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Praying for Seminary Students

Updated on September 4, 2016

Books for Seminary


Once again, I’m going to break a hubpages’ rule. I’m going to write about myself. Well, kind of. This academic year I’m going to be taking two seminary classes; Christian Doctrine 1 and Christian Doctrine 2. I’m taking these classes to discern if God is calling me to get a master's in ministry. When I was with InterVarsity, I had an opportunity to take Old Testament and New Testament Survey. I loved getting into the word and learning how God was working through ancient history. Now, I get the opportunity to see how that history has shaped doctrine by the way God has revealed Himself.

With this in mind, I thought it was a great time to write a hub about praying for seminary students. In some ways, I’m asking you to pray for me. I need your prayers in a lot of ways beside with taking classes. But also there are many seminary students across the country that need prayer. Not to mention the seminaries around the world. I’m sure that you have heard the joke, seminary is where your faith goes to die. After taking two classes, that hasn’t happened to me. My faith is alive and strengthened by the knowledge that I gained in the two previous classes. And I expect the same for these classes.

A Face to Help Your Pray

Prayer for Me

I will be taking a break from writing until my classes are over. I want to focus on my classes and discern how doctrine is important to prayer. As I read over the syllabus of the course, there is no clear aspect to that, but I’m confident with God’s help, I will be able glean that. I will need to be able to find a balance between family, work, ministry, and school. In other words, I’m going to be busy. I imagine that many non-traditional seminary students, like me, need prayer for this as well.

One thing I have thought about is maybe not writing hubs anymore. This is not from a lack of fun, but from a place of what is best for my ministry to start a prayer movement to bring revival. If I’m totally honest with you my readers, this hub hasn’t gotten much traction. That isn’t from a lack of prayer. Part of this time away during the academic year, my prayer is for discernment. What is next for this hub? I do plan on finishing the Old Testament series that I started. I have five more to go and you might see one this January during the semester break.

My Old Testament Survey Class

I'm way in the back
I'm way in the back

Prayer for Others

There are many reasons why someone would take a seminary class. Some are preparing for professional ministry, and they know that a degree would be helpful. This could be the Pastorate, youth ministry, campus ministry, and the list goes on. Or they could be just discerning if God is calling them to that. Others are just wanting to grow closer to Jesus. I have two friends that fall into both of those categorizes. Both of them need our prayers.

Here is a list of general prayer requests:

  • Time Management: I’m reading over the syllabus and there is a lot for me to do. And I’m only taking one class! The rest of my peers, for the most part, are taking multiple classes and will need to learn how to balance their time. That doesn’t include those that have family or full time work. There is a lot to pray about here.

  • Understanding: There is going to be a lot of materials coming our way. Which means there will be a lot that needs to be understood. Please pray that God will help us retain what we need.

  • Study Skills: There will be exams and there is no way around it. Some like test and others would rather not take them. Pray for our time getting ready to take those exams. Pray that we can retain the information needed to pass the test.

  • Pray Against Demonic Forces: I can see Satan and Demons wanting to go after seminary students and professors because new Christian leaders are being trained. Please pray for spiritual protection throughout the semester.

  • A Danger: I think there is a danger that our faith will only become an intellectual pursuit. Jesus doesn’t want people just to learn about His ways and Him, He wants us to be followers. My prayer is that I will pursue Him in my studies, not the studies in and of themselves. Please join me in this prayer for myself and other students.

  • The Professors: Let’s pray that they will be clear in their expectations and in their teaching. They are shaping the future leaders of the church and so they need our prayers as well.

  • Your Prayer Request: Do you have anything to add? If you do, please put them in the comment section so these students will be well covered in prayer.

An Organization Leading for Revival

Good Leaders Will Help With Revivial

I believe this completely. Which is why we need to pray for seminary students. Many of these students are preparing to be leaders in the church. I for one want to be praying for them, especially as I join them for an academic year. These future leaders of our church need to have an understanding what God is doing in the world. These leaders need to be ready to lead us in this mission.

Let’s get out there and pray for these students. When you are done praying, pray some more. Then pray again. And please, do this early and often.

Hymns are in Rich in Theology


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    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      I will pray for you to realize that I am seeking Holy Spirit and so are seminary students. It too bad that you refuse to pray and wrestle with God about your thoughts about this. It is too bad that you desire to pull me down instead of lifting me up.

      May God bless your ministry and allow it to grow.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      It's clear to you haven't understood a word I said. And like the rest of them, you will continue to embrace your own blindness. I hope there are people out there who are not stupid enough to pray for seminary students, because that would be like praying for someone to remain blind.

