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Humanity and religious dilemmas

Updated on February 1, 2017

Our religious book is the Bible

This is the Bible a book that some people say that it is supposed to be the word of God, but there is no way that it could be true, because there are too many mistakes in it. And these mistakes are not explained to the people.
This is the Bible a book that some people say that it is supposed to be the word of God, but there is no way that it could be true, because there are too many mistakes in it. And these mistakes are not explained to the people. | Source

Humanity and religious dilemmas

Welcome to our hub (58), Humanity and religious dilemmas

May God help us say the right things in these religious writings?

Dear readers, we have called this article, humanity and religious dilemmas, because there are many personal and religious dilemmas in our lives, so, here we are going to talk about our religious dilemmas that we see happening in our lives. While we talk about our dilemmas, we want to point out that this article is also another prelude of our religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, it is a prelude because we want to make the public interested and ready to read our religious theory that we are going to publish here soon, therefore we tell the public whatever we could to get them ready, since our theory is somehow different from the religious ways that we practice today. Of course, this is also the continuation of Prayers for Reconciliation, which we are writing in the hope of finding an answer to these religious dilemmas for all humanity; we also would be talking about, what people could or should believe in our religious writings, but of course these are only our suggestions and people a free to believe whatever they want.

I know dear readers, at this very moment you might be asking yourself, how many preludes are there before the real theory of Reconciliation of the Universe starts? But you see, Reconciliation of the universe theory is a new way of seeing spiritual being or things, and I has a seer, I believe that if we try to set religious beliefs according to this new theory, it might be able to solve most of the existing religious problems that exist today; and well we have to say that there are still a few chapters to go through, before Reconciliation of the Universe starts, but you see these preludes will get our readers ready to accept our theory, they are also an explanation why Reconciliation of the Universe is being written and therefore we believe that explanations never seem to be enough. Anyhow let us go back to the main article.

May I attract the attention of our readers that here; the purpose of writing these religious writings is mainly to find a way, on how to reconcile religions to other religions and religion to science, if that will ever be possible. Therefore, we would like to point out to you that we have purposely written the previous article to show you the obvious mistakes that occur in the Bible; first about the Flood that could never have been at least to the extent that the Bible claims, because of the geographic position of the Dead Sea and other things, and that also other civilization and religions have stories about flood, this here under is a link to one of their stories;

The Greek Myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha and the Great Flood

We have also talked about the fact that in the first book of the Bible ‘Genesis’ the time length of events that occurred from the Flood to the birth of Abraham are incorrect as we have shown in the previous hub of, Theists and Atheists views, this is the link if you want to check it out.

Then we explained that, if we want to know how and why these mistakes have happened, we have to use our own imagination and the knowledge that we have today, so, it follows that one has got to find out with nowadays knowledge of those known events and other stuff, what could have been the length of time that elapsed between these events.

Now, these examples above bring in another question, since what is written in the Bible sometimes is not correct; Then, how old was the world since the beginning of times and the time of Abraham; and there is only one possible answer to this question; millions of years, that is if we try to use our own imagination from what is known today.

Therefore, if we want to believe anything in the Bible about time elapsed, it could and would be perhaps more correct to assume that: Every day of the Lord Creation in the Bible could equal one million years or perhaps millions of earth years, this would help to explain the reason why religion and science don’t believe in each other, since the reason seems to be mostly because of the time length past between events. Of course, there is also the fact of the Flood that never was to confuse us even more. But we should be able to see that who wrote in those times had very little knowledge compared to nowadays, so they wrote what they knew, even when they wrote with their heart and mind thinking about God, and wishing that God would guide them while they were writing their religious writings.

Now that we have pointed out some of the mistakes that the writers of those times have made, and, now that we have shown you that the Bible is not reliable as it was supposed to be, we would like also to tell you that there are lots of spiritual truths in the bible, so, we still need the Bible to help humanity understand many things that otherwise would be hard to understand. So, let us look for some religious beliefs and why we need God and religions, which are the eternal dilemmas of humanity.

