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Praying for Gay Marriages

Updated on July 18, 2015

The White House Offers their Opinion

You'd have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Supreme Court decision to legalize same sex marriage in all 50 states. I have read on facebook many differences of opinion from praising the decision to being in horror. The question arises, how is a Christian to respond? Some Christians are responding in anger, and others are trying hard to describe what it is that the Bible teaches on this issue. During all of this, I’m reminded of one thing. We are in a spiritual battle. It was hard enough for me and my editors, for example, to write this article. But a lot people don't care and have decided that they know better than God on this subject.

Many don't think we should follow the Bible's view on homosexuality because it is an ancient book. Watch the video for my thoughts.

I believe a lot of us don’t know any better. I trust that God knew what he was doing when he created us and the laws that he made for us were for our good. There will be people out there who read this blog and will disagree with me. I was nervous about posting a blog about praying for Muslims during Ramadan, this one is going to make me even more nervous. That's ok. Jesus always spoke the truth in love but, at the end of His day, He spoke the truth. The truth of the Gospel and the cross will always offend some. But since I’m a prayer guy, I have to know how to pray about it. How are we to pray in response to all of this? How are we to pray for those down the street from us who have decided to be married to someone of the same gender?

Here are my suggestions:

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to change hearts: We can’t change hearts. We can post all we want on facebook and reply to what people say, but it is not us who changes them. The Holy Spirit might use what you say, but we are only vessels to what He is doing.

  • Pray for people to understand that the Bible doesn’t speak out against human attractions to others but it does about their behaviors: Getting married is a behavior. Seeking a romantic relationship is a behavior. Attraction is not a behavior. We all have these attractions, but it is how we act on them that determines if we are a sinner in this area or not.

  • Pray to build relationships with members of the LBGTQ community: This will mean to love them. They are part of the human race that have fallen and need the salvation of God. They need God just as much as I and the rest of the church needs Him. Ask God how to love them.

  • Above all, pray for them to enter the kingdom: This is why Jesus came, to save sinners. I could argue that I’m one of the worst (so I preach to myself, not just to you, just like Paul).

  • Remember, because of Mankind's fallen nature, there will be those who will oppose you and not understand your motives or see your position as racist. These people, both allies of the LBGTQ community as well as those in it, need our prayers the most. They are the ones who will be the hardest for us to love. We are going to need Jesus in our hearts to love them.

  • Pray for those who have made a decision to reach into the LBGTQ community. These brothers and sisters have their work cut out for them. This is high battleground. They need to know that we are praying and standing with them. I suggest you pray about going with them to learn better on how to pray for them. Make sure this is God calling you, specifically, to do this (you can read my other hubs to learn how to listen and to discern what God is saying to you). Pray you have the confidence, support and maturity to enter into that area.

  • Confess the sin of the nation: We are not the ones that passed this decision, but we are a part of this country. Nehemiah confessed the sins of Israel, I think we need to do the same as citizens of the US. (see Nehemiah 1:6 and 7)

  • What are your suggestions on how we should pray for the LBGTQ?

Do you have friends that are gay?

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The biggest thing we should be praying for are children involved in same sex marriage. As we pray and love, God will show His word and these relationships may end. When they end, its the same as when an opposite gender couple divorces, it causes heartache for the children because they are dependent on these relationships and these kids will need our help. We should be praying for the children to get to know God and that they will have strong influences from both genders. We should be praying for the Holy Spirit to be speaking into all their lives the truth that will set them free.

When we pray, we are to trust God that he will work the same miracle in them as he did in us. We were once sinners, making a practice of sinful behavior but now we don't want to sin - even though we do from time to time. But now we are being continually saved by grace. Our hope should always be that there be more and more sinners saved by grace.

Get out and pray and show God’s love to others - ALL others!

What are your suggestions on how we should pray for the LBGTQ community?

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    • D L Roderick profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lawrence Roderick 

      3 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Your welcome Lynne. Please continue to pray for those children. Your prayer for people to come to know the love of Jesus is the ultimate prayer we should be praying. Keep praying, I believe that revival is coming.

    • Lynne-Modranski profile image

      Lynne Modranski 

      3 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks so much for your loving response to a difficult subject. I stand with you in prayer. I am especially praying for hedges of protection around the children that I personally know are being influenced by same-sex marriage.

      Thank you for speaking the truth in love. I have struggled with this subject for years because the fact is those on the far right say if we don't condemn then we are sinning (I believe the Bible tells me I am not in a position to condemn). And the folks who are staunch supporters of the LGBT community want me to believe that I can't both love the person and not condone his or her actions.

      I am in prayer that everyone will come to know the love of Jesus Christ and develop a relationship with Him. I am confident when that happens, He will take care of the "changing." He has done it in my life and the lives of those around me, and I know that He will continue to mold us into the people we were originally created to be when we let Him.

    • D L Roderick profile imageAUTHOR

      David Lawrence Roderick 

      3 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      WiccanSage, Thanks for saying my hub is well written. I agree with you that there are many who believe we should follow the Bible, but here are still many others who don't. I stand by my statement. Did you watch my video? Thanks for your comment.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      I prayed for same-sex marriage myself, and don't think anyone needs salvation. but I hope you don't mind my reading your hub, I like to hear different viewpoints of people, and you have presented a well written hub on your views here.

      I wanted to just address your first point "Many don't think we should follow the Bible's view on homosexuality..."

      I can tell you that's not true, at least not for me or a lot of other people I've know. I think most people want you to follow the Bible's views on whatever you deem is important to your spiritual beliefs or life... it is your right to do so, follow your conscience. If you are against same-sex marriage, do not get married to someone of the same sex. I fully respect that choice.

      I think the only argument many like myself have is that the rest of us shouldn't have to follow the Bible's views on anything, especially in a country with a Constitution that gives us the explicit right not to follow the Bible. We should have the same rights and freedom to our lives, and our consciences, and make those kinds of choices for ourselves.

      I continue praying on the matter as well; I pray Christians learn to come to peace with this issue. I think overall we all just want what we think is right and fair and best for everyone.

      Voted up... like I said, I have a different viewpoint, but your hub is well written and you deserve it.


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