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Praying for President-Elect Donald Trump

Updated on November 21, 2016

The Opposite of the World Series

The 2016 World Series was amazing. It was a matchup of two teams that haven’t won the World Series in decades. I was cheering on the Cubs only because they haven’t won it since 1908. But I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the Indians had won it. I kept thinking, it is unfortunate that one of the teams had to lose. To tell the truth, I laughed when game 7 went into a rain delay with the game tied after 9 innings. It was like it had to happen that way. It was truly a World Series to remember.

This years presidential election was the opposite for me because I feel that unfortunately someone had to win. I wrote a hub before the election where I was very honest on how I felt about the Republican and Democratic nominees. Going into the ballot box, I couldn’t vote for either of them. But I knew that one of them would win. So, I wrote in a candidate, someone who I knew would do a great job. How I voted doesn’t exclude me from praying for our leaders. So I’m going to pray for President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence because we are commanded to do that from Scripture (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

Pray When it is Convenient for You

I'm praying on Mondays to pray for Trump on Mondays.
I'm praying on Mondays to pray for Trump on Mondays.

A Divided Nation

Our nation is divided. Trump might have gotten the most electoral votes, but he didn’t win the popular vote, which was very close. I have the news on in the background and I’m hearing about the protests because of the results of this election. Then on Facebook, I read posts that are fearful that Trump will fuel racism in our country. And I haven’t mentioned what I read on Facebook from those who wanted Trump to win. Some of those were gloating. The rhetoric from both sides has been horrific - even from those who call themselves Christians!

We need to pray for our country to be united again. I think that Trump should be the center of that. He is the President-Elect of the United States, all of us, not just for those who voted for him. The best thing I read on Facebook was from a Hillary Clinton supporter. He said that we are all in this together. We shouldn’t be rooting for his Presidency to fail because that is like wanting our country to fail. So let’s come together and pray that Trump will bring us together. Pray that the protests will stop and that our soon-to-be President Trump will indeed make our country great again.

This is our nation

Mike Pence

My heart to pray for Vice President-Elect Mike Pence started when I was praying for Indiana while I was going through the prayer guide that the Billy Graham Evangelical Association published as part of their Decision America Tour. I had heard before that he is a Christian. I got this sense that God was preparing him for something great. I didn’t know what that was at the time, but I asked God to prepare him. Now I believe it is for Pence to be a witness to Donald Trump. Not only that, but that Trump will accept the message he gets from Pence.

This past Monday I started to take time to pray for both Pence and Trump. On the top of that list is Trump’s salvation and Pence having the opportunities to share the Gospel with Trump, share it with words, and with actions as well. The most important thing here is Trump’s salvation. In order for Trump to lead our country well, he needs to be under the Lordship of Jesus. I hope that this will be on the top of your list when you pray for Trump.

This is Our King

He is in control. My prayer is for Trump to turn to him.
He is in control. My prayer is for Trump to turn to him. | Source

Prayer List

There are many things we can be praying about for Trump. Here is a list of my suggestions.

  • Trump’s Salvation

  • He will bring this nation together

  • Trump will choose a team that will have the best interest of the country

  • All citizens will see him as their President

  • Congress will only pass Trump’s ideas that will be helpful for our nation

  • Wisdom for policies that will improve our nation

  • Trump will be an example of how to treat women, minorities, and foreigners

  • Obama will be true to his word of being professional in this time of transition.

  • Supreme Court Nominations

  • What will you add to this list?

I suggest that you pick a time and place that you pray for Trump. I have made a call to pray with Christian Revelation to pray on Mondays between now and the inauguration for President-Elect Trump. It would be great if my readers would join our ministry in praying for Trump on Mondays.

Remember, Jesus is in control no matter who the president is.

Let's Pray


Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are commanded by Scripture to pray for our leaders in authority. This is not an option. I encourage you to pray for Trump and Pence. But not only for them, but for Congress as well. Pray for your governor of your state and state legislature. Next week I will be in Augusta, Maine and I will spend time praying for my state government. If our country and states prosper, we will prosper as well.

Get into your prayer closet and pray, pray, and pray. Early and Often.


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    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 17 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Thanks in gerimccylm for joining this prayer movement. If this was helpful to you, please share this hub.

    • gerimcclym profile image

      Geri McClymont 17 months ago

      I appreciate your article, David. Yes, the Scriptures command us to pray for those in authority over us. I join you in prayer for our leaders.