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Ten tips to go to Heaven

Updated on July 17, 2013

My Final Stop

Journey of life

From day 1 of creating Adam, God has been a very kind God, never forcing anything bitter down mankind's throat or making the creature's life difficult. He provided mankind with nice little pumping machines called hearts to keep the creature going, awesome thinking machines called brains to keep the creature busy, and all the stuff required for mankind to make sensible decisions. God then left the brainy creature there, with lots of good company and lots bad company. But thanks to the entry of Satan and his vipers, mankind has not made many sensible decisions till date. For example, Adam should not have eaten that bitter fruit for Eve's pleasure; Cain should not have killed his brother Abel on some minor misunderstanding; Man should not have left the forest in search of comfort; science should not have found the atom bomb; Mahatma Gandhi should not have been killed for fasting for Muslims, and many more should not haves. Why had man to go to the moon? The Titanic should not have sailed on that fateful night. The Internet should not have been found.

So the question one must ask oneself about the journey of life is not where one will go after death, hell or Heaven, but where one will DECIDE to go after death, hell or Heaven. We do what we decide to do or go where we decide to go. Decision making is all that matters. Considering mankind’s tendency toward wrong, in all probability most of us would land up in hell.

So as I said, we go where we want to go. Decision making is all that matters.

Going to any place needs a lot of planning. If you wish to go to New York, you have to prepare yourself with necessary documents, clothes, and currency and book your ticket well in advance for a comfy seat and a cool trip. If you purchase a ticket for New Delhi and board the plane to New York, the authorities will either send you to the nearest prison or drop you down New Delhi. So if you want to go to Heaven, prepare yourself for life in Heaven and take the right path to Heaven. On the other hand, if you train yourself for life in hell and plan your trip to Heaven, you will reach neither hell nor Heaven but may be ejected out somewhere on your way to hell, probably once again having to pass through the scourge of life on earth. Probably this is why so many of us are found still moving toward hell, with the world already a mini hell.

Any journey is a long process. Life on earth is a journey to either hell or Heaven. If you spend the whole of your life on earth moving happily toward hell in a cosy vehicle with wine, women, and video games, and having no time even to take a peep out and check your route to see those pools of burning sulfur, and wish to land up in Heaven when your journey comes to an end, you would be too late, for you, in a fool’s Paradise, will have boarded the wrong vehicle on your trip of life. Death is not a magical moment when you are ejected out into a pool of burning sulfur or the cool company of saints on a momentary decision of God, but the end of a journey you have undertaken on your own accord. If you want to go to Heaven, take the path to Heaven. If you don't mind going to hell, just go to hell.

There are a lot of vehicles around us bound for Heaven or hell. Since most of us would like to reach Heaven, here are a few tips to choose the right vehicle and have an enjoyable trip through the valley of life.

1. Never choose a vehicle that offers extra comfort. Choose comfort only if absolutely necessary. Always try to find out who manages the vehicle. Be careful, because there are a lot of evil drivers these days with saintly uniforms, and most of those crooks look alike.

2. Do not seek the assistance of third parties to choose your vehicle. Try to do everything on your own by yourself.

3. Double check your destination before boarding your trip of life.

4. If you need guidance, always ask your parents; they will never misguide you even if they be hell-bound.

5. Beware bad wine and dirty videos during journey.

6. Carry baggage just enough for your one-way trip. Heaven never takes in unused stuff, hell does. Too much baggage might disturb your co-passengers. Try to keep your co-passengers cool and comfortable.

7. Do not accept gifts from co-passengers; they may have ulterior motives; even those bound for Heaven play dirty games.

8. Read your Bible during journey.

9. Prepare yourself well for your destination point—your death.

10. Have a peaceful journey. The Lord waits for you.

If you follow the above tips, be assured, you will definitely find yourself in Heaven. If not, God forbid, the pool of Satan’s sulfur waits for you. Its stench kicks better than liquor, especially when served by female ghosts.

Dangerous journey


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    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 5 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Being a Muslim i have found this to be a very original and interesting way to convey the message of having and aim and working towards it rather than just thinking about it.

      Excellent message for people to improve thier ways.

      Voted up!

    • profile image

      Jayesef 6 years ago

      Dear valleyforge84,

      Thanks for seeing those footsteps. Hope many more of us take those steps.

    • profile image

      Jayesef 6 years ago

      Dear mcals71,

      Thanks a lot for your positive comments. After all going to heaven is not a big deal if the glares of your co-travelers do not disturb you.

    • profile image

      mcals71 6 years ago

      This is an original, refreshing and modern narrative on the reality of heaven and hell, which is based of the truth. I really enjoyed reading your hub with all the respect it deserves. Voted up.

    • valleyforge84 profile image

      valleyforge84 6 years ago

      Interesting way to convey your message of following God's footsteps. voted up.