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Prediction (1) - Death the stranger.

Updated on May 29, 2016

This hub is one of three experiences I thought I would share. They occurred between the ages of 20 and 33. The other two will be shared in different hubs. I felt it would be useful to describe events leading up to the event.

Prior to these strange events happening, I had always viewed predictions as only ever possibilities. This is largely due to the nature of our intricately weaved fabric of life that encompasses infinite patterns of consciousness that for me can be easily changed by what we know as free will.. From the bank of infinite choices we will use free will to choose or not choose and in doing so we can cause ripples that can affect these predictive patterns indirectly or directly. Or so I thought.

Tangaroa (God of the Sea)
Tangaroa (God of the Sea)

Events prior to the experience

Christmas was a couple of weeks away and summer was fully blossoming. It was the last day of work for nearly everyone and attending Christmas parties was like a pub crawl down main street. Each party had an atmosphere that was fully charged, electric and exciting. Peoples spirits soared higher than an eagle could fly. We drank, ate, laughed, danced, and sang our merry little hearts out till the wee hours of the morning. It was truly fun.

Stumbling home and into bed was only a whisper of a very vague memory upon waking. Yet the memory of the fun filled night was vivid and was worth the heavy head and groggy feeling that was an unwanted side effect due to over drinking. The late morning sunlight that crept through the drawn curtains pounded on my forehead not caring about the hangover my head was nursing. Trapped underneath my Husbands arm and leg I couldn't move without waking him. So I lay there for a few minutes in silence. The room reeked of alcohol, as we lay fully clothed on top of the bed. My wandering attention was diverted by the aroma of food that I detected through the stench of alcohol lingering the air. Someone was cooking I thought. All of a sudden ravenously hungry, I no longer cared whether I would wake my husband up and rudely shoved his leg and arm off me to go and investigate. He groaned turned over and fell back into his semi-drunken slumber.

I discovered that a couple of friends had made it home with us and they were cooking breakfast. I was so grateful and although they were both nursing hangovers they looked much more alert than I felt. I jumped in the shower and by the time I got out they had woken my Husband and all three were waiting for me to join them for breakfast. Apparently it was decided by all three while I was showering that we should go and visit my Dad. I was never sure how they came to that decision but I was delighted at the decision and we agreed to leave after breakfast.

We took both cars and set off on our two hour journey to my Fathers batch at the beach. His home away from home. He was a man of the land and sea. Hunting, fishing and diving were his favourite pastimes. According to Dad Tangaroa (God of the Sea) always challenged his mortal existence. So far Tangaroa had not defeated Dad's mortal existence in spite of the many close calls he had often boasted about.

When we arrived, my Dad's girlfriend, advised that he was at a neighbors drinking (obviously annoyed) and we would have to wait till he got back. We spent most of the day in the sea, swimming and basking in the warmth of the summer sun. We explored the mysterious caverns that lined the eastern seashores looking for ancient relics of long lost civilizations to no avail. We shared the beautiful sea lined coast with locals and tourists who were doing much of the same activities. It was a beautiful day and when darkness was well and truly in full flight we wandered back to my Dad's batch. It was late and Dad was still out. By the time he got back we were well into the depths of dream-scape, so I didn't get to see him till the following morning.

Seeing the future

When I entered the lounge the next morning I observed my Dad sitting in a lounge chair. He was obviously hungover. “Hi Dad” I beamed, excited to see him. “Hi daughter” he replied sluggishly. I assumed the sluggish response was from the hangover. However, as he looked up into my eyes it was as if time began to slow right down. It was only a few seconds his glance but time slowed right down for me. My body began to vibrate quickly and time eventually stopped. I was looking into his eyes but did not recognize what I was seeing at first. My body vibrated faster and faster where I was no longer solid and I could see and feel impending death. Although I could not articulate what I saw, the knowledge of impending death was indisputable. My body vibration began to slow down and time was becoming apparent again and my Dad looked away.

He saw that I had seen something but didn't utter a word. Of course I had to ask. “Dad are you okay” I asked trying to put words to my experience in my mind. To which he replied. “Yeah I'm alright just got over a hernia.” I said “Oh okay” We proceeded to catch up with each others lives but I could not shake the feeling that persisted.

When I got home two days later, I relayed the experience to my Mum. “Well” she paused.“When do you think it might happen” I said “I have no idea” “How do you think it is going to happen” she probed further. “I have no idea “I said wondering myself. She then asked “are you sure”. “No I'm not” I declared. “Well I hope not” her voice masking real concern. . I said “Me too mum. He's too young to die”

After about a month the incident was stored in the archives of my mind and life went on normally.

Depiction of God of the Sea
Depiction of God of the Sea
Our Marae
Our Marae

Death the Stranger.

18 months later Tangaroa had won and my Dad died at age 52.

When my mum heard the news and described to me what happened, I could see in her eyes the pain of loss that Dads dying had caused. I cried for my mums loss. Even though they had been separated for 13 years, he was the love of her life. I felt her sadness and the sadness of my family. I cried for them. I was not feeling sadness for myself and I found that very odd.

Our funerals generally go for three days but Dad lay in state for five days to allow for the hundreds and hundreds of friends and family he had to visit and pay their respects. His presence could be felt not only by me but by many throughout the funeral. We said our goodbyes and left to go home.

Many months later, after much of the healing of loss progressed for my Mum, out of the blue my mum said to me. “You knew alright ay darling”. "What mum" I asked absentmindedly having no idea what she was talking about and trying to solve a seemingly unsolvable crossword clue we were working on. "Your dad" she answered simply. When I realized what she meant, I immediately gave her my whole attention. “I don't know mum I said. It might have been a coincidence? You know what I think about predictions. Predictions are only a possibility they are not a given. Why on earth would I be given that kind of prediction anyway and why did it take so long to happen and why didn't I know how it was going to happen?” I asked not really expecting her to answer. “It is of no use to anyone that kind of knowing” I continued, To which she answered, “Maybe... but maybe you just don't see the bigger picture of the experience yet” “ Maybe you are right” I replied as my mind wandered into what the bigger picture might look like. “Only time will tell” she offered wisely. “Maybe” I replied doubtfully. With that said, we continued trying to solve crosswords deep into the night. Some time later the incident was once again stored in the archives of my mind and forgotten.

I did not know at the time this would be a prelude to more experiences of a similar nature.


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    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      I very much doubt it was a whole view or experience of the total death experience/place (cannot decide in this moment what it was exactly) since I still have the filters of consciousness by default. It is more than likely much of the experience was filtered out by these filters. Although gladly not too much was filtered out and it enabled me to describe as best I could the event. It was almost like a temporary visit .....

      I am thoroughly enjoying your useful and kind feedback by the way. Thanks so much

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New Zealand

      I have no doubt in my mind that we all know. Thanks again for stopping in grand old lady. I am always glad to hear you comment.

    • Niteriter profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      I am intrigued by your account of your body's increasing vibration. That you would transform into a non-solid form is exciting but not surprising; it is, after all, in alignment with the science-based explanation for the varying forms of matter.

      I am surprised, though, that in your heightened state of awareness you would receive impressions of the concept we know as death. I would have thought such a state would instead have been accompanied by a sense of transition.

      Needless to say, I am looking forward to reading about your subsequent experiences.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      I believe in premonitions. I don't know what purpose they serve, but maybe they are just there. Maybe it's a sensitivity to a world beyond what most of us know.

    • pennyofheaven profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks so much. I am glad you think it was well written and articulated. Very much appreciated.

    • d.william profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Great hub. Well written and well articulated. Can't wait to read the next two.


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