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Praying for Men: Part 3

Updated on July 6, 2017

The Ulimate Leader

Every Man is a Leader

I believe that statement is true. This could be at the workplace, at church, or in the home. Ephesians commands men to lead like Jesus and be willing to lay down their lives for their families. The type of leadership that men are called to is called servant leadership. As we lead, we are servants to serve those we are leading. This is a tough task.

For us men to be the servant leaders they are called to be, we need all the prayers we can get. The prayer request is to become more servant-like. It also could be recognizing how and where they are called to lead. I say that, because there are men out there that are in entry level jobs. This could be by choice or default. These men do have places in which they can lead. Maybe it is to lead by example where they work or lead a ministry at church, among other places where they have influence. Let's be praying for these men to understand what God is doing in their lives.

The MInistry I Lead At Church

What is Leadership?

I’ve heard it said that leadership is influencing others. This confirms my idea that all men are leaders because all men have people in their lives they can have influence over. This could be co-workers, supervisors, small group members, friends, etc. You don't have to have a leadership position to lead. For the men reading this, think about those in your circle that you can influence towards Christ. For you women, pray for the men in your lives to realize that they can influence at least one person.

The other piece of true leadership is something that I’ve already shared. Leaders are to be servants. The idea here is, if you are leading others, then you are to serve by helping them do a great job. This takes encouragement, training and accountability. I believe that these are servant-like tasks. Jesus’s example in John 13 of washing his disciples feet illustrates this well. Leaders by training, encouraging, and holding people accountable, are “washing” the people they lead in whatever they are doing.

As you can see, men have a huge task ahead of them. This is why prayer is very important. Pray for men to help people get better at what they are doing. In a sense, “cleaning” those under them and around them and this could also be people above them.

The Family I Lead

In the Home

Fathers and husbands, I believe, are the most important leaders out there. These men are molding the next generation and sometimes, helping their wives grow in the faith. When it comes to molding the next generation, they sometimes, have a partner in the wives. Others are single dads and they need to be both mom and dad. Whatever the situation, they need prayer because being a dad is hard. I’m always thinking about how I can be a better a dad, and then I realize that I haven’t changed much, which is why I need your prayers to be the dad my son needs.

Ephesians 5.25-33 is the passage to go to if you want to know how to be a husband or how to pray for men who are husbands. There is one thing I noticed about this passage; it is longer than the passage about wives. Part of this is Paul showing how the role of the husband is similar to the role of Christ with His church. I suggest that you take a minute, read that passage and pray for the men you know that are husbands. They need your prayer support. If you are husband, pray that passage back to God for His help.

Fathers are called to “bring them [children] up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6.4). That is a huge prayer request. It gets so easy to allow life to block out the time needed to train children how to love Jesus and to live for him. Dads need us to be praying for him. I do a lot of planning to help show my son how to live for Jesus. My request for you my readers is that I will be faithful to this plan and not allow life to get in the way. Also, pray that plan with God.

Lead Like Jesus

Can We Get Your Prayers?

I hope this blog encourages you to pray for men to be strong leaders in their home and everywhere else he has influence. This leadership could lead to more people becoming Christians. I know that I appreciate anyone who is willing to pray for me. I’m thinking about my friend who says a lot - “never pass up an opportunity for prayer.” In some ways, this blog is me not passing up an opportunity for people to pray for me.

As you are out there praying, praying, and praying, (early and often), be on the lookout for my next blog in this series.


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