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Praying for This Election

Updated on November 3, 2016

I'm One of These


The Current Situation

I’m an independent and I have a strong reaction to the Democrat and Republican nominees, “really, this is the best you could give me.” As is with many other voters, I’m disappointed. I have seen many arguments on both sides on how as a Christian I should vote. Then there’s the idea that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils. This brings up the question, how is a Christian to vote? And also pray for the election.

We are less than week away from the election and if you haven’t prayed, now is the time. And if you have been praying, I hope that you won’t stop. I want to go on record that we shouldn’t be praying for the one candidate that we want to win. Instead, we should be praying for each of the candidates. Let’s look at the candidates and ways we can be praying for them.

Hillary Clinton

We could see our first woman President, depending on the results of the election. I think it speaks to the rise of women's status in our country and that we are closer to equal treatment then we have been in a long while. This is something to praise God for, and that is a great place to start. The next thing I would pray for is Clinton’s salvation. Pray that she will encounter God.

I would also pray for God to engage her on her opinion on abortion. In some eyes, this is a women’s issue, and I disagree with that. This is the life of the unborn baby that is at stake here. Some of my readers might be saying, “but Dave, what about the right of a woman to have control over their body.” I understand that thought, but this is about the rights of the life growing inside of her. I believe that God can change hearts about this and Hillary's heart can be one of them.

For a Laugh

A question for you

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Donald Trump

I’ve been spending some time this week looking over the candidate's website to help me decide who to vote for. The thing with Trump that sticks out to me is that wall and getting Mexico to pay for it. My knee jerk is, “good luck Mr. Trump.” There is a balance here between keeping illegal immigrants out and making it easy for legal immigrants to come in. Let’s pray that our leaders in Washington will find this balance and not go to the extremes of letting everyone in and blocking everyone.

Trump needs Jesus, so I hope that you are praying for his salvation and for him to encounter God. I’m also praying for his treatment of women. We need a President who will honor women and not degrade them in any way. Pray for Trump that he finds ways to show examples of how men should treat women. Pray also for dads to use this with their sons as what not to do with women. Above all, regardless if Trump is elected, it certainly appears that both he and Clinton need a change. A change that only the Holy Spirit can do. Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to make that change to willing hearts.

Two Party System


Gary Johnson

Initially, I was excited for Johnson’s entry into the race. That is until I learned that he is pro-choice when it comes to abortion. In many others ways he could be an alternative to conservative voters like myself to Trump. Besides his need for salvation, let’s be praying for his position on abortion. God is the only one who could do this change. I wrote about this before with Clinton because this issue is important to our country. We should not be a country known for killing, but we are because of abortion being legal in this nation.

The other interesting thing with Johnson is his third party status. In the past, I needed to seek out who the third party candidate was. This year you would have to be under a rock not to have heard about Gary Johnson. Let’s pray for the two party system. With the nomination of Trump and Clinton, I believe that the system is broken. God can heal it or God will bring in something better or He may judge our nation righteously. It would be great if Johnson will get enough votes to allow other voices on the debate stage and another party part of the election process.

Praying for the Election 2016

Evan McMullin

McMullin is a write-in candidate in most states and on the ballot in others. Some of you are wondering who is, and I don’t blame you. I only recently heard of his candidacy. I’m praying that he could be more known and people will consider voting for him.

In some ways, this hub is an answer to that prayer. I had taken a break while I’m taking my class in theology, but I felt a need to call Christians into prayer for the candidates. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other third party and write-in candidates that are also lesser known that are ready for the job of President. Let’s pray for them to be known by the voters.

Ready for some transparency? I would love for Johnson or McMullin to get some elector votes and send the election to the House of Representatives. That would be history happening in front of our eyes! But, I’m not praying for this. The reason is I find this equals to praying for my candidate to win. In reality, I want to pray for God’s results to happen. I want to agree with Him with what He wants. I certainly tell Him what I think, but, more than that I will always push for His will, not mine. I encourage all of you to do the same.

The Capitol

The election could be decided here
The election could be decided here

The Best Prayer

This election is about how we are going to respond to God. After praying all these things and more for each of the candidates, the next prayer, and most important one, is asking “God, who do you want me to vote for?” He will either give you an answer or let you know how to decide on your own. If the latter is true for you, then pray for God to bestow wisdom on you. Wisdom to make that wise choice. Pray for candidates positions on issues to line up with what God wants and pray for their salvation. Study their platforms to see how closely they line up with your values. Pray about how a particular candidate will effect the Supreme Court and the decisions that could be made in the next 40 years, affecting our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. But don’t forget to pray about how you will vote.

Please know I’m not trying to influence you to adopt my persuasions and my opinions, but to encourage you to pray. If you find this posted on a page in facebook, it doesn’t mean that the page endorses all that I have say. The C-Rev organization, which I volunteer for, is with me in the call to prayer and I encourage all prayer warriors check us out.

This hub is long enough, so I will end with a more normal ending. There is more things I suggest you to do, pray, pray, and pray. Early and often. By doing this, God will be involved.


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