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Praying for the Unborn

Updated on October 3, 2015

We Need a Baby Picture for this Blog, How About Me at 3 Months Old

Who’s ready to read about a controversial topic? How about a blog on the issues of Pro Life vs. Pro Choice. Roe V. Wade has always been a part of my life. It was in 1973 that abortions were made legal in this country by the Supreme Court. Since then, this nation has debated this issue and I bet will continue to debate this issue until Jesus returns. We have seen protest on both sides. When I was in Prince Edward Island in August of 2014, pro-life activists lined the streets leading to downtown Charlottetown with signs that graphically show what happens when a baby was aborted. It was quite clear where they stood on this issue. This issue comes down to answering this question: Who has greater rights-the woman or the baby?

I took some time to read the history of what led up to the case on wikipedia and I was saddened. Roe did have the baby that she was trying to abort. My heart goes out to this person because I can imagine he or she at times feels unwanted. I know I would be, but this is all speculation on my part. I also took time to read over statistics on abortion from the last couple of years. I have to praise God because some of the numbers say that it is declining, but there are still a lot of abortions every year in this country. One thing that I think that has helped is medical advances that have made it possible to give the unborn medical treatment.

Me Praying for the Unborn

An Unborn


So, how do we pray for the unborn? Thanks for asking because you know that I want to share my thoughts on this issue.

  • Both the Unborn and the Mother are Important to God: I thought I would start off by answering the question that I asked in the first paragraph. Both are equally important and both have the same rights. We need to pray that people will come to understand this truth. There has been many people who argue that the unborn are less than people because they haven’t been born yet and so elevated the value of the mom over the baby. I contend that both are equally important and should be celebrated as created in the image of God.

  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers: There are many of these around the country. Women visit who are considering abortion and those that have had an abortion and needs healing and forgiveness. I get emails with prayer requests for First Step Pregnancy Center in Bangor, Maine. I know there is the First Choice Pregnancy Center in Waterville, Maine and Alpha in Sanford, Maine that does the same thing. I find those emails really helpful because they send specific requests for different women (and even with men at the Waterville center). I do appreciate that these centers have services for fathers facing these decisions as well. These centers are great because, not only do they care for the unborn, but for the moms and dads as parents. BOTH need prayer in all of this.

House Chamber in the Maine State House

  • Planned Parenthood: I bet there are some raised eyebrows right about now. I don’t blame you. But, is it really love if we only pray for those that we agree with on this issue? The people who run Planned Parenthood are made in the image of God and need his salvation. Many believe that they are doing the right thing and we need to pray for their hearts to continue to want to do the right thing. My prayer for all involved in Planned Parenthood will experience God. Then after they experience God will come to the realization that they need him and he is the authority with this issue. Then maybe Planned Parenthood will change and defend the rights of both mom and the unborn.

  • Our Leaders in Government: I pray for more pro life elected officials. Laws are not the be all and end all in reforming this issue in our nation, but it is the start. Our elected officials need our prayers, especially on this issue. My prayer is that they will make decisions that are right and not worry that it may be unpopular. I also pray that the government will start holding people accountable for their actions. I would love for abortions to stop, but I don’t believe it is right to blow up abortion clinics and we need to pray for the safety of all people regardless of what they are doing. Neither is it right to traffic in unborn body parts.

  • Your Thoughts: How are you praying for this issue? Please take the moment to share your thoughts. “I’m listening.”

A Prayer from an Unborn

Will you join me in praying for the unborn? I hope so. The Bible calls us to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice. The unborn do not have a voice, so I think we need to intercede to God on behalf of the unborn so He will act on their behalf and use us who are willing to be used. This is a conversational issue, but one I think that we need to be speaking up for and praying for. Let’s please be praying for God to work a miracle. Its a matter of life and death.

Okay folks, as usual, get out there and pray, pray, and pray, early and often.

Is there a pregnancy resource center in the city you live in?

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