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Praying for the Kingdom Hall

Updated on August 18, 2015

Picture of JW's materials they hand out.

When I was growing up, my mom would take my sister and I to Catholic Mass. One of the many things that has stayed with me from my Catholic days was the different seasons. This time of year was known as “Ordinary Time” because it wasn’t a special time in the church’s calendar. That didn’t mean we didn’t learn a lot about God during that time, it was just the way the church marked their seasons. I’ll never forget the time I first explained this idea to a Jehovah Witness. He quickly pointed out to me what it says in Galatians 4:9-11 about being enslaved because of following days and seasons and that all days were the same in God’s eyes. I remember thinking, “Did he just go there? Does he not know Romans 14:5-7?”

I started thinking about this because when I was planning a prayer walk along Main Street in Old Town, my wife suggested I stop in front of the Kingdom Hall and pray really hard for the Jehovah Witnesses . I can understand why she suggested I pray really hard. They are absolutely convinced of what they believe and they are not afraid to speak their mind. Not only that, but on some things they seem to be right on. Now before you jump down my throat, know that the JW's "...hold the truth in unrighteousness" in the spirit of Rom. 1. as they take God's words out of context and turn them around to fit their philosophy - so, it may SOUND like they have it together. No matter what they might say - they aren't Christians (based on basic doctrine). The big thing I disagree with them about is their denial of the divinity of Christ. This is one of those no compromise things to believe in for me to agree if you are Christian.

Basic Beliefs of a Christian

What about praying for them? So glad you asked.

  • Pray for Them to Come to the Door: Maybe I’m weird, but I actually like it when I’m home when they come to my door. It gives me an opportunity to witness to them. While they are talking with you, take that time to pray for their salvation and for God to give you the words He wants you to say. If you don't know your Bible all that well and feel you aren't spiritually mature enough at this point - talk to them - out in your yard (don't invite them into your house and don't take their material, but be pleasant, polite and love them in Jesus' name).

  • Holy Spirit to Speak to Them: One JW I talked to was surprised that I have heard God speak to me. He was convinced that the only way that God speaks to us is through other people and the Bible. He couldn’t believe that I had heard from God directly (that's 'cause I've been born again and have a personal relationship with Him). I pray that they will hear God’s voice speaking to them about Jesus and the Trinity.

  • Ask God to Change Their Beliefs: They’re on a different path than we are. They are so convinced they are right that only God can change that. I pray God will show them His truth and that they will realize what God is saying them.

  • Pray Against Demonic Forces: One story I heard from a Jehovah Witness was when they visited a home that had a dog. Usually this dog would bark and scare anyone away from entering the house. But, when a Jehovah Witness came, the dog didn’t bark. The conclusion my friend had was that angels were helping them do door to door witnessing. I was thinking that it could have been a demon-controlled dog. Or the dog was sleeping when they got there. The enemy likes to masquerade as an angel of light. He likes to make his lies look like the truth. I said earlier that Jehovah Witnesses are right on a few things, it would seem, but wrong on a big thing. Let’s pray that they will start seeing the truth - the WHOLE truth.

  • Don’t Worry about Having Everything Right: When they have questions, answer to the best of your knowledge and trust God to fill in the rest. I would also be honest about what you know and don’t know. Don't be afraid to learn what you can learn about what Jehovah Witnesses believe - but do KNOW what YOU believe. It would be ok to get a copy of the New World Living Translation, their translation, and see how they get around those verses that claim divinity for Jesus - comparing it to a solid translation of the the Bible (NIV, King James, New King James, just to name a few).

  • Don’t Get Caught Up on Minor Things: Personally, I don’t find it a big deal that they don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays. But, have a reason for why you celebrate holidays and birthdays. Above all, don’t get hung up on this point, say your peace, listen to them, pray and move on.

  • Don’t Give Up: I had a co-worker who is a Jehovah Witness said to me that he gives up trying to convert me. He could see I was convinced of, and confident in my faith. I told him that I wasn’t going to give up on him. That his salvation is too important to not pray for. So, keep on praying for your friends and family that are a part of the Kingdom Halls. It IS possible for someone to be convinced on the need of Jesus from the Kingdom Halls. Just keep praying my friend.

  • Immerse Yourself In God's Word: Know what's in that Bible of yours so that you can wage spiritual war with false religions with an offensive weapon - Eph. 6:17. Get yourself prepared. Pray for yourself as well as for them.

  • These are MY Thoughts: Is there a Jehovah Witness that you are praying for? What would you add to this list? I really do want to hear your opinion, so - go ahead and leave a comment.

I have a friend that was once a Jehovah Witness, so it is possible for someone to come out of that. We just need to pray, pray, and pray again. Your friend is going to be saved. And others will be as well. Keep praying, friends and let me know how God is working in your life and in those around you.

Have a JW come and visit you?

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