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Praying Rosary A Great Thing To Do

Updated on August 6, 2010

Many people enjoy holding a conversation with God, but do not really know what to say. However, if a person knows about why praying rosary is a great thing to do they will see that it can add more power to the prayer that they carry out. Then a person will want to start saying this prayer all the time.

One reason why this is so great of a prayer to say is because it can help a person reflect more on the life of Jesus. Many people enjoy reading the Bible and praying, but by praying rosary a person can combine the two things that they like to do. Then they can experience even more while they are praying because they can start reflecting on the life that Jesus led.

Another great reason why this is such a powerful prayer is that it can help a person learn how to pray. Now many people may think that learning how to to pray is easy to do and can be done just by saying what you think which is true. However, at the same time some people may want to learn how to pray and reflect on the good things in life.

Something else that a person will find is that they can start to feel a deeper connection to God. Now a person may think that praying by itself will do this, which for some people it may. By praying rosary though and reflecting on the mystery of Jesus and his life a person can see that they are growing closer to God by reflecting on something that he loves.

Being able to start praying is a great thing to do. However, many people will want to realize why praying rosary is such a great thing to do. When they know why this is such a great thing to do then they will realize that they need to start doing this all the time. To help a person they may want to purchase a nice looking rosary that can help guide them in keeping track of where they are in the prayer.


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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 7 years ago from Ohio

      So are you saying Apostle Jack that the rosary is a pagan way of praying?

      If so how do you explain the mystery of Fatima in which the three children were told by Mary to pray the Rosary as a means to promote peace or that the lights in the sky that were seen all over the world would happen before the next war. Which happened roughly a month before WWII?

      I agree praying is not show boating and that it should not be done as they did in the Bible of old times bragging about it.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      Pray is direct communication with God.To pray otherwise is call special prayer,such as on your knees or some place alone,but it is not accepted by God through pagan means of material objects.

      Prayer is not a ritual nor a way of show-boating the sincerity of our spirits.

      Christ taught us how to pray to the Father,and it had nothing to do with the pagan ways of trying to serve God.