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Praying for the Fatherless

Updated on May 9, 2016

My Son Davey and Two of His Friends

Wave a Magic Wand

Within the last couple of years I have learned this new gospel presentation called the four circles. Circle one is about how the world was made prefect, circle two is about how the world is messed up because of human sin, three is about the cross, and four is our partnership with Jesus to change the world. When I present this to non-believers, I like to ask the question, “If you could wave a magic wand, what problem would you fix in the world?” I get many answers ranging from hunger to domestic violence. For me, it would be that every child would go to bed with not only a fad in the home, but a dad who is active in their lives. Fatherlessness has always been on my mind. In the past I have mentored young men and today I have taken special interest in my son’s friends who don’t have a dad in the home.

I have also read a lot on this topic. Mothers are extremely important, but so are fathers. Both together are what children need. Many of the books I have read on this topic suggest that a lot of our societal ills can be solved if there were many more fathers involved with their children. In one book fatherless teens are talking about their dads. At first there's anger in their voices because of of their dad's leaving them. Then they were defending their dad's because they still feel a connection. This is why I’m writing this. The fatherless needs our prayers. Will you join me in praying for them?

Saving Seats So His Friends Can Join Him For Worship at a Teen Retreat

Every Man's Mentor

Every Man's A Mentor
Every Man's A Mentor

This is a great read to gain vision on mentoring the fatherless. Sam gives practical ideas and tells his story. It will help you get started on your journey of helping the fatherless.


How To Pray

Here are my thoughts on how we should be praying for the fatherless:

  • Single Moms: These great women have a lot on their plates. Not only do they need to be mom, but they also need to be dad. This is impossible without God. They need to know that we are behind them and that God is their strength. Some are single because of divorce and others because their husband has passed away. In either case, they need our prayers and support. I ask you, who are the single moms that you know that you can be praying for? If she is a believer, ask her how you can be praying for her and her children. If she is not a believer, pray for her salvation and opportunity for you to share the gospel with her and her kids.

  • The Kids: They are living in a less than ideal situation. What I don’t want you think is that they can’t thrive in this situation. But they have something missing that in their lives since dad isn’t there. So pray that they can still thrive and be respectful to their mothers and other adults in their lives. I can think of a few children that are growing up or have grown up in single mom situation and they are doing great. It is because of prayers and great parenting by the single mother. Let’s pray for these kids to have what they need in order to thrive in this world and overcome their situation.

  • Men to Be Raised Up: There are two things to be praying for in regards to men. The first is that men will not leave their families but do what is necessary to stay married. OUR MARRIAGES ARE UNDER ATTACK FROM ALL FRONTS and we need to pray for marriages to stay together. Unfortunately marriages do break apart for better or for worse. When this happens, we need to pray for men to step up and mentor these children that don’t have a dad in their lives. So men reading this, I pray and hope that you will pray about mentoring the fatherless around you. You could make a difference! Maybe there is a friend of your son or daughter that could really use your influence. If you are a non-custodial dad, you still matter. And we in this community will pray for you to be active in the lives of your kids.

Here is a video that I made

Fatherless America and the Church

Fatherless America and the Church
Fatherless America and the Church

I haven't read this yet, but it is by the same author as Every Man's a Mentor. I'm assume it is good.


More Prayer Points

  • Mentoring Organizations: My wife has participated in Bowl for Kids Sake that raises money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. This is a secular organization that does great work. We should pray for Big Brothers/Big Sisters as well as other organizations that do the same thing. Maybe even pray for your church to start something as well.

  • Look After Orphans: The Bible says this in the book of James. So one way we can pray for the fatherless is to bring orphans into our homes. Pray about doing foster care or adopting. Get newsletters from adopting agencies like Show Hope. Then, if God is calling you to do foster care or adopt, go for it. I also suggest for you to pray for families in your church that have opened their hearts for adoption or foster care.

  • Single Fathers: I know this blog is about the fatherless, but there are single father families out there and they need our prayers as well. Motherlessness is something that I wouldn’t wish on any family, just like fatherlessness.

  • What About Same Sex Families: We should pray because this is also less than ideal. More and more same sex couples are bringing children into their houses. Again, we need to pray for these children to have positive influences from both genders. I pray that my readers who know children in this situation will pray and step into their lives and love them, as well as the love the couple.

  • Your Thoughts: How would you pray? Please share because I would love to pray more for the fatherless.

Who do you call on Father's Day

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I believe that this is one of the worse problems that our country faces. There are so many children in our country that go to bed without their dad at home. I pray that these children will have father figures to step in and do what they can. I’m also praying for marriages to stay together so that children will always have a dad. Will you join me in this prayer?

Remember to pray, pray, and pray, early and often. The fatherless needs us.


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