we want to say that religions are important to mankind and they need to continue, even if we need to modify them to make sense to the future generation.

In our religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, it is necessary that we believe in God and religions, as close as possible the way they are today, but we have realized that this is not possible in the future, therefore, we are going to describe God the way we believe God can be described in the future, you see, changing God description does not make much difference to the believers, since God is seen in different ways from different people.

Now let me explain what are the main issues that have made us come to this conclusion; what we are trying to say here, is that we need to believe in God and religions, because we have always believed in God or something supernatural, it is in our human nature. So, let us see why and what we do in religious matters, because they affect every one of us; you see religions are important because it helps people come together and stay together, there is no need to say and repeat it, that every time there are important religious happenings people become interested in them and they come together to see the events.

Since today while I am writing this article the first time, there is one of these events happening in Rome, we want to report this event now, therefore, this event is going to be written here-under in a special report, so that we can show you that people are interested in religious happenings, it is only natural, and that is one of the reasons why religions are here to stay, even if one day we can prove that God does not exist, but may exist in a different spiritual way; therefore, even when that happens, then people will find another way of believing in something that brings them together.

We are doing this, because we have reasons to believe that humanity needs religions, as they are today, therefore, this is the reason why we are writing this theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, which will show the public a new way of seeing God and religions, but at the same time religions will stay as they are today.


Reconciliation of the Universe

The angels poem. Angels from the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.
The angels poem. Angels from the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.

Some difference in religions

Now, we have had many religious discussions with our religious friends, and we have seen in these previous discussions that there are many religions, and there are many different gods and in some religions gods are not even mentioned, so, we may assume that for people to believe there is no need to have a god, as we the Christian have, but the majority of the religious world believe that there is a soul in us; because they believe that their forbears are somewhere in the world of the dead, and when they themselves die, they are going to meet again over there.

Now that we have assumed that people souls exist, because the entire world believes that something spiritual exists, and therefore a spirit or soul exists; but there are doubts whether God exists, the way that we have been taught in our own religion. So, let us assume that there is no God, to see how we will react to this assumption, then the first thing that comes to our mind is; what happens to me when I die, what happens to our souls, would they be flouting around in the universe, and if all the souls of the dead people were to come together would this become a God life force or what? At this point of time we may assume that the dead people souls float about in another dimension. Now that we have assumed that souls exist in another dimension, souls are not less important whether we have a god like our God Yahweh or not, because it is the spiritual force of our souls that has become important for us.

But now, let us look at some of the great souls:

There should be no doubts in our minds, as there are reasons to believe that the greatest soul that ever was on earth is our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that the spiritual life force of our Lord Jesus Christ is very great, for a start all Christian souls are linked to our Lord Jesus Christ, and this make him even greater, but I have also something more personal to tell you.

You see, now that I have mentioned our Lord Jesus Christ it comes to my mind my dream about Jesus Christ, which was like this, I was dreaming that I was flouting in the air and this immense life-force-energy that covered half the subcontinent of India, introduced itself to me while I was dreaming and floating in the sky, and he said, do you know who I am? (In a very friendly way) And then in answer to his own question he said, I am the morning star. When I have dreamed this dream, I did not know what the morning star meant in a spiritual way, but I have worked it out later that it meant Our Lord Jesus Christ. You can read my dreams at this link, Cosmic Spiritual Dreams including this dream.

For all religious people perhaps the second most important soul is Buddha as I understand it, because Buddha was the enlightened one. Of course, there are many others souls like the prophets and the saints that we could fill many pages with names, but I will stop here, because I would like to introduce the most recent one, that the Roman Catholic Church has made her a Saint, Saint Mary of the Cross Mackillop. I want to do this because it shows how people are interested in religious events.

Therefore, when we look at this present religious event, we have to admit that religions are very important to people even today, because people follow religions more than anything else, even the best shows on earth cannot compete with religions, because religions are an inborn need that we have. You see, at this religious event, very likely most of the Roman Catholic people have witnessed it, and lots of them went to Rome to attend this religious event personally on site.

