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Predictions For The Future

Updated on July 26, 2015

Nostradamus did it, 1930s sleeping psychic Edgar Cayce also did it and I am going to have a go at it too; making a series of predictions as to what the future holds for us human species. Now I must warn you that I am in no psychic (that I know of!) so my predictions can be seen as nothing more than mere speculation. Having said that, there is always a chance some of what I’m about to say (maybe even all of it) might come true. Only time will tell!

So written in approximate chronological order, starting from the time I am writing this (second half of 2015) here is what I see happening for the future of humanity!


The next 4-5 years are going to be very scary times economically speaking. I forecast there will be a massive loss of confidence throughout the world in the value of their countries currency (British lose faith in £, Americans lose faith in $, etc.) This loss of faith in money would be spurred on by some event taking place and the central banks around the world printing more money than we saw during the Great Recession of 2008-2010.

Due to the loss of confidence amongst most people in the monetary system, people start dumping their money in exchange for physical assets and barter those assets when they need something. Governments throughout the world would try and solve this problem by printing more money, reassuring everyone that the economy is on the up, etc. Unfortunately the average person will see this is not the case as due to all the excess money floating around, the prices of goods and services, from eating out and grocery bills to buying a house will skyrocket in the process.

Whilst most people will lose out financially during this time and cost of living would drop drastically throughout the world, those who have excess physical assets will be better off than ever and be viewed as the ‘New Rich.’


During the first half of this decade, the crisis will carry on but after numerous attempts to restart the economy and recurring patterns of social unrest throughout the land, governments will finally create a new currency throughout their respective countries, where precious metal (such as Gold) will be the new form of currency.

I also forecast central banks initially fighting this and on being overruled by the government, they’d try and corrupt this new monetary system in hope the masses will dump it and return to the prior system which they majorly benefited from. Their attempts will fail and looking for someone blame for last x number years of suffering, the masses will turn on those who work in central banks. This lead to the ultimate collapse of the world’s central banks and complete start of new, fair age of capitalism.

Whilst all this seems big, something bigger will happen during the second half of this decade which would change everything; for I predict that the question ‘Are we alone in the universe?’ will be answered. When it does happen, it will be completely out of the blue, and it be a case of them (this alien race) finding us rather than we finding them. With their arrival, people will fall into one of two camps, those who welcome these new beings with arms open and those who fear the end is nigh. Due to strong pressure from latter camp, we humans will almost go to war with these species shortly after arriving. Fortunately the sanity of our political leaders will veto any aggressive attack, knowing that going into a war with these species will most probably lead to our downfall as a civilisation.

Thankfully the visitors will be friendly and just as curious about us as we are of them. In order to quell the mass panic, some of our governments will ultimately come forwards to reveal that they have known of the existence of extra-terrestrials for some years now and have built secret weapons to protect us should aliens ever invade. It should be added that the species to make themselves known to us won’t be of the same races that the governments already know about.

Arrival of aliens from another planet!
Arrival of aliens from another planet!


Events in this decade will nearly all be based around the knowledge that we are not alone in the universe, and how we as a human species should move forwards. The first race of aliens to publicly make themselves known to us will generally remain on their massive space ark orbiting the Earth for first few years, before flying off back into interstellar space; where they will watch us from afar.

The other species however of aliens, the ones the government knows about will come and go more frequently, visiting us humans. These are the species who been responsible for the majority of UFO sightings which people being seeing since 1950s.

I predict that the rest of this decade will see us humans becoming even more divided amongst ourselves over how to handle our alien visitors. Some people will insist we have an all-out war with them, whilst others will want to learn about the alien’s technology, societal and religious views, etc. Like us, the different species of aliens (which we now know about) will also be divided as to how they should interact with human society, some want to share their knowledge with us, others not.

By the end of this decade, a meeting will be held amongst the 4-5 races of aliens over this divide, and it will be generally be agreed that we humans must develop on our own terms and not be given the technology, science, etc. which these species (who all hundreds-thousands years ahead of us) possess. By the time the meeting has taken place, we humans would have already gained and be using bits of their technology like anti-gravity drives and short distance teleportation – though most of the technology given to us will scientifically be beyond our understanding. So whilst we can replicate the technology, we’d have no idea why these devices work!


