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Praying For The Peace Of Jerusalem, A Prayer And A Song

Updated on March 1, 2015

A Prayer For Jerusalem....

Oh God, the Almighty and Merciful,

We pray this day and always for the peace of Jerusalem, its people and institutions, its holy sites, devotions, and prayers said unto Thee.

May the City of Peace find lasting peace as a city of brotherly love, that all men, women, and children of good will may enter into Jerusalem with pure intent and find peace there, this day and always.


Jerusalem A Religious Capitol Of The World

A markerJerusalem, Israel -
Jerusalem, Israel
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A world city in turmoil.

Song: Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem


© 2015 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      aviannovice - I am a big believer that "wishing can make it so" and that we need to encourage everyone to share that wish for world peace with us.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Every place in the world deserves peace, and may we all respect one another as peoples.