These things have always happened, and today while I am editing this article I could not help thinking about the Madonna that we have at the town that I come from; I have written an article about it, The Madonna story, I have pasted the link, so that you can check it out.


Saint Mary of the Cross

Australian saint Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, was Canonised the 17 October 2010.   Mary MacKillop was born 15, January 1842 died 8 August 1909
Australian saint Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, was Canonised the 17 October 2010. Mary MacKillop was born 15, January 1842 died 8 August 1909

Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop

This is a modern religious story that is happening today, 17 October 2010 we are following this story, because we are interested in religions and religious events, so, here are links with similar religious interest that we follow or write:

Anyhow let us follow this modern story;
Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop

Celebrating Canonisation in Rome
Just for the record, this is a post for a special person that has now become a Saint.
In order to cover this special event, I am posting this special post, even though it disrupts my usual posting, of Prayers of Reconciliation. Anyhow, if you believe in God and even if you are an atheist, religions are here to stay for a long time, just look at the grandeur of this religious service in Rome for Sainthood and you will understand why.
Hereunder are some links I hope they work to see what I mean.

Mary's Story: Beginnings

Mary MacKillop Prayer | Saint Mary MacKillop

Mary MacKillop
A new documentary about the life of Mary MacKillop claims she was excommunicated from the Catholic Church partly as revenge for helping to expose a South Australian paedophile priest.
The documentary for the ABC's Compass program claims sisters in MacKillop's Josephite order of nuns attracted the ire of a South Australian priest for telling authorities that a Father Keating, of Kapunda, was molesting children at the local church school.
The sisters reported the abuse to the vicar-general and disciplinary action was taken against Keating, humiliating him and angering a Father Charles Horan, who was close to the bishop of Adelaide, Bishop Shiel, Fairfax newspapers say.
Horan is believed to have harboured a grudge against MacKillop and the whistleblowers in her order, and used his influence over the bishop to manipulate him into throwing the nun out of the church in 1871. Bishop Shiel reversed the excommunication on his deathbed.
Father Paul Gardiner, a Jesuit priest and the chief postulator for MacKillop's sainthood, told the documentary makers that Bishop Shiel was "gaga" when he excommunicated the woman soon to become Australia's first saint. "She submitted to a farcical ceremony where the bishop was, I'm not sure you should use this word, gaga, but he had lost it and he was being manipulated by malicious priests," he said.
Keating was sent back to Ireland where he continued as a priest, the documentary says.
This is the first time the link between a paedophilia cover-up and MacKillop's excommunication has been exposed, Fairfax says.
The documentary airs on October 10, a week before MacKillop's canonisation in Rome.
One Australian Saint
Video: Domus Australia in Rome will have a chapel dedicated to Mary Mackillop
One Australian Saint that everybody will be talking for a long time is here.
Reported on the news
The canonisation of Mary MacKillop has been hailed as a day of rejoicing for all Australians, and a very special day for the Sisters of St Joseph.
In front of a crowd of about 50,000 Catholics from around the world, the Aussie bush girl Mary MacKillop became Saint Mary of the Cross.
Australians were estimated to make up between 6000 and 8000 of the crowd for the ceremony to canonise six saints, and they let out a huge cheer every time Mary's name was spoken.
Australian and Aboriginal flags were dotted throughout the crowd, and the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart - the order St Mary co-founded - stood out in their bright blue scarves, waving yellow Mary MacKillop balloons.
They were all there to see the canonisation of One Australian Saint.
Members of the official Australian delegation - including Cardinal George Pell, Sister Maria Casey, Sister Anne Derwin, Bishop Philip Wilson, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd - addressed the media following the canonisation ceremony in St Peter's Square.
"This is a day of rejoicing and it's a day first of all for the Josephites - we rejoice for them, we rejoice with them," Cardinal Pell said.
"But it's also significant for the rest of us, as Australians and as Catholic Australians."
The Vatican estimated 50,000 people would be present in St Peter's Square for the occasion.
Cardinal Pell had his own way of summing up the impressive crowds.
"I thought the square was probably well and truly three-quarters full," he said.
"I thought it was a very respectable turnout. I was at the grand final of the AFL and it was a much bigger crowd than that."
Postulator Sister Maria Casey, who has worked hard for years to get Mary's sainthood recognised, said it had been a very emotional day for her.
"I felt very moved when the Holy Father actually spoke the words of the canonisation and I was able to look up at Mary looking down on us and out onto the square and I thought, `Mary, we've acknowledged you at last'," Sr Casey said.
"It was a very powerful day and a wonderful culmination for the many people who have worked on this cause since 1926. It's been a long journey.
"People say would I write my book but I say it could not be published yet."
Sr Casey said she had a discussion with the Pope, who remembered his visit to Australia for World Youth Day in 2008 with great fondness.
"He remembered very fondly his visit to Australia and being at Mary MacKillop's tomb," she said.
"He said it was a great day for Australia.
"He sends his greeting to all of Australia on this very happy occasion, and to the sisters also."
Mr Rudd said he felt humbled on hearing about the lives of the saints.
"As we listened to the life of Mary MacKillop and read the lives of those others who were canonised today, it gives you a genuine sense of smallness," he said.
"That is, that these are truly great people. It is a humbling experience."
(End of report)
Saintly name for new school centre
A Hunter Valley Catholic school has become one of the first to honour Saint Mary MacKillop with a trade training centre named in her honour.
Construction of the million dollar facility at St Joseph's High School, Aberdeen commenced this week after a dedication ceremony and blessing of the construction site.
The centre, majority funded by the federal government, will cater for courses in metals and engineering, construction, primary industries and information technology.
St Joseph's principal, John Tobin, says the new facility will become a hub for schools and the community.
"Its certainly going to be a building that will be open for the wider community and other schools," Mr Tobin said.
"We're hoping that with the spirit of MacKillop, rolling up one's sleeves and hard work and dedication, that the facility will enable students of the Upper Hunter and even adults to go through training that otherwise would not have occurred without the trade training centre."
Maitland-Newcastle Diocese director of schools, Ray Collins, believes Saint Mary would approve of the centre because it fits with the philosophy of the Sisters of St Joseph.
"It is to give the students of the Upper Hunter the opportunity to develop their skills, to prepare them for the types of work they might want to undertake in their future," Mr Collins said
"So in lots of ways we are continuing the role of Mary MacKillop in ensuring that our young people will make an impact in our society and make our world a better world."
The Saint Mary MacKillop trade training centre is scheduled to be ready for use early next year.

