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Preachers and practitioners!

Updated on August 3, 2013

Mere bookish knowledge is of no use!

Most of the time we notice that preachers seldom practice what they preach! It is for the very reason, Sathya Saibaba when he was a young lad had written and acted a beautiful drama which i have narrated in one of my previous hubs. He has given an apt title for that drama in Telugu namely "Cheppinattu Chesthara? meaning "Do deeds follow words? In a way we can term this as 'hypocrisy. It seems most of the preachers are suffering from this. I do not mean to degrade them in one lot but there are exceptions to this rule. There are many sincere preachers who practiced first what they preach. Their words carry more effect on the minds of people than the other category. There is a proverb which says that one teaspoon full of cow's milk is thousand times better than barrels of donkey's milk. Here cow's milk represents 'practice' and donkey's milk can be compared to theory. The emphasis here is practice.

It is very easy to preach! Every Tom, Dick and Harry can preach. There is no paucity for unsolicited advises. We get it everywhere and in every places. Less talk and more work is what is needed now in the world. I have mentioned about those preachers who first practice! History contains many such examples. Whether in the secular fields or spiritual one, there are innumerable stalwarts who practice what they preach. Their words always carry the truth of wisdom! Hence people love to hear them and the power of their words transformed many. Jesus Christ is One, whose sermons changed many a hearts. Hence, even after 2000 and odd years, He is venerated and worshiped by many millions of Christians. Likewise Prophet Mohammad and GuruNanak have carved their place in the history.

Likewise many philosophers like Aristotle,Pluto and Socrates are remembered and their teachings are published and translated in many languages of the world. In India there are many number of sages like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Vivekananda. There are yogis like Aurobindo and Paramahamsa Yogananda whose fame has spread throughout the world. They were great Yogis who have practiced their entire life, all spiritual practices and attained the zenith. Also Shirdi Baba and Sathya Saibaba are recent names who have spread their immortal teachings all through the globe.Why people venerate them? They have reached the height of wisdom but in the case of Sathya Saibaba, he was born with full powers and wisdom even from the birth! He said, he has chosen his mother before taking birth. We all can choose only wives or husbands and none can choose their mother. Since he was of Divine Origin, he selected his mother and family in which he has to take birth. As in the case of Mary, his was also an 'immaculate conception' since his birth has originated from sky from where a blue ball of light descended on the person of his mother Easwaramba!

Even in academics, there are separate sessions for practical work. But unfortunately what we read in the schools and collages have no bearing in our official or professional life. Hence many companies recruit the prospective employees and give then 'hands on training' in their respective fields! Most of us used to read many books and stuff them in the brain. Unless we put them in practice, we can not gain any knowledge worth the name. Hence be practical than mere bookworms!



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