Having said all that, we believe that some of our religious readers might be upset, because of the changes that we are suggesting, so usually here we would write a short article for our readers’ peace of mind, but this time we suggest that they read this article in our previous hubs, as there are several of them already written. So, let us continue to write our next article; The eternal dilemma of humanity.


Reconciliation of the Universe

This is how we could imagine an angel is, and written here is the beginning of our  angels poem;- You angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation
This is how we could imagine an angel is, and written here is the beginning of our angels poem;- You angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation

The main religions in the world

There are too many religions in our religious world, As you can see this sketch shows us the main religions and their worldwide percentage.
There are too many religions in our religious world, As you can see this sketch shows us the main religions and their worldwide percentage. | Source

The eternal dilemma of humanity

During our life, we cannot help to wonder and ask ourselves many times: Who are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here on earth? What is the purpose of our life on earth? And, where are we going to be after our death? And do we have a soul? Then if we believe that we have a soul, we would wonder if there is an afterlife and any other spiritual things that we might believe exist.

These are most of the questions that everybody will ask oneself several times during one’s own life. So, we turn to religion in the hope of finding our answers there. But even here, there is no clear answer, as there are too many religions and beliefs to be certain, some of these religions believe that definitely we have a soul, and after our death the soul will be judged according to what we have done during our lives, other religions have a softer approach and perhaps some doubts about that, but most of the religions have in common that some spiritualty exists one way or another, but, there is not clear agreement about what happens to our souls.

So, it seems that we have a double life to worry about, one is the body and another is the soul and we would like to find the meaning of our life for both, therefore we are forced to try to find out what is the meaning of our life and while we try to find what our life might mean within the existing religions of our planet, we can’t help to reflect about religions nowadays and we unwillingly are forced to admit that there are too many different religions in the world. And then, although religions should have been made for the people of the whole earth to love one another, in some cases they seem to achieve the opposite. We are saying this because it often happens that some people fight one another for their religious beliefs, here we mean just for the sake of their own religious belief, this is really one of the greatest shame of the religions that we have, since religion should mean to everybody love your neighbor as yourself, as our lord Jesus Christ said; but in these cases, it does not.

For this reason, we have been thinking and we have reason to believe that there must be a way to avoid these religious frictions.

So, since today existing religions don’t seem to agree with each other, because of the so many existing religions, somebody somehow has got to come up with a new religious idea that should satisfy everybody, and has got to make sure that this new idea should not antagonize any other existing religious directly, and perhaps also the atheists.

The only possible answer to this problem is that we should come up with a new religious theory or beliefs that will incorporate all existing religions, so that all existing religions would be able to link and accept in a way or another; and that somehow this new religious theory could be accepted even by scientifically orientated people. You see, it needs to be done in such a way that all the different people of the world will believe in the same God and the same religion, and at the same time it will not upset any existing religions.

Therefore, this new universal modern religion that we are going to suggest must be built in such a way, that it would be universally accepted in the future, if possible without reserve from all the people of the world.

Therefore, religions have got to be explained in such a way that makes everybody feel equal, and if there is some difference in beliefs it must be very little, since one must be able to see that in the end no matter to which religion one belongs; we all believe in the same benevolent God that created us all or has helped to create us all, therefore we should believe in the same god and the same religion. Then all sorts of arguments about religion could be avoided, since this modern religion will demonstrate that we all come from the same God, and that, God in conjunction with mother nature has made life on earth the way it is today.


God might just be energy capable of creating life

In our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, God is the life energy of the entire Universe, whether people are going to believe that is hard to say today. But it is also hard to continue to believe what we believe today.
In our theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, God is the life energy of the entire Universe, whether people are going to believe that is hard to say today. But it is also hard to continue to believe what we believe today. | Source

What people could believe

What people could or should believe

Today every able thinking person has got his/her own beliefs about religion, even if that person has got no beliefs at all, because they believe in not believing in God or religions.

