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Praying for Campus Ministers

Updated on November 12, 2015

The Campus Near Me

The sign marks the entrance to campus.
The sign marks the entrance to campus.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is the largest campus ministry organization in the nation. But for some reason whenever I talk to people about what I did on campus, a lot of time they asked, “You were part of Campus Crusade, right?” It didn’t take long for me to get used to that. My time with InterVarsity and working with college students was a lot of fun. My best moments were seeing students come to Christ for the first time or students realizing that they are in college for more than just an education, they saw that they were a part of The Mission. My favorite moment was when a student’s eyes were open to Listening Prayer. Students entered a time of listening to God and I spent the time interceding for them to hear from God. The student was disappointed in me because I spent the time interceding and not listening to God myself. It was a great moment.

An Interview With a Campus Minister

I was on staff for about 6 years with InterVarsity both as a campus staff and Prayer Coordinator. As Prayer Coordinator, I was able to visit other campuses and teach how prayer is connected to the mission on campus. Since leaving staff, I have embarked on a mission to use prayer to fuel the mission of not only InterVarsity, but Cru and the Navigators, just to name two more campus ministry-type organizations in this country. Not to mention fueling God’s mission off campus as well (that is what I’m doing with C-Rev, both on campus and off). Right now I’m forming a group to be praying for UMaine. Here are my thoughts on how to pray for campus ministries and ministers.

  • Funding: Just like it takes money to run the local church, campus ministry groups also need funding. Be careful when you pray for this, because you might be called to support and help fund a campus minister or a group on campus. I suggest getting to know a staff member and ask them how their funding is doing. Then pray that God will meet all the needs of salary, benefits, and reimbursement. Sometimes they have special things they are raising money for, like scholarships to retreats, conferences, and mission trips. Fund raising can be hard, so they are going to appreciate your prayers. And don’t forget Volunteering. C-Rev is always looking for Pray-ers to join up with, not only for our organization but for Pastors, churches, our events, church Unity, souls, and of course, the campus near you.

Residence Hall

This is the quad on Hilltop on the UMaine Campus.
This is the quad on Hilltop on the UMaine Campus.
  • Vision: When I was on staff with InterVarsity, it was important to cast a vision. We cast a vision to give those in our ministry something to shoot for. It gives them purpose and excitement. Please take the time to pray that those involved will have a vision to see what it is that God is doing. Don’t just pray for this for staff, but for student leaders as well. There is a belief that students will reach students better than staff can.

  • Newsletters: Newsletters will give you great ways so you can be praying for any ministry. Nowadays they are sent via email. When I get one, I pray as I’m reading the email. This way, I know that I prayed for them. Sometimes, I add requests to my prayer wall so that I will be praying for them later. Do you have a “prayer wall” ? And, when I can, I check in with them asking how God has answered my prayers. The nice thing is, a lot of time, they let us know how God answers in a future email. I would pray for what minister to receive a newsletter for. Are you called to pray for one campus, or a group of campus’s? For a certain ministry, or all of them. They all are doing great jobs to reach students for Jesus, but we only have so much time to really pray for the campus.

  • Meet for Coffee: This isn’t for everyone because not everyone has the time to do this. But get together with the staff of a group on campus that you are praying for if you possibly can. I have found that I pray more for those that I know well then just someone I read about in an email. If they don’t live near you, you might be able to skype with them. These contacts give you time to have fellowship with the staff and you can gain more information on how to pray. I do this with someone in Japan. I look forward to these times, even though they are early mornings for me. And as I write this, I’m thinking of how I can do this for the ministries on the UMaine campus as part of my ministry with C-Rev.


  • Connections: One thing that InterVarsity is big on is connecting students to the local church. At C-Rev, this is big on our hearts when we facilitate our events. Let’s PRAY FOR PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN THE CAMPUS GROUP AND THE LOCAL CHURCH. College students will learn that they can continue to be a part of God’s mission after their college years. Or, at least connecting them with believers from all walks of life. There just need to be in a partnership. The campus ministry group should not be the only thing that people are involved with. They need to be involved with a local church, a body of Bible-believing believers that is diverse and alive. Connecting to a religious, dead church with no life in the Spirit is a waste of time as we are running out of time in these last days.

  • New Christians: This is God’s mission, to save the world. Pray for students who don’t know Jesus that they will make their decision to know him. Pray for Christians who are not involved with the mission on campus will become involved. Remember, students will do a better job of reaching other students than staff can. So pray for the training that staff offer to help encourage the students to be a part of the mission.

  • Your Thoughts: I have a lot friends who are still on staff with InterVarsity and I hope that some of you have read this. Please share your thoughts and if you want, share a prayer request or two. I’m sure that my readers will be praying. And even if you are not involved with the IVCF or another campus group, share your thoughts on this. We all really want to be praying for this ministry.

What type of University or College is the closet to you?

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Go Black Bears!

The college of my heart, always!
The college of my heart, always!

The campus near you is a mission field. Is it your mission field? Please be praying for the campus. Ask God what is it that he wants you to be praying for. There are a lot influences on campus that pull a student away from God. So pray that there will be a strong influence pulling students to Jesus. Just think, your prayers for God’s mission on campus, makes you a part of the mission on campus. So, keep on praying!

Of course - pray, pray, and pray, early and often!


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    • D L Roderick profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lawrence Roderick 

      3 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Thanks SpiritusShepherd for your insight. At my church, we have outreach youth group where most of the kids don't attend church. Our prayer is for their salvation and finding a church. I think it is great that you plan on praying for Concordia, I would love to know what is there for a ministry group.

    • SpiritusShepherd profile image


      3 years ago

      Thank you for this insightful article!

      I agree that youth ministry is important, but sometimes I feel like youth ministry is over-glorified as the "solution" to kids continuing to attend church after high school.

      I believe it is more important to have ministries on campus, people who understand the difficulty of keeping up with college work and trying to maintain a healthy church attendance.

      We have a Concordia campus near us, I will begin praying for them and see what outreach programs they have there.


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