Shortly after the existence of aliens became known to the masses, the realisation that we are not the most advanced species in the universe, (not by a long shot) lead to a push by governments, etc. to close the technological gap between ourselves and our cosmic neighbours. And I predict that around 2040-2050, we’d start seeing some results from the push forwards. Though any achievements in technology made will be nothing compared to what our alien visitors have accomplished, (don’t forget they thousands of years ahead of us technologically, scientifically, etc.) the huge leaps forwards will astound many ordinary folk.

Out of the technological leaps made, one piece of technology which would be developed would be Nanotechnology. Created initially as a defence weapon in case any of aliens turn hostile, it won’t take long to see that this technology can vastly enhance our quality of life, etc. For those of you who aren’t aware, Nanotechnology is the creating of molecular sized machines which can be programmed to carry out certain functions; building more versions of themselves and moving individual molecules. Or put it in other words, being able to build anything we want from molecule size up.

This technology will lead to all sorts of new materials being developed, most of which scientists of today can only dream about. Also this technology (directly or indirectly) will lead to a revolution in health, with almost all diseases from cancer to aging being wiped out. People’s lifespans would increase drastically in the process.

I also predict that controlled Nuclear Fusion would be discovered at some point around this decade. As such, it would be possible to mass-produce a completely safe form of Nuclear energy to power our homes, etc. Despite this technology being discovered in this decade, I predict it be at least another two decades before this technology be powering nearly all our energy needs.

Also, expect a manned mission to Mars and a vast number bases on the Moon being created, both by private companies and governments wanting their slice of the

A human mission to mars?
A human mission to mars?


Whilst 2040-2050 will be looked back upon as the decade of wonder; when all sorts of miraculous technology and enhancements to our lives will come about, this decade will start to see some of the negative implications of all this technology, especially nanotechnology. For at some point within this decade, I predict this technology will be put to ill use by terrorist network (which doesn’t exist as yet, 2015). This group originate somewhere within South East Asia and use the molecular robotic nanotechnology to create a super virus which can kill people in seconds, and can travel at very fast speeds.

Fortunately the attack this group would carry out would be over within a day. In that time, thousands would of being killed. The key efficiency to the attack would be the fact the terrorists would launch their attack from multiple locations around the world. Thankfully it will be due to the world leaders being able to deploy their nanotechnology quick enough that the super virus will be wiped out extremely quickly.

The culprits behind the heinous crime would either scattered into the four corners of the Earth, whilst the terrorist leaders would all be found in a single room dead, hunched over the computers which they used to programme these swarms.


After the year 2060, things will tend to steady out a bit with regards to changes impacting society. The world of than will be completely unrecognisable compared to what we know today. Due to our rejuvenated space program, humans are now visiting and colonising parts of the solar system. Whilst aliens will still visit us humans from time-to-time, as a species we humans will largely be left to our own devices.

By late 2060, flying cars will be the norm, powered by the anti-gravity technology which the aliens taught us humans back in 2030’s. There will literally be highways in the sky!

Nanotechnology will have completely changed the way in which we operate as a species as our food, clothes, material goods, etc. are all created for us from atomic level up. Nuclear Fusion will finally become the standard way in which we humans attain our power supply and as such, pollution will finally become a thing of the past. Though it will take many more decades however for Mother Nature to fully recover from the damage we are (and by then, have) humans had already done.

It should be mentioned though that the years following 2060 won’t all be utopian. I predict there will be increased terrorism from terrorist groups which don’t even exist as yet, thanks to the rise of the internet. I also foresee a small nuclear war taking place sometime in the 21st century (though can’t predict when). This be due to North Korea finally collapsing under its own internal pressures as well as external paranoia of its now fully democratic neighbours. The nuclear war will unfortunately kill thousands but on a global scale, would be relatively confined. It would be started as a last desperate and pointless plea of a falling government trying to get revenge before it disappears once and for all.

I hope you enjoy my list of predictions of what I think will happen within the next 50 years and please feel free to comment below on how accurate you believe these predictions will be!


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