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Premonitions or Mere Coincidence

Updated on June 22, 2011

Do you believe in premonitions? Have you ever experience this type of feeling? Is there such a thing? Or it's just a coincidence?

Premonition is a feeling about something that is going to happen to one degree or another. There are many instances that we experience this type of unusual feeling that bother us all day. It may be hard to believe that it has something to do about some future events in our lives. You will not know what exactly going to happen but it foretells something to happen in a minute, weeks, months or even years later.

When I was in my third trimester of my pregnancy, there are things happened which are very strange. I often see butterflies inside my room, sometimes grasshoppers and other insects. I was thinking that maybe because my windows are sometimes open that is why they have the chance to came in. Or maybe they like to watch me and my baby while I am at sleep. I don't know what does it mean but I felt good every time I saw them flying around.

I was busy arranging things in my room, when my five year old niece came inside. Playing, talking to me, asking things about my baby's stuff and caressing my belly. She told me something that jolts me in some way. In the middle of our conversation, all of a sudden, she asked me "what if your baby is dead? What would you do?" and she was smiling...I was really shock...I tried to stop her. At the back of my mind I am saying, "How could such a child ask me a question like that? It wasn't a funny joke." I was a bit worried then and tried to ignore what she just said. Instead I keep praying for my baby to be safe always. It was like someone whispers in her ears to give a forewarning message to me...a message that would make my life in so much pain.

After a week or two, I went to my doctor for my regular check up. She noticed that my belly isn't growing that much. My baby is smaller than expected according to my ultrasound result. So, she checked everything that could possibly be the cause. I've undergone many tests but finds all are ok. She just gave me more vitamins to take. Two days later, I had my stillbirth...The day that my five year old niece is talking about...the death of my child...

Sometimes God uses little children or other creatures to give us signs of what is going to happen. Because of their innocent minds, they unconsciously utter things that sometimes annoy us but have meaning that we never know until it happens. Sometimes skeptics would say they can be attributed to mere coincidence. Others say there is no such thing as coincidence. Whatever it is, I have a strong feeling that it was a message from my little girl that she is going to be born in Heaven rather than on Earth.


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    • Aamna Aamad profile image

      Aamna Aamad 6 years ago from Pakistan

      well it has happened many times but i am not certain to call it premonitions....i can be put them into category Déjà vu. We have all had an experience when we feel we are experiencing something in waking life that we feel we have seen, usually in a dream, before.

      But i also experience dreams in the form of untoward events that will happen to somebody close....i may call those premonition, though these dreams are not common.