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Praying for God’s Mission in Light of the Old Testament-Part 6

Updated on December 28, 2016

David is Annointed

Samuel, in obedience to God, anoints David as the next king.
Samuel, in obedience to God, anoints David as the next king. | Source

The Time of the Kings

In the last addition in this series, I wrote about the times of the Judges and specifically a time when the preincarnate Jesus visited a couple to announce that they were going to be parents. The rest of Judges is a great read, and I highly recommended that you take the time to read it. We now enter the time of the kings. It all begins with the people rejecting God and His plan for him to be their King. You can read about in 1 Samuel 8. Samuel, rightly so, was distressed over this. The issue was not so much wanting a king, but the rejection of God as King.

The first king started out great and then started to disobey God without repenting. So God rejected him and sought a man after His own heart. There is a hint about this from the start because the first king chosen,Saul, wasn’t from the line of Judah. If you look back to Genesis when Jacob blessed his sons, God said that kings will come from the line of Judah. I like the phrase, “a man after his own heart”, which is talking about King David. He was a man that had great faith in God and a great desire to repent when confronted. This is the prayer I have for my son and his friends - to be men after God’s own heart.

Let’s take a look at David and the promise that God gave him!

David and Saul in the Cave

David didn't kill Saul
David didn't kill Saul | Source

David’s Path to the Throne

David was an outlaw because Saul knew he had lost his throne and that it was David who was going to have it and not his son Jonathan. So David had to run and hide. There is one story when Saul caught up to him that speaks to David’s character and faith in God. David was hiding in a cave and Saul needed to relieve himself. He went into the cave where David was hiding. This was David’s opportunity to kill Saul and take the throne. David couldn’t go through with it. He didn’t want to take the throne in his timing, but in God’s timing, following God’s principles.

Waiting for God’s timing is hard. Especially when it is not our timing and it is longer than what we want. I’m going through such a time, waiting for God to fulfill his promise to me about professional ministry. What do I do, I pray and I wait on God. I enjoy the journey that God has me on and realize that there is a purpose. For David there was purpose, the purpose for him to learn to wait on God. This is my first prayer point, waiting for God’s plan and praying while you wait. Pray not only for the future but for the present situation that are you in. That is what I’m learning to do. I’m learning to pray for my job and how God wants to use me there.

You Will Always Have a Son on the Throne

After David had built a palace for himself, he wanted to build a temple for God. God told him, through the prophet Nathan, that he wasn’t going to build a temple. Instead, God gave a promise to David. Look at 2 Samuel 7.16, “Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.” This is known in theological circles as the Davidic Covenant. It is a covenant that God will do and one that David doesn’t need to do anything. If I was David, I would have praised God at that moment in celebration of this great promise. Come to think about it, that is exactly what David did. He sat before God and prayed and praised Him.

If you know your Israelite history, the kingdom is split in two after Solomon is king and then both kingdoms fall to foreign powers. It would seem that God didn’t keep his promise. I believe that God wasn’t talking about a political kingdom, but His kingdom. Jesus is that king that sits on the throne of David (in Luke and Matthew we see that Jesus is in the line of David and Judah), but now the kingdom isn’t of this world. There was a wait from the time that God gave the promise to David to when Jesus came. For many in Israel, it was a long time coming. For many in Israel they prayed and prayed for the Messiah to come, for this new King. Here's the best part, Jesus did come! God did what He promised. What a an amazing God we follow.

David's Son Becomes King

After David's death, Solomon, his son, was crown king.
After David's death, Solomon, his son, was crown king. | Source

Another Wait

We are in the midst of another wait. This time it is the second coming of Jesus. As I write this, we are wrapping up the season of Advent and getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Advent is a time to prepare for the second coming in light of the first coming. Jesus came to set us free and His death and resurrection certainly did that. But there is still more to be done. His second coming will grant us complete freedom to live for Him. Our sinful nature will be destroyed and there will no longer be a war raging inside.

What do we do? We pray and we WAIT. We pray for Jesus to come and we pray for his mission to be completed. We also enjoy the journey that God has us on. God is preparing the Church, or the Bride, for Jesus. This takes time, time for God to work in all of the Christians and for the saving of souls. Let’s be praying for our preparation as part of the Bride and as part of the Church and for more people to join the Church. Let’s realize that God is working at both the macro level and the micro level and that He will come through for us and He will send Jesus back to earth. I hope to be able to see that day, but that is not my decision to make.

The King and Son of David

Prayer List

I will close this hub with a summary list of things to pray in light of the Davidic Covenant and David’s life. I suggest you,

  1. Pray for Jesus to come back

  2. Pray for His mission to be completed on Earth, for the saving of souls.

  3. Pray for the preparation of the Bride for Jesus

Remember to enjoy the journey that God has you on. God is working on some many different levels and we need to trust Him. This sounds like a fourth thing to pray about, that we will trust Him. Don’t forget to pray about that, that you will trust Him.

Three more things: Pray, pray, and pray. Early and often.


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