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Believing in God

Updated on September 19, 2019

The Bible ancient religious book

The Bible the ancient religious and History book of the Jews has given rise to several different religions in the world, but even though they come from the same book these  religious groups seem to argue a lot.
The Bible the ancient religious and History book of the Jews has given rise to several different religions in the world, but even though they come from the same book these religious groups seem to argue a lot. | Source

Believing in God and religion

Welcome to our article (59), Believing in God

May God guide and help me to say the right religious things?

This article is another article to introduce the Reconciliation of the Universe theory.

Let us start by saying, that believing in God and understand religions is good for humanity. Now, let me talk about my religious case, you see, as a child, I was taught that there is a God, angels and spiritual beings as well. And since I happen to have been born in Italy, where most people are Roman Catholic, so, I was taught according to the Roman Catholic Catechism, and those rules in the catechism helped me during my younger years to believe in God. This religion is based on the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is about forgiveness and love, and only a small part is based on the Old Testament, because they are connected.

So, for many years I have believed in those Roman Catholic religious beliefs, the way that they had been taught to me when I was young, even if there were times when I had doubts about them, because I was like everybody else, so, I was thinking that God might not exist. But then again, I believed that everything was just the way that I had been taught.

But as I have grown older my beliefs have changed considerably, starting from when I left Italy to move to Australia. In Australia I have met so many different people with different religious backgrounds, Therefore, from here and there I have learned that there are other religions, and some of them seem to be good religions, so, I have noticed also that the majority of religions come from the Bible, which is the same book that the Roman Catholic have with a few changes here and there. Now, some religions are different from one another; and it is this difference in their beliefs that causes friction in religions: Because any believer that believes in religion will believe that their religion is the only right religion to follow.

Therefore, there are misunderstandings and mistrusts between religious people, and it is for this reason that they argue. This is a real shame, because the purpose of religions is to have a set of rules to follow, so, we can live in peace with the rest of the world, to believe that there is a loving and benevolent God, to love God with all our heart and love one another, this is what all good religions are supposed to teach.

But today there are extremist religious groups that believe otherwise; so, they twist their religious beliefs to the point where everything becomes mixed up, and they kill using God’s name. Which is a shame, because this brings down religions and what God represents, people must understand that God represents life itself, therefore, there is no way that God needs people to kill each other, because life is a part of God himself.

Therefore, we believe that these extremist religious groups, should check their religious beliefs before they act. This behaviour might have been acceptable in the past, when people were more violent than today, and most times you had to kill or be killed. Anyhow, those were other times and those times ended with the coming of Jesus Christ.

Now, we are writing this religious theory of, Reconciliation of the universe, where we are explaining to the people, that religions need to change, so that we can solve most of our religious problems. But we need to believe in God, so, I am praying God to help me.


I am praying God for help and guidance

Now, changing direction to the present religious beliefs, may upset some believer. We want to reassure them that religions are going to stay as they are, so, do not worry, anyhow, I am praying God to help and guide me.


Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So, that, I can write our religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will, and in such a way that humanity accepts them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


Humanity has humanised gods

Jupiter (Zeus) is an ancient god, he was king of all Greek and Roman gods, and thus humanity gave a face to ancient gods
Jupiter (Zeus) is an ancient god, he was king of all Greek and Roman gods, and thus humanity gave a face to ancient gods | Source

We need to believe in God

Here I need to explain that we need to believe in God, because that is the reason humanity has invented God, so, believing in God and religious things is good for all humanity. History can prove that if we look at religions, we will find that religions have a good influence overall, of course, there are some negative issues. But we must blame the leaders of those time and not religion itself, anyhow, let us talk about believing in God.

Now, if we believe that there is God, it is obvious that there can be only one true God, and this God is the God that created us all, even if this God turn out to be different to the God that we have been taught when we were young.

Therefore, we must assume that there is a God because there is life, and we must assume that God and life is one and the same thing, therefore, there cannot be any other God, unless it is God life force that created life. This must apply even if the creation is not as written in the Bible.