      Have a good day.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      KingdomCome, you are certainly held captive about the money thing and profits. You mean to say that workers for kingdom shouldn't receive an income from their work. How do you know that the seminary professors wouldn't do what they do if they didn't receive pay for their work? I might not have a clue in what you believe to be what is taught in Scripture, but you don't have clue in what seminary professors are willing to do if they didn't get paid. We won't know until each one is faced with that situation.

      Thank you for finally answering my question about reading books. If a book is used for spreading the Gospel, what is the problem with it? If it gets a believer off the sidelines and into the work of the mission, then I would say it was money worth spent. The fact that I have spent time studying the Bible on my own, in small groups, at church, with my Pastor, and at seminary has helped me to engaged in God's mission, then that has been time and money well spent.

      Instead of pulling me down, lift me up in prayer instead. And if you are right, God will deal with me. And I welcome the Holy Spirit showing me the errors of my ways. But if I'm right, I will continue seeking the Holy Spirit and following him into group settings, even if I have to pay for it. Christ's kingdom is not a solo act only, it is to be done in community.

      I will pray for you that Jesus will teach you how love those that disagree with on this point.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      You asked if I have ever read a book about the bible. I have read many books ABOUT the bible. Many of them try to explain many different subjects contain within the bible. Many try to explain the context of different subjects within the bible. Many authers of these Books are Doctor in theiology and pastors and priest. What I have learned from these "books" is that most of the authors don't know the bible. What up sets me about many of the authors is the fact that many of them claim to have been inspired by God to write them so that the books can teach other of what the bible is trying to say. SO THEY "SELL" THE BOOKS THEY CLAIM GOD INSPIRED THEM TO WRITE. So we have a situation where authors are SELLING what they claim God had inspired them to write so that the books will inform others as to how to undrerstand the bible. Hummmmmm So, Just like seminary, they are making a profit off of selling the "Gospel" How low down can you get.

      It was stupid on my part to waste my time reading any of them.

      So now I only read the Holy Bible as a disciple of Christ.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      First, I don't care if it's non-denominational seminary or not, the rule still applies. The men and wemen who are the faculty would not be there if they did not get paid for it. Therefore they are there ONLY because i#st a job and they get paid for it. How many would remain if they were not paid.

      Second, here is the CONTEXT of Matthew 10:5-10. And hold on to your seat because here you may learn something.

      In Matthew 10:verses 5-10, Jesus is not "discipling His disciples", as you say. What he had done in these verses was to "command" ( because as King He has the authority to command) His twelve "aposltes" to go out and preach the gospel of the Kingdom and to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and so on.

      And yes, at that moment that He was COMMANDING them to do these things they were twelve "aposltes" not disciples. They would be aposltes until their return. The word aposlte mean "messenager" The would spread the message of the Kingdom and do great works such as healing and raising the dead. To prove Jesus sent them out as aposlte you just have to read three verses before in Matthew 10:2-4 which states: 2 Now the names of the TWELVE APOSLTES were these; first Simon, who is calledPeter, and Andrew his brother; James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother,3 Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthewthe Tay collector; James the son of Alphaeus and Lebaeus whose surname was Thaddaeus; 4 Simon the Cananite, and Judas Iscarit, who betrayed Him.

      Well, will you look at that Judas Iscarit, who betrayed Jesus was an aposlte.

      Jesus sent these twelve "APOSLTE" out to spread the Kingdom message. And Jesus just gave them POWER AND AUTHORITY to heal the sick raised the dead and so on just by giving them the COMMAND to do it. The SAME power and authority the Jesus has. And now they have it. But only until they return.

      This same story line is carried over to Luke 9:1-10 (NKJV) which states: 1Then He called His disciples together and GAVE THEM POWER AND AUTHORITY over ALL demons and to CURE DISEASES. 2 He sent them to preach the KINGDOM OF GOD AND THEY HEALED THE SICK.

      This power and authority was given by Jesus to the aposltes to demonnstrate His authority as a King.

      What is importent to note about this event is in Matthew 10:10 it states in part........Freely you have received, freely give.

      Gee how do you like that, no tuition. Maybe the faculty at your seminary might learn from this.

      We are to be messenagers of the Kingdom of God. Which was the core of Jesus ministry. He commands us to do this. It states in Matthew 28: 19-20 (NKJV) 19 Go therefore and make "DISCIPLES of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the of the Holy Spirit, TEACHING them to observe all things I have COMMANDED you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

      So, what did Jesus COMMAND the disciples to do?

      To spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

      With regards to your second point in your last comment, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      First, it is non-denominational seminary that I'm attending. I find you have arrogance saying that all seminary teach false belief. You have no idea what they teach. And you are assuming that the Holy Spirit isn't there, which is wrong because the faculty are men and women of prayer and they are seeking the kingdom of God. And I'm only speaking of the two I have attended. I don't know about the rest.

