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Praying for Men-Part 1

Updated on June 8, 2017

You Can Pray for Me and Other Men

The TV Dad

One of my favorite TV shows is “Last Man Standing”. I laugh a lot at the interactions between conservative Mike and liberal Ryan. Mike might not like Ryan, but he has at times been known to be a support to Ryan as a dad to his grandson. MIke is not your typical dad on TV. He is a strong leader and he loves his family. In contrast to other TV dads in recent memory, he is a breath of fresh air because he is not the goof ball that needs rescuing by his wife. This is not to say that we don’t need strong mothers because we do, but we are missing strong fathers more than we are missing strong mothers.

I believe that we have a man crisis in our culture and the only way we can change the tide is with prayer. That is why I’m starting a series that will focus on areas to pray for men. Men, we need all the prayer support we can get. All men need support, those of us who are seeking God and those men that are not seeking God.

Father and Son

The Topics

Over the years, I have read a lot of books about men, men’s ministry, and being a father. While I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I have thought a lot about what it means to be a man. Below is the list of topics that I will be sharing about how to pray. Use it as a starter prayer list as you wait for the next blog in the series.

  1. Maturity in Christ: Maturity could be the first step towards salvation to growing more like Christ everyday.

  2. Leadership: This could be in the home, church, or work. I believe that all men are called to be leaders by God because we can influence those around us.

  3. Purpose in life: Men, let’s be honest, we all want to live a life that has meaning and makes a difference. Let’s be praying that this purpose is part of God’s mission.

  4. Being a husband: Anyone who thinks this is easy hasn’t been married. Husbands need our prayers because not only is it hard, but it is a blessing. We need to remember there are attacks on marriage today as well.

  5. Fathering: One of the best days in my life was the day my son was born. Like marriage, this isn’t easy and there are forces in the world that are hoping I will fail. Please pray for me and all dads out there.

  6. Interaction with his parents and siblings: Our family of origin is important. For some men, these are positive relationships. For others, they are negative. No matter what the situation, men need our prayers to navigate these relationships.

  7. Friendship with other men: Men need other men, but this can be a challenge for us. I know that I need prayer to help me build friendships with other men.

  8. Friendship with women: These friendships are tricky and will look different if a man is married from if he is not married. In either way, we need to pray that a man will treat all women with respect and love.

  9. Work: This relates to life purpose, but it is more than that because this is where most men will encounter non-Christians or a non-Christian man will interact with a Christian man.

Friendship Among Men

Tailgate party at a men's conference
Tailgate party at a men's conference | Source

Above All, Pray

As you can see, there will be 9 more blogs in this series. The number one thing I’m praying about for men is a revival among us. Revival for the Christian men to realize their need for discipleship and revival for more men to become Christians. That is what is going to change our world. I have read and heard many times that if you can reach men with the gospel, then they will reach their families with the gospel. Will you join me in praying for men?

I don’t believe these are the only areas that we can be praying for men about. I choose these because I believe these are areas that at most, if not all, men deal with. I would be curious if any of the readers would have something to add to this list. In any case, I hope that you will join me on this journey and be praying with me.

In the meantime, pray, pray, and...PRAY!!!. Early and often.


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    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 8 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Thanks ericjperry. That revival is going to happen because of prayer. Keep on praying!

    • ericjperry profile image

      ericjperry 8 months ago from Cullman, AL

      Great Hub. I am encouraged to see another man in the world that is actively reaching out to men to empower them to be the Biblical Men we were called to be. I believe we are at the beginning of a revival of men in the world. Your example is spot on regarding "television dads". I have been calling them "Disney Dads". These aren't real men. These guys don't make things happen like it actually happens in the real world, but if that is the only exposure a man has, then it could be easy to fall into that boat. I look forward to your other hubs. Keep it up. I am praying for you and your family. God bless.