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Praying for Atheists

Updated on April 26, 2016

Belief in No God or Lack of Belief in God

Agnostic or Atheist

I used to get together with a graduate student just to talk about anything that was on his mind. His political bent would lead me to believe that he would vote for Bernie Sanders. One day I asked him if he would consider himself to be an atheist, theist, or agnostic. His answer intrigued me. He said that he is agnostic agnostic. In other words, he doesn’t know what he should be unsure about. I loved his honesty to not make any guesses of what the truth is. I wish there were more people like him in the world.

I have met people over the years that are convinced that the way they believe is the truth. Sometimes they have an attitude that they can share their beliefs but no one else can. Other times they are open to hear what you have to say as long as you are willing to listen to them. And Atheists run this gambit. As Christians, we need to be on the side of wanting a conversation, to listen, to share and to learn. This should be regardless of who we are talking with.

The University of Maine

The university where the graduate student attended.
The university where the graduate student attended.

They Need Prayer

I read the book called I Was Once Lost. That book talked about 5 thresholds that a person must go through in order to be saved. They are: trusting a Christian; becoming curious; open to change, seeking; and making the decision to follow Jesus. When I think of atheists, the first threshold is so important. For the rest of this hub, I will be sharing ways we can pray to build that trust.

I’m looking forward to you joining me on this journey. Sit back, ask God to join you, and get ready to pray. Prayer is what is going to soften hearts toward God and us. We need hearts to be softened to our message. Prayer is what’s going to motivate you to reach out to those who don’t believe in God. Prayer will soften your heart to what is possible, to what God is doing and saying. As well as softening the hearts of those we come into contact with, including atheists.

An Inspiring Movie for Christians

Let's be a Prayer Warrior

Prayer Points

Here is a prayer list to help you get started. As you continue to pray, realize that as you get to know the person, God will give you other ideas.

  • Pray for One: I have brought up this idea before, but to put it simply it is asking God to show you who to show his love towards. This could be an atheist. When you pray this, keep your eyes and ears open to what God has in store for you and who he places in your path. This prayer helps you to think evangelistically.

  • Do you know any atheists: You might already know an atheist or two. When you pray, pray for them by name. Yes, pray for their salvation because that is the ultimate goal, but pray that they will trust Christians and trust you. And you might be the first one they will trust.

  • How can you build trust: If you know the answer to this question, write it down and make a plan. If you don’t, ask God. Write down what you hear and spend time reflecting on what you are hearing. I also suggest checking it with other believers.

  • Get others to pray for you: The best part of being a part of the church, is that others can be praying for you. Let your believing friends know who you are praying for and how they can be praying. Better yet, pray with them.

  • Go and Build Trust: This is about relationship. For example, we don’t do Fundraising at C-Rev, we do “Friend-Raising”. When you are building trust, believe that God is going to act. Then pray for each step of the way. God is going to do something great.

  • Become Curious: When trust is built, then we can pray that they will become curious.

  • What are your thoughts: I would love to read your thoughts. Please add them to the comment sections or to the social media site you found this hub on.

My Thoughts on God's Not Dead

Final Thoughts

The thing to remember is that God is going to do something amazing because he wants to answer our prayers. Especially prayers for the salvation of others. When the time is right, you will be able to share with them the hope that you have in Jesus. Then they will be able to listen to what you have to say about the evidence for God. Again, I believe God is going to do something amazing because he answers prayers.

In the meantime, remember to pray, pray, and pray. And of course, do this early and often.


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