      Second, those verses describe something that happen in a context of Jesus discipling his disciples. The principal is calling us to dependence on him. For some it will mean seminary, for others it will mean being equipped as they go. As the body of Christ, we are going to disagree on the interpretation of passage and it is dangerous to get dogmatic outside of the basics-trinity, Bible as word of God, Jesus fully God and fully man, his substitutional death on the cross, His resurrection and return. These are things that I'm dogmatic about.

      I hope that the arrogance I read is because I'm reading text and not a reality if we were talking in real life.

      Again, have you ever read a book about the Bible?

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      It is evident by your last comment that you didn't even bother to read Matthew 10: 5-10. Because if you had and understood what it means you would never have writen your last comment.

      The Baptist seminary is just like the rest of them, they have no understanding of what the Kingdom of God is. You have proven that by your comment and the fact you belong to a business for profit, man made false church.

      A have to be kidding me.

      Have a good day.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Is the only reason, in your mind, that a seminary false is because they charge tuition? Because of that they can't be seeking the Kingdom of God. When I took my Old Testament and New Testament Survey, those classes sought the kingdom of God.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      Read Mathhew 10:5-10.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      No, I'm saying the Holy Spirit will not guide anyone into false seminary. Because seminary WILL NOT TEACH YOU ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

      No one should have to PAY to learn the word of God. Regardless of where the money comes from.

      If you want to learn God word then pick up the Bible and Study it for yourself and let the HOLY SPIRIT GUIDE YOU IN YOUR STUDY. Seek the Kingdom of God FIRST.

      Read Matthew 10: 5-1

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Are you saying that the Holy Spirit doesn't work through man?

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      Let me make sure I have this right and I'll quote; "On top of that , the Holy Spirit LED SOMEONE TO "DONATE MONEY" OR A GROUP TO DONATE "ENOUGH MONEY" that this seminary is offered FREE classes to anyone that wants to take classes. SO, WHAT YOU'RE SAYING IS "SOMEONE" OR GROUP "PAID FOR IT". It isn't the Holy Spirit guiding you and your to BLIND to see it.

      SINCE WHEN IS PAID FOR IT,..............FREE

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Yes, I really do believe that the Holy Spirit led me to take this class this fall. On top of that, the Holy Spirit led someone or a group to donate enough money that this seminary is offering free classes to anyone that wants to take classes. Plus, the idea of being charged money means you have to depend on the Holy Spirit to provide.

      When I heard about the free classes, I prayed about taking classes and the answer was to do it. Then if God leads me, I will take more classes.

      And you didn't answer my question.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      You never answered my question. Try to answer my last question I had asked you.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine

      Kingdom Come, you certainly are convince of your opinion. And you are in the minority in your opinion. Many churches support seminary education. You certainly sound to be some one who believes in a Bible only approach.

      Do you read books about the Bible and seeking the Kingdom of God? It like you deny God's hand in anything outside of the Bible. It took God working through man to shape the Church today. And shape how the Bible was put together.

      Thanks for your opinion. I pray that Jesus will show you how he worked through history.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      Why can't you use the Holy Bible and let the holy spirit guide you? I can assure you, the Holy spirit would NEVER stoop so low as to guide anyone into false Baptise seminary school. Or in any other false man made churches who have seminaries for that matter. Your's is not the only seminary school that provide false teachings, all seminaries have false teachings. Seminaries do not teach on the subject of the Kingdom of God which was the main or center focus of Jesus Christ's minstry. They teach the doctrines of men guide by satan. Baptise seminaries like all others are focused on the church of men and not on the Kingdom of God.

      Seminary will not get you any where. And I would NEVER trust you when it comes to anything you have to say about God word, because I already know you're wrong.

      If you really want understanding, then seek the Kingdom of God first through indepth study guided by the Holy Spirit and you WILL find it. Which you will not get in seminary school.

      Just one final point. Do you really believe the Holy Spirit will guide you into a seminary school that you have to pay for in order to learn about the word of God? I just can't imagen the Holy Spirit doing something like that. Think aboout it, why should anyone pay money to anyone to learn God's word.

      So, to answer your question. No, the Holy Spirit would NEVER use a seminary.

      Read Matthew 6:33 until you finally get what it means.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 21 months ago from Old Town, Maine


      Why can't the Holy Spirit use a seminary? Trust me, taking these classes come from a place of seeking the Holy Spirit in my life.

    • profile image

      KingdomCome 21 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

      Why don't you just study in depth the word of God with the guiide of the Holy Sprit, instead of receiving all the garbage you will get from false teachings in seminary school.


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