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Praying During Ramadan

Updated on June 23, 2015

Picture yourself in a Muslim country on a short term mission trip. You are there during the month of Ramadan and you’re sipping coffee in the middle of the square. You’re in this square because it is your turn to go out and pray while others are sharing the gospel. A commotion happens and it catches your eye. You see two men arguing over something trivial, at least that is your guess because you don’t really understand what they are saying because of the language barrier. You are wondering why they are fighting, since it is the holiest month of the year for Muslims.

You ask yourself ,

  • Is this the result of not eating during the day? It is June and the days are the longest this time of year. Less time that they have to eat.

  • Do they get around the fasting be staying up at night? Are they tired from lack of sleep?

  • Are they truly getting closer to Allah?

I pray for missionaries that are reaching out to Muslims around the world and this story is similar to what I have read in the past couple of years. Every year for Ramadan, a prayer guide is sent to pray for Muslims. The challenge they face is praying for the cultural Muslims and the real Muslims, the ones who are truly seeking after Allah. Here in the United States, I’m sure it is the same way. One thing is clear; Muslims are more open Spiritually during Ramadan than they are during any other time of the year. This is a great time to be praying for Muslims and the missionary work among them around the world. I would like you to pray for your Muslim neighbors.

My Thoughts on Proselyting vs Evangelism

Take a moment and think about the month of December in our American culture. This is the time when people here are more open spiritually than they are at other times throughout the year. You might not be in a muslim country at the moment, but there are Muslims around us that are seeking after Allah more in this month they do at any other times of the year. Just like cultural Christians during December, they are more open to the spiritual world.

So, how do you pray for them? I’m glad you asked. Here are my thoughts:

  • Remind yourself in prayer that many Muslims are excited that it is Ramadan. It is time for them to get closer to Allah and to other Muslims.

  • Don’t be afraid to learn about Islam with Jesus. What do I mean about this? Pick up the Koran and ask Jesus as you are reading what it all means. Have lunch with your Muslim co-worker and ask questions. At the same time, share your faith when it seems appropriate. When you do this, expect Jesus to show up and do something amazing. Sometimes showing up is an act of prayer because you believe that Jesus is going to do something. And I wouldn’t be afraid to go with them to the mosque if they invite you. It could open the door for you to invite them to your church.

  • I drive by a mosque on my way to work and say a quick prayer as I go by.

  • Pray for boldness for missionaries, pastors, yourself, and other Christians to share what we believe.

  • Islam is works based, pray they will see the freedom of salvation based on faith and not works. If given the opportunity, teach them how a true follower of Jesus should act.

  • Pray for an opportunity to break the fast with them. You could invite them into your home or go to their home. Remember to learn about their dietary restrictions so you don’t accidently serve something that is forbidden in their religion. This could lead to an opportunity to share about Jesus.

  • I have read stories of Muslims dreaming about Jesus during Ramadan. Pray that Jesus will enter their dreams and they will seek out Christians to talk about this. That Christian could be you, so pray that you are ready to give the words that Jesus has for them.

  • What are your thoughts on how to pray during Ramadan?

The Mosque that I drive by on my way to work.

What are people groups that you are praying for?

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I would love to see a revival among the Muslim community here in Maine and around the world. Will you join me in praying for that?

What would you add to how to pray during Ramadan

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