The other reasons

There are other reasons why we have written about this new saint religious service, it is because people believe that they need this acknowledgment from the church; so, this hub although it is talking mostly about Saint Mary MacKillop, it also wants to prove that we the people of this world need these religious services that acknowledge the good deeds that we do during our lives.

Looking at the religious service and at the amount of people that were attending there and around the world watching it on TV, one cannot help to wonder how we can continue to keep the religions going on indefinitely serving humanity, since humanity needs religions as we have seen from this religious event and other things as well. Therefore, we believe that we need to keep religious things going just the way that they are today, and then plan the best way we can.

We believe that in the future, we need to link everything together, because people have always been interested in religious happenings and they always will be, so, the best thing for us to do is to find out how they can fit together in our new religious theory. You see the religious theory that we are talking about, it is going to be made up with everything that is known or believed to exist today, so, every religion and every saint has got a place to fit into including, Saint Mary MacKillop, as the new Saint that has a place among the other Saints, wherever that place is according to God’s spiritual setup

Next time we go back to write normal articles about our religious writings of, Reconciliation of the Universe, in the article called; Future God of the Universe

May God bless us all.



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    • Frank Menchise profile imageAUTHOR

      Francesco Menchise 

      8 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Dear Williams, I am not here to say which God is better, but I have to point out to you that your God/Allah was once called Yahweh. In a way it is written in the Koran many times, when it says that I am the same God of Abraham, how do you work that out?


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