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Precursor to 666: ID Card for All US Workers

Updated on March 9, 2010

 Well, the beginning is upon us. The first step towards that fulfillment of biblical phrophecy. Don't freak out. There is still a few years before most will feel the impact of the US Comprehensive Immigration Bill part of which will include a national ID card for all US workers including citizens and immigrants. These are biometric cards containing four types of recognition systems to verify ID of the holder:

Fingerprint, Vein Geometry (makes a template of the owners hand veins), Facial Recognition (facial scans of features) and Iris Scanning (scans over 200 points for ID marks).

The national ID card's purpose is to know who is here illegally. The fear of many is that the card would be used for other purposes since every person in the US would be fingerprinted. The other reason for the need is Social Security cards, which are easily tampered with and obtained illegally by illegal workers. Many want the voluntary E-Verify system, to verify if the person is a US citizen, to become mandatory. This would help combat the 10.8 million illegal residents here.

If passed, all workers in the US, including teenagers, would have to get the new ID card to work. Workers already employed would be forced to get the card either immediately to continue working or when then switch jobs. The new cards would be phased in over time in industries that most illegals work in. Employers would be required to purchase a $700 scanner to check the new ID's and small businesses could do it free at a designated government office, i.e., post office, social security.

The bill is being introduced now and in the interest of national security probably will pass at some time. So, if you refuse to get the new ID card, you can't work. If you do get the card, I do not think this the "mark of the beast", because the card can be in any hand. What will happen is that the card's tamper proof system will fail enough to warrant having the same info put into a small chip and implanted in your hand.

That is when you need worry. Seriously worry. 


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