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Praying for God’s Mission in Light of the Old Testament - Part 10

Updated on May 8, 2017

I've had a few dreams about Star Wars

This was taken during my trip to Disney World last year
This was taken during my trip to Disney World last year | Source


Sometimes I have dreams about Star Wars. I’m the Jedi Knight who is preparing to defeat the Sith. I’m either flying around the galaxy or I’m in engaged in a lightsaber duel. Other times I have dreams that are about what I’m doing the next day. When I was substitute teaching, I would have dreams about subbing the night before I would get called in. This especially happened when I went days without subbing. I have found that my dreams fell into two categories. Ones that I believe that God is using to speak to me, usually encouragement when I need it. The others, when I wake up, I start to wonder that dreams are just dreams.

In this blog, we are going to look at Daniel 2. King Nebuchadnezzar just had a dream that has gotten him thinking. This was a dream that he couldn’t shake and get out of his mind. This dream is keeping him up at night. To make matters worse, King Nebuchadnezzar wants the dream interpreted, but he would not tell anyone what the dream was. The wise men of Babylon insisted on knowing the dream, but King Nebuchadnezzar refused to tell it and ordered them to be executed. This dream speaks to God’s mission. It continues the theme of the coming king that some of my other hubs in this series have talked about. Take a minute and read Daniel 2 and then join me for the rest of the hub.

Daniel, the Prayer Guy!

When Daniel hears about the plan of the King to kill the wise men because they refused to interpret the dream without hearing it, Daniel asks for time and the King granted this request. This is boldness on Daniel’s part. After seeing the King, he asks his friends to pray for God to show mercy. I believe that Daniel asks for time so he could pray and wait for God to give him an answer. This is why I call him the prayer guy, because his first inclination to solve the problem is prayer. Later, in chapter 6 we see that Daniel is praying three times a day. This man knows how to pray!

You know people that prayer just seems to be easy for them. Not only is it easy for them, but it is also sincere and real about how they pray. They go to prayer first and not as a last ditch effort. Make friends with these people, because you know they will pray for you. But there is something else in the story that I think we need to see about prayer. Daniel, the prayer warrior, asked others to pray with him. Remember that list of friends and family you are praying to be saved. Share that list with trusted people who will pray with you. Don’t just wait for the time you need the prayer, but do it right away.

Daniel Praying


The Statue in the Dream


The Dream of the Statue

God answered his prayers by revealing to Daniel the dream and its meaning. Daniel’s first response was to praise God. What an example is that! As you pray and God answers by saving your friends or bringing them closer to salvation, take time to praise God. Part of prayer is reminding us that it is God who is saving people and working through us. Ask Him to intervene and praise him when he does answer your prayers.

Nebuchadnezzar dreamed about a statue and about the future. The interpretation of this dream is about kingdoms that were coming. We have the luxury of looking back and realizing that it was predicted up to the Roman Empire. Daniel had heard correctly. The final kingdom is the Kingdom of God. In some ways it is here and in other ways it is still advancing. This is where your prayers come in. Keep on praying for God’s Kingdom to come completely. The harvest is huge and the workers are few, but God is the God of the impossible.

Prayer Suggestions

Here is a list of ideas to be praying for as you pray for God’s kingdom to be advanced.

  • Unreached People Groups: There are many groups in the world that have a little to no Gospel witness. Most of these groups are in the 10-40 window, or 10 to 40 degree north of the equator. This region really needs our prayers for a Gospel witness and for salvation.

  • VOM Prayer App: The Voice of the Martyrs have a prayer app that I use every day to pray for different parts of the world in need of a strong Christian Witness. They share request every day and you can quickly pray for it. I will provide the link in this hub for those of you that want to download it.

  • Friends and Family: Continue to pray for your friends and family who need to know Jesus. Pray for the right time to invite them to church and to share the Gospel with them.

  • Form of a Missional Prayer Group: Daniel asked his friends to pray with him and we can do the same thing. Who can you invite into a prayer circle that is committed to praying for God’s mission in your location and around the world?

Prayer for God's Kingdom to Come

It’s Been a Great Journey

This is my last hub in this series. I hope that it has been helpful and encouraging to you, the readers, to pray for God’s mission. Please pray for me as I pray and decide what is next for this hub. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you would want help praying for.

In the meantime, don’t forget to pray, pray, and pray. Early and often.


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