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Praying for God’s Mission in Light of Old Testament-Part 4

Updated on August 23, 2016

Husband and dad, part of who I am

My wife, Tina, son Davey, and myself.
My wife, Tina, son Davey, and myself.

Who Are You?

We live in a world where we carry around an ID in our pocket. This identification, usually your driver's license, proves we are who we say we are. We are asked to show it when we fly, get pulled over, and when we buy alcohol (depending on your age, some of you wish that they still ask for your ID). We also worry about our identity being stolen and people use it to buy items and in turn ruin our credit.

Not only that, but we spend time deciding who we are. The teenage years are filled with moving from being a child, to an independent adult. I know, because I am living that with my son, who is 15. He is branching out, determining who he is, how he is the same as his parents and how he is different. Even adults spend time thinking about who they are. Without a doubt, our identity is very important. It is part of who we are.

Burning Bush

God appears to Moses in a bush that was burning but didn't burn up
God appears to Moses in a bush that was burning but didn't burn up | Source

I Am Who I Am

While we might have questions about who we are, God knows who He is. He is certain about who he is. So certain, that He desires for us to know about Him. That is what He does in Exodus 3. This is one of my favorite stories in all of the holy scriptures. Take a moment and read this chapter. Let it sink in as you watch the interaction between Moses and God. As I review this passage and I think how God is declaring who He is, I get goose bumps. Especially since He invites Moses into what He is doing.

After God calls Moses, we learn these things about God: (vs 7-14)

  • God hears the cries of His people.

  • God cares for His people.

  • God comes to our rescue

  • He is the provider

  • He calls us to partner with Him

  • God is with us

  • He is who He is, what an amazing thought.

From here, God goes on to what He is going to do through Moses. This conversation goes into chapter 4 and you see how God is patient with Moses as he continues to share one excuse after another of why he can’t help. God keeps reassuring Moses that He is with him. It is really a great story. I suggest that you read the rest of it.

Ten Commandments

Commanded to love God and love people
Commanded to love God and love people | Source

What is Sin?

Let’s skip ahead to chapter 20. I’m sure that you are aware, this is one of the two passages that have the ten commandments. Here, God spells out for us how He wants us to act. After a close look at these commands you will notice that we can sin against God and sin against others. We are to love God and others. Whenever we don’t, it is sin. Living up to these 100% is hard. The rest of the law goes on to explain more. It is good for us to read the 10 commands to remind us of what sin is. What God is fighting against.

If you read the rest of Israel's history you know that they couldn’t follow the law. They constantly had to bring sacrifices to cover up their sins. I used to help a non-Christian study the Bible. When we talked about the difference between the animal sacrifices and the sacrifice of Jesus he said something that has stuck with me. Sin is like a ketchup stain on a white t-shirt. The animal sacrifices are like drenching the t-shirt in ketch-up to cover up the stain. While the sacrifice of Jesus makes the t-shirt white again. We spend time trying to cover up our sin and not allowing Jesus to make us white again. Let’s do the latter, allow Jesus to clean us.

Prayer is Conversation

Moses and God talk
Moses and God talk | Source

How Do We Pray in Light of This?

The hub reminds us of two things; who is God and what sin is. The first request is for God to act in His love. We need to call out to God. Israel called out to God while they were enslaved by the Egyptians. Let’s call us to God because we are enslaved by sin. Our cities and towns and states and nations are enslaved to sin. We need to cry out for God to come down to set us free from that slavery. When He does, and we receive HIm, He will then send us. This leads to another prayer request, that God will equip us for the tasks that He has given us. In a lot of ways, we are reminding God what He wants to do when we cry out to Him to come and rescue us.

Always take the time to remind yourself who God is. I suggest you study God’s names as presented in the Bible that further explain who God is. I also suggest taking the list that I made and praise Him for His attributes. Maybe taking one to focus on. By doing this, it makes it easier to pray because you remind yourself what is possible with God. With God, anything is possible. God wants to do the impossible and win people back to Himself. Praise Him. Learn more about Him.

God is Holy

How Often Do you Pray?

I challenge you to answer that question. By answering the question, you will discover how important God’s mission really is to you.

I hope that his hub encourages you to pray, pray, pray. I hope that you will pray early and often for God’s mission. Prayer is what’s going to move the mission forward. Prayer is what’s going to prepare us to partner with God. Prayer is the really good and powerful fuel we need to provide for the fire the world needs.


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