Okay, what we have said above, may not make sense to some of us, but we have reasons to believe that the fault is with humankind and not religion itself, because mankind changes things around to gain an advantage for themselves.

During my life I have become aware, that our Roman Catholic religion is faulty and has made many mistakes in the past; but if I had to choose a religion, I would choose my Roman Catholic religion for being one of the best religions in the world, since this religion is based on the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ and is very humanistic, in other words it teaches us, how to respect other human beings.

Anyhow, I have concluded that in all religious beliefs, there is something that is not perfect, or distorted to the point where it becomes obscure, and it shows only part of the whole picture. Sometimes I think that this state of religious things has been done purposely complex, so that it is hard for anybody to say what is right and what is wrong. In a situation like this, the first question that we ask ourselves would be. Why should we believe that there is a God?

Well there are no real answers to such questions. But we will try to answer these questions our own way, while we try to express our own religious beliefs, including how we have come about to believe in what we believe today. You see, what we are thought to believe may not make sense, because it does not connect to everything we know, so, there must be another explanation that can connect everything together. So, we should think that God is not like a person, because it is impossible for a person to have all the attribute that God has, for instance, a person cannot be everywhere but God is everywhere, so, it is more likely that God is a life force that covers the entire universe, and part of it is can turn into anything he wants and even a person, therefore, it makes more sense, if we view God, as the life force that covers the entire universe, this can explain the existence of God and everything else.


Some of the Universe views

Since God cannot be seen and he is in the universe but in a different dimension, then if we look at the universe we may as well say that we might be looking at God or God's creation even though we are not able to see God, we know that God is there.
Since God cannot be seen and he is in the universe but in a different dimension, then if we look at the universe we may as well say that we might be looking at God or God's creation even though we are not able to see God, we know that God is there. | Source

God existing life force

If we think about God and life, we may have to believe that we all come from the same existing life force of the universe, which today we call God, but we can call this existing force, God-life-force of the Universe, as this life force represents all living and spiritual things.

We may want to believe that we carry within ourselves the genes of our ancestors, and in these genes could be engraved our human life history, and if we could go back to the beginning of time, we could find the truth where we come from. But it is not possible, however there can be a record within our genes, which can give us a sort of intuition and belonging.

Therefore, we may feel that, we have not lost our knowledge of belonging, because we carry it engraved deep within ourselves. The problem arises because we can’t read our own genes history, we are left only with a feeling of belonging within us to a life force that we call God. Here I must say that I feel that way myself, therefore, I hope that if I follow my instinct I am on the right path.

Therefore, if we let ourselves be guided from our innermost instinct, then we should be able to feel and see the truth: Provided that one makes sure that while this soul searching is going on, there are no personal earthly gains involved in any way in reaching any conclusion that may come out of this soul searching.

Today most of our present day religions, including the main religions make us believe that there is a god and there is an afterlife, and that our own present life is made up of two entities put together, one is our body and the other is our soul or spirit; now we can easily explain to ourselves about our own bodies, but our spiritual part is that part of us that can’t be explained easily, since it can’t be seen and it belongs to God as it is of the same substance of god life force of the universe, you see, God gave it to us, so that we could live on earth, well at least this is how we believe it is.

Now it follows that at our death our body returns to the earth and our soul or spirit should return to God, so, our soul or spirit being part of God life force energy is immortal. The folklore tale or truth says that at our birth when we received our spirit, our spirit was made to forget where it came from, so, we are not sure where we come from, but there is a sense of belonging left in our spirit and this sense of belonging drives us to search for the truth, if we search our soul very carefully we may be able to find it. All these things put together lead us to believe that there is a God or god life force, and that there is an afterlife, this is the way that everything put together can be explained, so, let us see next what people say about these religious beliefs.