Therefore, as we have said, we have our own beliefs which we would like to share with you. Of course it is not going to be easy for us to write about our God and our own religious beliefs, because it is a very hard thing to do if we want to describe clearly our own beliefs; for a start, the way that we perceive God today is different from the God that we have been thought when we were young, although is the same God that we believe created us all; therefore we need to say that we see this God in a different way and we are going to describe this God that we see in Reconciliation of the Universe religious theory, this God will be a benevolent God, which through its life force can give life to every living thing.

Let me explain, you see anyone who wants to try to achieve a super religion like the one that we have mentioned above has got to be very careful what he should say. I believe that one should start thinking like this, if one had the power to describe a God capable to satisfy all humanity; how would or could this God be like?

So, there are good reasons to believe that God must be described in such a way that will not create friction between religious people, since God can only be benevolent and therefore love and therefore stands for the good of all community, so the people have to understand that this is what God stands for. May God forgive me if I have got it wrong?

At the moment, we have got an idea that may make it possible to achieve what we have just said, since we believe in a new concept and see God somehow different from the way that we have been thought when we were young, as I have started to explain above and we will come to a better explanation when we write about our religious theory.

You see, since what we want to say is a new concept and hard to readily explain, we should ask pardon to our readers if we wander around in circles, because we are not able to find the right words to express our new religious idea quickly, in such a way that it will mean exactly what we intend to say to you. Perhaps there are no words to express our idea in a simple way, so, we should keep going around while we try to make a start somehow.

Before today, there have been many great persons before me, whom have tried to express their own beliefs in religious matter, and they have said whatever they wanted to say in many ways, and in doing so they have been able to reach a very high standard of expression and public understanding, but they have never been able to convince the whole world, that what they were teaching us was exactly right beyond any doubt. Because there have always been some people left with some doubts. So, what we are going to say here is not going to convince you either entirely, but never the less we want to express here our own religious beliefs. Or perhaps we should say that, what we want to say here is not really a religious belief, but a belief about how should a universal religion be made, to be able to serve the whole world without upsetting anybody religiously.

We believe that somehow, we may be able to achieve this, if we try hard enough. So, this belief of mine, which at this moment is only an idea that is taking slowly shape into my mind; but I believe that it is perhaps a belief greater than the greatest idea ever expressed in my whole life before now. I believe also that this religious subject happens to be one of the topmost subjects in importance to all mankind, and most people have tried to talk about it since the world started, in the hope of finding the best possible solution to these religious problems.

Therefore now that we have got this new idea, which might help to solve this religious problem, and because of this new idea we have made up our minds to write these beliefs down, therefore now, I will have to try my best to express them in my modest own writing ways, since I am not a real trained writer but only a try hard writer, that try to express my own beliefs and some other people views on religions, therefore I hope to convince you that what I am trying to say could even be the right thing to do.

Of course, in the religious world, one has got to keep in mind that the very same religious thing may mean different things to different people. But with the help of God, we hope to find a way to describe our own beliefs in such a way that it would be possible for everyone to understand our religious theory.

Since our religious theory is very much a new way of looking at religious beliefs, while we would like to publish our religious writings, at the same time we are reluctant to bring our theory forward presently, because the public might not accept our religious theory unless they are ready for changes and the theory is published at the right time; about this issue we are going to talk in our next hub, hoping to be able to state when such a theory would be accepted more easily, and that may well be far away in the future, when people become tired of all the violence that the present system brings nowadays, and they become aware that a new religious system might help to end the religious violence, and therefore then, they will be searching for a way out for ending this religious violence for good; therefore only when all these events have come to pass, it would be the right time to publish these sort of religious writings that we have in mind, because, only then they would be accepted easily from the public; but at the same time the public should know that a new theory is available, because if they know, then it would be easier for them to get ready and accept the new religious theory. So, we don’t know what the better way to go is.

Dear readers, I feel that I have already said enough in this article because it is becoming too long, so, I am going to say more in my next article that we are calling, Believing in God, see you soon;

May God bless us all?



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