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Praying for Atheists-Part 2

Updated on May 10, 2016

There is No Such Thing

When you work for a group home, there are times where it becomes really slow. Usually during this time is when staff get the opportunity to connect. One night, a relief staff asked me what I thought about evolution. I told him that evolution was a theory and that evolutionist act as if it has been proven. He quickly responded with there are no such things as evolutionists because evolution is true. He then went on to talk about how theory is a higher form of proof than a law.

I have to admit that I felt bad because my response was laughter. I just couldn’t believe that someone would say anything to make evolution more than a just a theory. This theory is sometimes used as a way to describe how we got here without God. This hub is about praying for those who grab at anything to the deny truth of God’s existence. It is not about praying for those who believe that God is behind evolution to change their minds.

For the purpose of this hub, I will use the term pure evolutionist to describe those who believe in evolution because they want to deny God. They need God to work in their lives in order to see that God is truly the Creator.

God's Creation Here in Maine

Schodic Point, Maine
Schodic Point, Maine

God is the Creator

Since God is the Creator, we have purpose. Our purpose comes from Him. With evolution, our purpose comes from us. And that purpose can become self focused. One thing I wonder is, if we are making our purpose, how do we know that is our purpose? What the pure evolutionist doesn’t realize or refuses to believe is that we are made to be dependent upon God. A place to begin your prayers is right here, that they will see their need for God. Or maybe, the realization that God is truly with us. When they see their need, they will seek Him for their purpose.

Another thing I would pray about is that the pure evolutionist would start to see God around them. I know that when I’m outside and I’m looking at the trees, I have a wonder for God. It is hard for me to see this world being here on chance. My prayer is that they will see God’s hand around them in all that they see outside. In order from them to believe in God, they need to see what God has been doing around them.

Beyond of Galaxy

Evidence Around Them

One thing that we must realize is that the evidence a pure evolutionist uses to disprove God is the same evidence in creation that points to Him. They have interpreted the evidence different than a scientist who teaches creation. This, my friends, is a prayer point. Only God can show them his handiwork of the universe. We can help explain, and we might be called to do that. But it is God who will ultimately show them how they can see Him in creation. He shows them by revelation, by revealing it to them. Hmmm, I know a pretty neat Christian nonprofit organization by that name (Christian Revelation).

Knowing if you are called to explain things comes with prayer. You can either ask God this question or you can just spend time listening to him. I also suggest that you spend time researching this. And as you do, make sure that as you research, that you are praying as you go. Listening to the greatest Teacher in all the universes (the Holy Spirit) is always the best way to listen and learn. Look up this information with God. Then, share what you are learning with a trusted Christian friend so that you are ready to share with the pure evolutionist. While you are at it, you can ask them to pray for you and you can pray for them in case they find themselves in the same situation.

Science and the Bible Together

Summary Prayer List

Here is what I just wrote in list form. Use these as a starting point in your praying. Make sure as you spend time praying, you listen to God for other ways to be praying specifically for the person you know that is a pure evolutionist. Lord, “Teach us to pray”.

  • See their need for God

  • See that God truly does exist

  • See God around them in the created world

  • God will show them how to interpret the evidence

  • God will show them His handiwork

  • Researching with God how he is the Creator

It all comes down to these three things; pray, pray, and pray. We need to pray early and often to know that God is at work. And to know where to partner with Him.


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