Imaginary afterlife stairways

Cartoon of our imaginary afterlife, showing that we all would like to go on the stairways to heaven. But it is not all that simple, because first of all we should be ready and worthy to be allowed to go up.
Cartoon of our imaginary afterlife, showing that we all would like to go on the stairways to heaven. But it is not all that simple, because first of all we should be ready and worthy to be allowed to go up. | Source

Mankind ways of believing in God

We believe that most of mankind has always believed that there are God, and that there is an afterlife, therefore, we keep asking ourselves what is God like? And how would this afterlife be like? Most of us have been told from our elders how these religious beliefs are, but we have our doubts and we keep asking again, just like our ancestors have done before us.

Now, if we look at the religions groups of the world, there are very few groups of believers that believe the same religious things, and yet if one examines the entire religious world beliefs, one cannot say that this group is right and the other groups wrong, because it is possible that some of the other groups beliefs are right. So, no religious belief can be accepted as truth, and neither discarded completely as false.

Therefore, if we want to find what’s true and what’s false about religions, we can’t discard anything at all from religions, and we must include those people that don’t believe in anything at all, and those who believe only in scientific explanations, because they believe in something even if they don’t believe in anything.

So, we must put all religions together including all beliefs, even those people that don’t believe in any religion at all, in order to find out what they have in common with the rest of us. Because, there are reasons to believe that even if they are far apart, there must be a point where they all meet. So, I believe that if we want to find the truth, we must find the point where all religious and non-religious beliefs have in common. And we must widen our field of views, as much as its need to be widened, so that they include all known, unknown and any possible beliefs.

So, at this point one may ask: But what sort of God can represent these necessary requirements? Therefore; is it possible that there exists a God like that? Or there is no God at all?

My own answer to the questions above is yes, there must be a God because there is life, and God is the active life force of the universe that makes life possible. If one day we find out that there is no God like person, we can always say that God exists, because, God exists because life exists, or at least by definition because God is life.

My personal beliefs are that I believe there is a God, because if I didn’t believe that there was a God, I would not be thinking about God, and God would not have come into my thoughts or dreams. So, I believe that we all come from God because that’s the only possible way to exist, since we believe that God is the existing life-force that gives life to all living things.

Therefore, we that are living happen to be part of God life-force, I mean here that we represent life, and therefore we represent God life-force, in a small way of course, as God life force can be so extensive that we cannot even think about it.

I will try to explain all this, when I write about God life force of the universe, in my writings of Reconciliation of the Universe, there I will describe how God could be like and in control of the whole universe.


The new religious theory

Now, our religious theory is a new way of looking at religious beliefs, so, I am worried to publish my theory, because the public may not accept it, unless it is published at the right time, that is at a time when people become tired of all the violence that the present religious system condone nowadays, only then, they will become aware that a new religious system can help to end the violence, and therefore then, they will be searching for a way out for ending this violence for good; only then, is the right time to publish my religious writings.

However I don’t have that much time, I cannot wait because I am growing old, so, I have to write and publish my religious writings, I know that my religious theory of Reconciliation of the Universe will not be accepted yet, but I cannot wait. Anyhow, whatever happens to my writings does not matter that much, at least I have tried to do what I had to do, or perhaps I should say what my human souls is driving me to do it now, even though it is not be the right time to do it.

During my life, I have had this experience, that there are times when we are doing a task and while we are doing this task suddenly a thought comes into our mind, and that thought or idea is the best answer to our problems; in a parallel way while I am writing my theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, this idea comes suddenly into my mind, this idea I don’t know where it comes from, but it is like what some people call vibes which in the end might prove to be right, in my case these vibes are creating a problem that I wish to avoid.

So, my vibes tell me that I should not publish my religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe before the year 2038; But because I have no time to wait that long, I am publishing them now while I am writing them. I also know that my religious writings need to be edited many times before they will be ready to be published in book format; so, I am taking my chances by publishing them now as they are in hub pages, and I know that I have to edit them many times before they become clear enough for the public to understand; but anyhow just be happy to know that you may be one of the first to have read about the future of religions, as I see them.

These religious writings are our prayer to God, and they are going to be continued with next article, Reconciliation of the Universe, where we start with the main theme, THE HEAVENLY MESSENGER ENCOUNTER, in; Angels greetings me. See you soon.

May God bless us all.


© 2011 Francesco Menchise


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