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Preparing the Fields for Revival Part 1

Updated on July 20, 2010

Preparing for Rainl--Getting Ready for Revival

This is part one in a series of articles on seeking the Lord for revival. I hope we will all be better off for considering the Scriptures in this matter of personal revival. Please look for the next installment.

I once heard a story of two farmers that were experiencing a drought. The ground was very dry, and there was no rain in sight. Surely there was no rain in the forecast for many months. While both prayed for rain, only one worked his field and prepared his field for the harvest. Which one do you think was really trusting God for the harvest? Which one do you think was able to reap the harvest? And so it is with revival. Which one are you? We must prepare our fields now so that when the rains of revival come we will be in a position to reap the harvest.


The definition of “Revival”--1. Return, recall or recovery to life from death or apparent  death; as the revival of a drowned person; 2. Return or recall to activity from a state of languor; as the revival of spirits; 3. Recall, return, or recovery from a state of neglect, oblivion or depression; as the revival of learning; 4. Renewed and more active attention to religion,an awakening of men to their spiritualconcerns.

In the sense of spiritual revival, we are dealing with that which is dying or that which was once alive coming to life again. In other words, spiritual revival takes place among born-again Christians. It is a quickening of our spirits. It is allowing the God of Heaven to control every aspect of our lives—our speech, our deeds, our thoughts (Col. 3:17; I Cor. 10:31). When God is in control, we are living at our best. We were created for His glory and for His purposes. When we understand and practice this principle, we are living according to the owner’s manual (the Bible), and we will fulfill our individual purpose and will experience the abundant life (John 10:10). Jesus says here that He is the reason for abundant life. If we are not living our lives to the fullest, it is because we are not living in Him (John 15:1-5). When we are living in a state of revival, we will not only be more joyful, but we will be more fruitful, thus fulfilling God’s will for our lives.

As was mentioned earlier, you were created to give all glory to God (Isa. 43:7; Rev. 4:11). A bird was created to build its nest in the trees. Fish were created to live in the water. A bird in the water would soon die. A fish in a nest would soon die. You were created to live in God’s sphere and to follow certain instructions that aid in your well-being and happiness. Anything less than that will cause you to soon die (to fall away) spiritually. That does not mean that we can lose our salvation. The Bible is very clear about that, but our effectiveness for the Lord will be hampered. Our fellowship will be hindered.

When we live according to The Owner’s Manual we will function at our fullest, just as a car will run at its best when its owner’s manual is followed.

There are no secrets to revival. The Bible clearly lays out the strategy for revival. Several principles can (and must) be considered. As we look at these principles, take the time to evaluate where you are at in your Christian life. It could be the difference between living your life at its fullest, or just coasting.


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Yes djbraman, the clouds are forming. I can hardly wait for the rain.

    • djbraman profile image

      djbraman 7 years ago

      I returned to the Lord 7 years ago and I was in a dark, miry pit. My heart was broken into thousands of tiny pieces as I realized that he had looked down upon me when I was a child, (my daddy, a deputy sheriff had been shot to death), the devil intended to take my life, my spirit and my soul. But Jesus saw me drowning in my own blood and he reached down and adorned me with precious jewels and fine linen. He gave me a voice that echoed through that little baptist church with joy and life. I walked away from him and I was dead in my spirit when I heard him call my name through the Holy Spirit, "The father desires to hear your voice again." I was sitting in a little baptist church 7 years ago and a prophetic preacher said to me, "I see a garment draped about you, you got power in your tongue and God wants to use you." Well, it didn't take a genius to know that I needed to answer him, and when I did, my heart spilled open with great repentance. I am a minister of education today, but you know, I have never forgotten the grace he gave me, and I still sometimes wonder why he chose me. I never wanted to return to the church after I experienced another death at age 13 by a deacon I sang with. He went out into the pine thickets in Ga. and hung himself. I clearly heard the voice of God tell me, I was to go back to the church. I was upset, and said, no, I won't go and teach church folks, I sho sho won't. I heard the Lord speak back to me and say, "Yes, you sho sho will." Well, I knew it was either that or get thrown into the belly of a whale. Today I go to different churches and teach on covenant and the end time church. I love Christ's church today with all my heart, and I pray continually for her revival. I've never had a day that I didn't feel his presence with me and great joy to be alive today in this end time. My heart is fixed on him, I wake up and speak to him, I talk to him again in the noon day hour, I commune with him in the cool of the evening, then I go to bed and I'm thirsty for more of him. Look what the Lord has done for me, he took what the devil meant for evil and turned it into something glorious for him. My granddaddy was one of the most righteous men I knew and he always said, all the answers you will ever need are in the good book, and I knew what book he was talking about. I did come back to the word, and I don't mince worldly thinking with it. Because it was the power of the word in truth and spirit that changed my heart! We've got to remember what the Lord has done for us. I get excited every time I think about the works Christ did for us on that cross. We are priests before him, and we need to start acting like it. I go to church every Sunday and I look to see who I can bless and uplift. I don't care who is running the church, what programs they have but to take the aroma of Jesus in me, and give it to somebody that is poor in spirit! He called me to set the captive free, glory to God. We have become lovers of ourselves, and too fat, and our own God's, but we've got to humble ourselves on that altar every week in prayer and in prayer intercessory, and lay our mess back upon the altar. It's a hard thing to do, but it will free you to be a vessel for God! lifegate, you got me going because this is a subject that needs to be talked about and preached and preached some more. We've got a falling away in the church. They don't want to hear about sin, just feel good messages. We have stopped preaching the whole gospel, and that's why we don't see people getting saved in the altar. But the bible says, we will be the only light left. So a transformation is about to occur, and I'm like Elijah, I can see clouds forming! The rain on the church is coming brother, and I know like me, you are anticipating a great revival bigger than Azuza St. I can't wait to finish reading all of these hubs, and thank you for writing them. God bless you and may the Lord give you wisdom, discernment and more knowledge to preach his word for HIS glory and not to just please the worldly church.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thanks LTR. I'm meeting a lot of good people here that are excited about the Christ they serve. I'm thankful for the opportunity God has given me to be a part of it.

    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 7 years ago

      Lifegate, welcome to the hub pages community. There are many wonderful spirit filled Christians here also.

      I look forward to reading your hubs as we are all in desperate need of revival. Thank you for sharing.

      Gods blessings to you.